PTS notes 7/1

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  1. Scr1nRusher

    rocket primaries were never a problem, it was a false over hyped/fearmongering thing born out of forumside.

    like rockets lol.

    Also the tank changes are so dumb..... its leaving at a loss for words.
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  2. PWGuy93

    Infantryside is all fine and good, but when vehicles fighting other vehicles continuously get "balanced" to favor infantry it's like saying "hey, we don't want you using vehicles".

    Okay, so what other games are coming out that balance infantry and vehicle play? This shiznit is way past getting old.
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  3. Pikachu

    The rocket launcher splash damage nerf description is strange. It says that rockets could kill with splash alone which they have never been able to. Anyone who has killed an enemy with rocket launcher at knife range knows that the splash damage or rockets is only half as much as listed, 500. Killing with splash alone from rockets is already impossible.
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  4. DFDelta

    Why is it that every time I read PTS notes focused on tanks I find myself either facepalming or utterly confused.

    Also still don't think the rocket launcher changes were needed, but whiners gonna whine until it is changed.
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  5. DJPenguin

    This is a long time coming honestly. From the start the devs wanted to allow people who wanted to be dedicated tankers to use vehicles at almost any place at any time. Being both a tanker and footslogger in PS1 was more enjoyable given that not only did vehicles not litter the battlefield nearly as much as PS2 but when they were a presence they were no joke.
  6. Surmise

    Why are you guys against this, i mean all this does is promote better infantry fights in between bases, less deaths from bullsht spam=more fun=more players= more players stay, win win here.

    Who knows, maybe they are actually changing the game for the good, the only thing i would like to see them do is to make tanks more skill based, not just anchor mode/ and spam left clicks with huge aoe radius.

    So many people left because of tanks/bullsht spam, who knows maybe some of them will be back or we'll get more staying people playing.
  7. Danath

    we want to push all three variants towards anti-vehicle
    Yet they nerf AP rounds. Logic! :rolleyes:
    Decimator: slow rocket, slow reload, highest drop, most difficult to direct hit, and they nerf the splash to do LESS than the rest? Just, WHY?
    Viper splash damage nerfed? Seriously, is tiny and already does low damage.
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  8. Codex561

    I think all of that is complete nonsense. But ASSUMING they are doing what needs to be done being to nerf tanks.... MBT nerfs are pointless and anti-fun considering they cant 1 shot ESFs. AP nerf is not THAT bad, HE was probably done right in a way or another but HEAT.... HEAT not killing using blast radius?! That is why I bought HEAT!!
  9. Phyr

    They're nerfing vehicle AI (Which most people will like), they're nerfing vehicle AV (no idea why), and leaving vehicle health and spammability the same. They're trying to fix problems the wrong way.
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  10. Iridar51

    They're not "nerfing" AP, they're nerfing HE and HEAT against infantry, and then reducing the difference between AP, HE and HEAT.
    Basically, if you run AP, you will kill vehicles in 1 shot less then HEAT would. If you run HE, you will kill vehicles in 1 shot more than HEAT would. Seems fair to me.

    Though I'm infantry peasant, what could I possibly know besides the fact that I'm gonna be partying all night cuz of these changes :banana_dance:
  11. Scr1nRusher

    You... you really don't understand do you.
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  12. Zombekas

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  13. Scr1nRusher

    Also guys........

    your forgetting the previous PTS tank changes are still on PTS.

    now imagine both of those patchnotes TOGETHER.

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  14. Ken Photon

    Honestly, I don't see anything too alarming in these notes. Mind you, I'm not a tanker in the slightest, but I don't find this to be game-breaking at all. All this would do is make vehicles fight with vehicles and discourage the giant vehicle zergs I see from time to time.

    I'm a bit ambiguous about the rocket launcher changes. Do that damage changes only apply when the rockets hit infantry, or are they all-around? If the latter is true, that corrects the concern I've seen from some of the Forumsiders here. Infantry effectiveness against vehicles would also lower, so it's not like infantry will begin to dominate vehicles now.

    Again, this ain't too horrible. And we have to remember: these are PTS notes. There is a chance (slight as it may be) that this either won't be introduced to the live version or they will be tweaked.
  15. Scr1nRusher

    you understand that all the other previous tank changes are still on PTS.

    now they are going to be combined with the new ones.

    Think about that for a second.
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  16. Luke15g

    Because **** your fun.
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  17. Pikachu

    The bulldog splasg damage nerf is the dumbest. I thought that weapon was weak at least since the splash nerf.
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  18. DJPenguin

    weakest until fury got nerfed. dunno where it's gonna lie now.
  19. Pelojian

    I recall in one of the rocket primary threads someone posted stats of how many infantry kills were made with rockets and it was a really low percentage. I mean already rocket primary is a 50/50 thing ether you hit the enemy directly and win or you don't and take a dirt nap and swapping weapon isn't a good option you are just getting yourself a different disadvantage without a chance at OHK.
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  20. gigastar

    They are and will continue to be a problem while they even have the capability to OHK infantry.

    Its nothing to do with the practicality of it, its simply the fact that it can be done.

    And your modern age logic does not belong in this nondescript spacefuture game.
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