PSA: The last new content was the Harasser

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PhilDun, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. PhilDun

    It seems like major development has ceased for this game. Yeah yeah yeah, there are tons of things in the pipeline. But we were supposed to have an infiltrator update months ago. And an ESF update months ago. And then RIGHT when they're FINALLY about to fix the Striker, SoE decides to focus on optimization. And finally the layoffs of development staff.

    I'm pretty sure major development on this game has ceased, but they're refusing to make this public knowledge because that would cause even more players to leave.

    I just cancelled my subscription. I'm not Captain Ahab - not gonna be the last person on a sinking ship.
  2. Phyr

    I'm pretty sure you're a drama queen jumping to conclusions.
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  3. Notih8Darian

    Few layoffs + devs working on optimization = world ending
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  4. Sen7rygun

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  5. Cougarbrit

    Prepping game for PS4, of course development is on hold. It'll be back on track eventually.

    In the meantime, Rome 2 is out.
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  6. PhilDun

    I hope I'm wrong. But all the signs of this game dying/being-abandoned are there.

    The devs here are doing the same things that Hi-Rez did during the final days of Tribes: Ascend. Namely, removing developers, increasing development time for new features, making tons of promises and either (a) failing to deliver entirely or (b) delivering in the distant future.
  7. maxkeiser

    So you don't have fun playing the game then?
  8. PhilDun

    Not anymore. The playerbase has deteriorated to the point where it's hard to find decent battles (especially during off-hours, where it's damn near impossible). And the game seems to be run by a skeleton-crew of developers.
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  9. Kyouki

  10. Klypto

    I can make you a tin foil hat if you want one.
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  11. Hicksimus

    Relax, PS2 is still in beta. I used to say that and people would chuckle.....but I'm serious, until this drops on PS4 it's still in beta. Just be patient.
  12. Morpholine

    Wasn't it actually the ES weapon variants for the Harasser?

    Or the complete Esamir revamp?

    Or the slew of infantry and vehicle cosmetics (Drakon armor, camouflages, all the new Sundy stuff)?

    I mean, I know we're getting much shorter attention spans, but it really hasn't been long at all. You sound like a kid who grew bored of his toy five seconds after it came out of the package.
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  13. Larington

    They've promised an update on what's going on with the optimisation stuff later today. In the meantime, I don't think this is a sign of the game dying or something like that, I think this is simply a consequence of opting for too short a development window from when the first lines of code were written to when the game launched, it should've gestated for another 6 months before launch (And launched in the relatively quiet release season of summer when a bunch of school kids are bored at home with nothing to do (In the UK at least)) but SOE has made it's bed and now come to the conclusion that it has no other choice but to take the bedsheets off and replace them with some clean ones.

    I suppose this kind of thing is unusual, sure, but it's not a sign of the end-times.

    For that matter I wonder if the amount of updates we were getting means we've been thoroughly spoiled, that new content should've been on a 3 week cycle instead of a 2 week one (Would give more time for testing and fixing issues too).
  14. AirbornePotato

  15. IamDH

    One word


    Leaving this here to keep the drama going
  16. Ronin Oni


    #1 The layoffs were just QA and some of their older support teams.... PS2 and EQNext are their big money makers for the next several years

    #2 They're focusing on optimization, which is required for everyone running AMD, their PS4 launch, and Hossin (hossin has more world objects then any other map and would just kill Frames under current build)

    #3 Before we get more new toys... we've got a meta game to get fixed... Continental Lattice (requiring Hossin, all 3 battle islands, and Amerish updated with Lattice) as well as the resource overhaul are by FAR the most important updates after optimization

    #4 We already know of the ESF weapons being added as well as that they're working on Infiltrator and Galaxy updates.

    After all of that, then maybe we can see some new vehicle... like a smaller faster light air transport (after Galaxy gets some more purpose in the skies)
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