PTS: Carbines can be hip fired accurately while flying

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Iridar51, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. repairtool6

    Cool! Finally.
    Must say i like how this change settles some issues with gun categorisations.
    I think this change will help fix the confusions about "whats-best-when" so many ppl struggle with.
    ARs/LMGs - better droppoff - medium and long range viability - static peaking - best "holding" option
    Carbines - worse droppoff - better short range consistency - best "micropushing" option
    SMGs - supreme cqc hipfire
    Shotguns - supreme cqc alpha

    But - with more power comes more responsibilites. Passive LA's now are forced to shift mentality and embrace that the expectation that THEY are suppossed to be first in. And im not talking flanking now. Its the front door. LA's first to breach - every time.

    LA's now have the power to consistenly breach heavycamped rooms. Flash grenade + rapid airborne entry going full auto. Taking out a few and creating chaos so the rest can follow. It was the intention all along - start doing it :)
  2. Iridar51

    Well I just had a first legitimate playsession since the changes, and I must say, it's everything I hoped for. It's what LA should have been all this time. The indoor combat is now exhilarating. The ceilings are generally high enough that just being in elevated position can grant an advantage, yet we are still required to approach movement in a smart way. Losing momentum or having to land at a wrong time can be disastrous.

    I wouldn't say we're now overpowered, more like we were underpowered and now we're finally at a right power level. When Rocklet Rifle releases, we're gonna get much needed utility. And then, dare I say, we're gonna be an actual combat class, able to rival HA outside the traditional "point hold" or "slow push" scenario.
  3. Corezer

    I think the biggest thing for me is being able to engage other LA more quickly when I take a rooftop. The second would be if I land on a sloped surface, as an Icarus user I am often landing with slightly more downward velocity and am more prone to start sliding, which with a jumping cone is death. The third is indoor combat. I am an Icarus user so I can make rapid vertical movement and use the ceiling to stop momentum, almost like a Y axis strafe, it's pretty cool.

    Honestly I was hoping for as small a buff as a sprint cone, this is great!

    I may switch back to regular JJ, I used Icarus to minimize vulnerability since you spend less time aerial taking more straight vertical paths. Now that JJ is less vulnerable the extra aerial control may be more appealing. Gotta test.
  4. FirePhox

    The CoF buff is perhaps the greatest thing to happen to this game in the 4 years I've played it. Mid-air duels are some of the most exciting things that can happen, so much fun. My only niggle with it is the falling CoF which kinda makes it trash for engineers using carbines and makes SJJ & IJJ a bit more awkward to use properly but it's not a massive deal. The ability to move and fire well really adds an extra dimension to the Light Assualt; no longer are you forced to die when someone catches you with your pants down (flying) which is basically half of the LA's existence.

    I'm just glad wrel didn't cave in to the morons spouting BS on leddit about how it would "destroy" the game or be super unbalanced. Even with jetpacks, LA are still super easy to hit and move predictably which means they are still very easy to kill.

    Really looking forward to the RR now; 4 years on and LA will finally be a feature complete class and competetive with the HA in general play.

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