["PSA"]The New NS-11S!

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Joexer, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Joexer

    Nanite Systems All New* Automatic Scout Rifle
    Based on the frame that earned our name!
    The NS-11 Scout is all about what YOU believe in.
    Marxism, Aliens, or Free Markets!
    It doesnt matter!

    From the gifted engineers that brought you the NS Flare Guns and Holiday specials comes the NS-11S designed with Accuracy and mobility in mind. Equipped with a quick reload 20 round cartridge, more controllable fire rate,and a slightly longer barrel than its cousins this rifle was designed to keep skilled Cloakers effective at Closer* ranges than a normal scout rifle.

    *See:NS-7 SMG

    Get yours today for only 700SC or 1000certs from a designated vendor.
    Because An NS Gun Is The Right One.(TM)

    Your Nanits Systems Representative,
  2. Petti The Yeti

    So, in other words, an Artemis/SOAS/Stalker clone. Meh...
  3. Joexer

    The NS-11S is designed with .75 ADS speed as not to slow you down in those close quarters situations, higher bullet velocity as standard while maintaining accuracy at up to medium range. It also, like the rest of its line, boasts manageable recoil and a wide range of versatility via NS attachments.
  4. Astraka

    I would purchase this in all four colors: normal, black, gold, and the special gamestop only platinum.
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  5. Joexer

    I commend your enthusiasm. I as well cannot wait for this to be approved for use on Auraxis.
  6. Rohxer

    I've got more purple and red notches carved into my beloved Stalker than any other freedom-loving rebel, and it would take quite a weapon to make me relinquish my baby. Though I would certainly give such a weapon as this a try!
  7. Corezer

    will probably get the plat just to go towards exceptional.
  8. CuteBeaver

    Is this a real thing? Or wishful thinking? Sorry I havn't been keeping up to date on the news. I had to finish my Halloween Directive <3
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  9. _itg

    It's wishful thinking. Meanwhile, we'll just have to get by with the NS7-PDW.
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  10. Petti The Yeti

    It sounds like you're trying to give it all of the benefits of the SMG's and Auto-Scouts, with none of the drawbacks. The only way to balance that would be if damage was peanuts, or it was a 10 round magazine, which would completely negate the usefulness.
  11. Plague Rat

    I'd personally prefer ES flavoring for auto-scouts over NS model.

    I mean lets be realistic here, we pretty much already have a common pool auto-scout. The have individual empire aesthetic, but stat-wise, other than the vanu not having bullet drop, they're all the same weapon.

    As much as I run an auto-scout, I went with NC because I liked how high damage/low RoF felt, but when I run the Stalker I don't get any of that flavor.
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  12. _itg

    That's the typical NS weapon format, to be fair. They get everything but raw killing power, and it makes for a balanced weapon.
  13. Joexer

    /incharacter toggle [RETURN] Haha yeah this is just wishful thinking. Just roleplayin as a NS rep. But i do want it... my vandal or my ns pdw just arent enough... But i absolutely love NS Flavor (I Will always play TR tho). I feel like a 20 rnd mag and low dps should balance this well with infiltrator gameplay.
  14. Joexer

    BTW:"PSA"-Personal Suggestion anouncement

  15. CuteBeaver

    I read PSA as Public Service Announcement. Became utterly confused and you wasted 5 minutes of my life googling information on new scout rifles... This thread made me disappointed. Sadness aside it would be actually nice to have more scout rifle options, but lets save the PSA for breaking news, and bugs please.
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  16. Joexer

    It was in quotes and not real PSA format to be lighthearted. But i did technically misuse it.