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  1. dedgaem

    few errors I found in my last text;Couldn't edit:

    yet the feeling that there is a master plan which will be brought into reality regardless of the feedback given by their (beta)testers can be no longer ignored

    We have seen this over and over and I am starting to think all these feedback they ask for is nothing but a mere facade.
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  2. Kerempooh

    I said it before, and I'll say it again.
    SOE's basic philosophy regarding combined arms play and vehicle vs infantry interaction especially is seriously misguided.

    Instead of driving toward greater and greater separation between arms they should strive for exactly the opposite. Otherwise they can simply split their game into three separate ones, infantryside, armorside and aircraftside. Basically they are killing the one thing which makes their game unique and without competition in today's FPS market. Ideally CA should be balanced on a "soft" rock-paper-scissors principle with certain specialized class/vehicles within each arm able to reverse the direction of the triangle.

    The most glaring issue is their assumption that tanks should not be effective against infantry. This is EXACTLY what armor's primary role should be - scaring the bejezus out of infantry... until someone pulls a counter, of course. This game is COMBINED ARMS and the arms should not be balanced with simple 1v1 parity otherwise you get a bland game where your choice of which arm/class to pull has no import.

    This balancing philosophy would make some sense if players were locked in their class/role... But they are not. If infantry is getting farmed by tanks they can easily pull an AP tank, an aircraft or even an anti-armor infantry class. I have a feeling that whoever is charge of balancing follows simple class/vehicle based metrics only, constantly forgetting that ANY PLAYER CAN CHANGE CLASS/VEHICLE ON A MOMENT'S NOTICE. You cannot balance a game like this on the same principles you would balance a class-locked one like yer typical MMORPG. Instead of giving players incentive to rotate their roles and so fully enjoy the best this game has to offer, those seriously misguided changes are actually slowly killing the distinctiveness and pure raw fun of the game.

    (edit: a bit of a historical note - if you want a perfect example how those CA principles work take a look at the Battle of the Bulge in WWII. The germans armored push massacred allied infantry out in the open but wasn't able to dislodge pockets of resistance in urban areas. This went on until the skies cleared and allied aircraft made short work of german armor and stopping the offensive. CA is all about hard counters and using right weapon at the right time, not 1v1 parity balancing like this is some kind of instanced lobby game or, even worse, a class-locked MMORPG)
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  3. Choppy89

    Why was my post here deleted? Admin?
  4. FourTwoFour

    Well, I think it's time I quit this game, the same way I quit Battlefield 4. I was already thinking about quitting because of how laggy the European servers are during prime time, ping being unstable, but this will definitely help even further! Too bad I just bought a membership for 6 months and spent $250 on your game because of what you stood for. Money is something I don't really care about. It's your pathetic attitude.

    You pretend that you care about what the community has to say, but I have a feeling you're already following some master plan which is in place because of the consoles. You're just pretending that you care about what we have to say so we can feel like we're not being left out, but you've already shown us that no matter what we say, some new patch will appears every week that is in the opposite direction of what we've discussed on Reddit/PlanetSide 2 Forums or the meeting which you specifically asked us to attend on TS3.

    Instead of asking all good tank drivers to help you balance things out, you just nerf random things hoping to make things better. That'll never work and you'll only lose players. How hard is it to ask us? I'll be glad to help you balance things out. I'm sure there are many other people who're willing to do the same, such as Klypto, Alarox, Flag, Calisai, Frozen-K and so on.

    But it seems that you just like watering down your game to infantry peasants. So much for having combined arms. Infantry > Armor & Air.

    Before anyone calls me a tank farmer, I use AP only and I'm also an INI member. I play infantry a lot.

    So we'll have reduced damage for all shells including AP, reduced velocity and increased gravity. Both gravity and velocity will also be applied to the Halberd. Combined with reverse changes, you'll never be able to kill a target at range if the said target is not bad at the game. Reverse into cover. No fear of death.

    You're doing it wrong and I find it quite funny actually. Asking the community isn't that hard.
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  5. Linus

    Reducing AP effectiveness and the other tank primaries: just NO!!!
    Enough tweaks were made to those weapons!
    Just let us have fun, because all that you reduce here is the fun to play PS2.

    AP has almost no splash, only a direct hit hurts, it is already a weapon of precision, esf and infantry are dead if the driver is enough skilled to shoot at those targets, that is all. No need to nerf the skill.
    You may prefer to focus on the quality of life for tanks now: bug fixes, some interface add-ons (gunner ammo for driver, locked vehicle icon & co).
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  6. JOups

    Why, just why? coming from a main Infantry Player, i can´t understand, not support any of this Tank changes...

    Do you remember the time, where a HE Tank could should into a blob of Infantry and most of them died? I can... and that were good times.
    Problem in this time were the BAD base design, so a tank could easly drive inside that base.
    Since Esamir, Amerish and Hossin, this has almost gone. So there is just no need to nerf tanks any further...

    After this Patch, there would be no sense to pull a tank, because you have to fear infantry even more. And a Antipersonal Tank soudld be the absolut nemesis against footzergs...
    Infantry fights belong inside and alongside bases, NOT between them.
    Infantry should deside the fight at a Base. Vehicles should deside the fights between a base and if you can approach to the next base.
    And hell, if a base is shelled with by tanks. Set up a vehcile Strike from one base behind and rip their farmasses appart.
    There so many possiblitis.
    -counter tankattack
    -c4 and mine Flash
    -Aircrafts and liberator.
    -Galaxydrops inbetween the standing tanks..

    Bringing the Tankcannons on par is the next thing, i can´t understand...

    SOE please explain us at least the reason and the goals you see behind this...

    If this patch will come... well you should buff the health of a Tank by double the amount, so it realy becomes a threat against infantry again. Right now its just free XP.

    Planetside stands for Combined arms, it will lose this factor if vehicles except EFS are just a sidegrade feature and not a core mechanic...


    These Tankchanges are garbage... They should buff tanks instead to make them more interessting, we have the bases for strong tanks now.
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  7. MasonSTL

    oooook simmer down there, it's not even on the PTS yet ffs. I'm guessing once they hear the feedback they will go back to the drawing board on this one as it is pretty unanimous that this the opposite of what players want.
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  8. Canaris

    about time they sorted out the rocket launchers! :D
  9. dedgaem

    history has shown that once something hits PTS, it will hit in the same state the Live servers and/or they will include an additional stealth nerf (aka not documented, negative change of something, in the patch notes). There is no reason to believe at this point, that they for one will take our feedback seriously.
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  10. xArchAngelx

    This patch will make this picture more of what is going to happen.


    No offense SOE, but ya'll have no clue how to balance.
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  11. novicez

    So basically, AP lightning is now useless? Not that I care, but this will suck for tank players.
  12. maxkeiser

    No idea why these changes are even required.

    I think the game balance is basically spot on right now. No changes required.

    If I'm infantry, I respect tanks and take cover. When they kill me it's usually my fault. I expect to die to armour if I'm running around in the open or standing still on a ridge (to give some examples).

    Do people really play this game and expect not to fear tanks? They want to be able to run around in the open and not have tanks crush them?

    Similarly, as a tank, infantry are normally the number 1 threat. They have all the weapons against tanks and I prioritise infantry over tanks in battle.

    These changes need to stop. The game is fine as it is. Wonderful, in fact.
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  13. Bindlestiff

    I was just about to write the same thing, almost word for word.

    One thing is abundantly clear - SOE do not have plans to make MBT combat (or even existence) engaging or fun any time soon.
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  14. Linus

    "This update is focused on the primary tank weapons, we will have some subsequent adjustments for the secondary tank weapons"

    *** cough cough *** If they plan to do the same degree of reduction for the secondary weapons, all the people who enjoyed to play with tanks in this game, are in deep trouble.
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  15. DevDevBooday

    1. This isnt even on PTS yet not alone live.
    2. It seems they are trying to reduce the rocket primary nonsense which i whole heartedly approve.

    The tank stuff isnt just bad, its RANDOM!

    Just accept it guys, SOE hates tanks.
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  16. Venomoroth

    We don't need ANY further nerfs. the weapons already feel so bad on all vehicles and it's getting even worse...

    i wish it could be like this:

    HE counters infantry, AP counters HE, infantry counters AP - this would create a great synergy of vehicles and infantry and would increase the "combat feeling" alot.
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  17. Quiiliitiila

    You know what?
    Then remove the whole ridiculous redeploy thing and make convoys and troop transport a thing again. Bases should be taken by INFANTRY, not by 20 tanks and 3 or 4 soldiers used to cap the points while the spawn is being camped.

    The entire issue with air and tanks stems from the fact that it is so easy to farm bases with them that there's little reason to do anything else. If bases were unreachable by tanks (and air), none of these changes would be necessary. If redeploy were to be removed, there would be legitimate reason to pull armor and form up a column to head to the next base, lest your sunderer is besieged by the opposing force's armor that is trying to stop you mid-field.

    Just my two cents on this, SOE went in the complete opposite direction. You can have a combined arms game without seriously letting EVERYONE shoot EVERYTHING in ANY PLACE.

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  18. Danath

    • Direct damage reduced from 2075 to 1800
  19. Quiiliitiila

    I should add that I find it ******** a single infantry can take down a tank. Armor should put the fear of Vanu into infantry, but I find I'm more afraid of that yolo medic running at me than I am of other tanks when I'm in armor. At least other tanks can't insta-gib you.

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  20. McToast


    Imho these changes are beyond stupid. You can get banned on these forums for trolling, but SOE, I feel trolled by you right now.

    I see a lot of people who complain that they get farmed by HE spam and I always ask myself how stupid/bad one can be to let himself getting farmed over and over. I also see people who express their opinion that vehicles should only be used against enemy vehicles and not against infantry. Killing infantry is the ultimate purpose of vehicles. There is no other reason to pull vehicles at all, as they can't cap bases and with the recent changes in basedesign can't even enter most of them. A vehicle "farming" infantry is doing it's job. And it creates a reason for your own faction to pull AV tanks.
    What this change will do is increase the amount of HEAT/HE being pulled. Yes, it will be less effective against infantry, but there will be more people using it and focusing on AI and less people using AV and focusing on vehicles. And in 4-5 months SOE will come to the conclusion that HEAT/HE is too strong compared to AP. But they won't buff AP, that would be too easy. They'll nerf HEAT/HE again.

    Stop fixing stuff that isn't broken and concentrate your efforts on new content. Nerfing things into uselessness isn't the area you should work on, you're already good enough at that. With the new continent lock mechanics we need 2-3 more continents, else it will become very dull very soon. Work on that and stop nerfing things that don't need nerfing.
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