PTS notes 7/1

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  1. Ranik

    PTS notes posted not too long ago. Yeah, have fun with this bundle of brilliant ideas. :rolleyes:
  2. Scr1nRusher

    what in the living higby are they doing?
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  3. Alarox

    Fun facts regarding tank changes:

    - Magrider FPC can no longer one-shot ESFs.
    - Lightning AP doesn't even put ESFs into burning.
    - Vanguard/Magrider/Lightning AP damage is reduced by ~14%, Prowler AP damage is reduced by 4%.
    - Vanguard, Magrider, and Lightning AP all require one more shot to kill all MBTs.
    - Magrider and Lightning AP require one more shot to kill Lightnings.
    - Prowler AP TTK versus all tanks is the same, except 0.5s longer against the Vanguard's front armor.
    - Vanguard with maxed out AP and Shield, versus Anchored Prowler with maxed out AP, the Vanguard can no longer win directly.
    - Vanguard AP no longer even comes close to putting a Liberator into burning with 2 shots. It now takes a solid 3.

    SOE, I would like for you to explain to us how these changes are supposed to make the game more enjoyable and balanced.

    If I use HEAT, are you trying to get me to use AP?
    If I use AP, are you trying to get me to use HEAT?
    Or are you just trying to make me less effective no matter what I use?

    If you want to nerf HEAT (for whatever reason) but want to keep HEAT as a viable option, then you should be buffing HEAT direct damage. Not nerfing AP direct damage.
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  4. NinjaTurtle

    May as well have just reduced notes saying.

    we are "reducing" everything
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  5. Ranik

    I put it here purely because I think even infantry zerglings can realize how insane this has gotten. The devs are fixing everything BUT the main issue. They uselessly attempt to solve this issue by instead making anything vehicle absolutely pathetic.

    The real main issue being everyone can pull any vehicle at almost any time.
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  6. Scr1nRusher

    this PTS notes a re baffling insane

    I don't know if I should balme forumside for over hyping/fearmongering getting hit by a rocket as a infantry guy(some thing very rare), SOE for not removing HE Tank rounds for good, or what.

    I'm truely baffled utterly higby baffled by this.
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  7. Tommyp2006

    All of those tank changes...

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  8. lothbrook

    lol, if anyone needed anymore proof of SOE being a complete bunch of amateurs, look no further than these patch notes. Why the hell would you nerf AP, not only that leave one tanks AP almost untouched so that its completely dominate over the other tanks.
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  9. Bindlestiff

    After the euphoria of continent locking and forcing people to awaken from their Indarside slumber, and in the process having some of the best nights in this game since launch, I read these notes and I find myself happily putting my credit card back in my wallet. The desire to resubscribe has been replaced with utter disbelief.
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  10. Ranik

    Same for me. I was considering resubbing now that OMGF is over and done with, but if this is the direction they are going I'm not even sure I want to keep playing let alone paying.
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  11. Plunutsud pls

    Why are they nerfing AP?

    What does AP have to do with farming infantry?

    Why is the Prowler getting such a small nerf?

    That thing has 2 barrels already and will now be even better than the other MBTs.

    I don't even use tanks but this looks crazy to me.
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  12. lothbrook

    In the case of AI wouldn't it just be more effective to drop heat to 1m, and HE to 1.5 while reverting the reload nerfs, cause honestly who the **** would use HEAT if it takes 1 more shot to kill than AP and only 1 less with HE while HE retaining its blast damage against infantry, lol.
  13. lothbrook

    Honestly it seems like they want to make it easier for the infantry farmers to fight back against the AP tanks? rofl. Anyone who thinks tanks needed an AI nerf to begin with doesn't play this game.
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  14. Shatters

    Why would they nerf the vanguard and magrider AP DPS with ~15%, and the prowler DPS with ~4%? Prowler is the highest hitting MBT already, no need to further widen that gap >.>.
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  15. Phyr

    Tank main cannons really didn't need a nerf, and even nerfing their ability to fight other vehicles just further incentives using infantry to kill vehicles instead.
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  16. Ranik

    "Vehicles are meant to kill vehicles and not infantry" -> AI Nerf. -> "Enemy tanks! Quick foot rush them and easily kill them!"
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  17. squarebug

    :D to the trash

    For the bulldog, blast damage is being adjusted so that the weapon requires more accurate shots. The air version will see a reduction in velocity, making it identical to the Zepher in that regard.
  18. gigastar

    Holy ******* ****.

    Overall reduction in tankers ability to punish bad flyboys.

    Handing another massive advantage to the Prowler. (Reverse speed changes are still in effect, last i checked)

    And still somehow finding a way to make the Magrider even worse.

    Who the hell is doing this? Who is even letting it outside of the devbiuld?

    Oh and RL changes. Not far enuff. Nerf moar.
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  19. Scr1nRusher

    I have no clue.

    These changes are so dumb its baffling.
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  20. phreec

    Rocket launcher changes = Great! (But better tweak MAX resistances too!)

    Tank changes = Ufokinwotm8? Don't fix what isn't broken...