PTS notes 7/1

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  1. Iridar51

    Maybe read the whole post?
  2. DFDelta

    The really sad thing is that I can just picture them actually doing that.
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  3. Bin4ryW4rrioR

    The guy who is doing balancing is obviously new and needs to be sacked hasn't the first idea about the game.

    That is all.
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  4. FaLI3N

    This is just getting ridiculous..
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  5. MasonSTL

    History also shows that they do go back to the drawing board. Most recent example are the ES pistols, along with: liberator belly guns, ESF secondaries, ESSRs... a few others I cant quite remember.

    Being concerned is one thing, going off the deep end prematurely is another. It's a little immature.
  6. Bin4ryW4rrioR

    Oh one more thing if your doing this by statistics ...

    Please check how many lightening are pulled instead of MBT compared to other factions as from my experience 120 something odd days of gameplay the Magrider is only good for running friendlies over! It has no advantages over other MBT's and just not having a turret or ability to turn fast is massive disadvantage... on top of this you give it pathetic guns, bullet drop and armour.
  7. Regpuppy

    Well, at least they can't realistically make the Canister shot any worse. :cool:
  8. dedgaem

    mmhh, yeah you are pretty right. Immature is the best would one could have come with... i guess.
  9. Aegis Titan

    To the people running HE or HEAT, soon you should just equip grenade bandolier on your engineer and jump out... A frag/sticky grenade will have better AOE than a tank shell.

    I have no clue though why they would nerf AP, I'm not that much affected by the others. Don't even own HE and I just need something like 20 kills on my HEAT till auraxium after which I won't pull it again. Which doesn't mean the nerfs are ok by me, just not much experience with the other tank rounds.

    Also the difference between the tanks is weird, I guess they can't nerf the prowler more because a tank round not killing a ordinary infrantry guy would be bad. But if it comes to that, that would just break all the immersion while in a tank. I might not even pull a tank anymore after that.
  10. maxkeiser

    A direct hits from a tank round should ALWAYS kill immediately. No debate about it.
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  11. DFDelta

    Was that a challenge? :D

    (please don't give them ideas :p )
  12. Scr1nRusher

    I don't know how or why these PTS notes came to be, but everyone is wondering what the higby is going on?
  13. Jaedrik

    Vehicles are largely irrelevant. If they have a greater impunity when faced with infantry, they will be relevant. When they become more relevant, their vehicular counters will become more significant. When those become more significant, and there are tanks countering tanks on the open field, and more Daltons above shooting tanks, then we have combined arms. As of now, infantry utter dominates, and is the only relevant platform of fighting to capture things.
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  14. Danath

    Maybe I did? Less damage IS a nerf.
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  15. King Feraligatr

    I'll repost what I did on the main what I posted on the thread on the patchnotes: "I rarely play this game as it is, but you aren't persuading me to play this failure of a game anymore with this. Actually you're persuading me to play even far less with all the dumb changes SOE. I really need to learn to quit this game. (meanwhile I find PS1 far superior even with bad pops)"
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  16. Leftconsin

    What I think will probably happen is the Canister will get a slight buff, the Marauder will get some stats moved around, but more or less be on the same power level, and the PPA will get multiple stats cut by half or more. I predict:
    Mag size 50 -> 20
    Max Blast Radius 1m -> .5m
    Min Blast Radius 4m -> 2m
    Direct hit damage 235 -> 200
    Rate of Fire 150 -> 100
    And maybe a reduction of muzzle velocity on top of all that.
  17. Runegrace

    Actually, with these changes I don't see why anyone would want to run HEAT. You need a direct hit to kill infantry, so why not just go for the AP? And the new HE is relatively more powerful for AV work. AP used to take 2 less shots, now 1 less to kill a tank. HE used to take 2 more, now 1 more to kill a tank. The difference in AV work between a AP and HE shell has now reduced from 4 to 2, right? Why bother with the HEAT? Use AP for tanks, and HE if you want to deal with tanks but also have some infantry-stopping power.

    I mean, the whole thing is silly. SOE needs to stop balancing anything that wasn't freshly released. Sure, there's some things I'd like to see…Canister is too weak, PPA is a bit too good, Lib guns were messed a bit…but okay. I'll live with it if it means stuff like these patch notes stop happening. Feels like we're trying to re-invent the game…not really for the better…rather than looking forward. Stop trying to fine-comb everything in the game and just move forward. Give us more continents and battle islands. Improve the outfit support/progression and get us some custom decals and base capture benefits. Get better checks for population balances in fights. Get us some Valkyries, new class abilities, and Empire-Specific goodness. Get the PS4 version done so PS2 has a larger player base to support it, fix outstanding bugs. THESE are the things that the game should be working towards.