[PSA] please remember this is not public balance server

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Roland0077, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Roland0077

    The main purpose we serve testing the kit out on the pts is to make sure we don't drop a tactical nuke when we activate zoe or create landscapes when we shoot tank cannons. There are some balance changes that they would enjoy some feedback on but mostly this to make sure we don't break the world we play in. Devs will use numbers and internal testing far more then our opinions on most subjects. Please keep that in mind thank you.
  2. Skadi

    Thank you captain obvious, no additional words from major moron?
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  3. Roland0077

    Apparently major moron has reported for duty. Please keep your trolling to yourself.
  4. Skadi

    No really I don't get the point of this thread... People are capable of comprehending what a test server is on themselves.
    And that "QQ " can be considered feedback, after all they are giving us there opinion on the matter.
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  5. Roland0077

    Apparently considering the vast majority of threads have to do with balance which hig clearly stated isn't the point of pts your reply makes no sense. Please try again. The point also is to remind people that it would help to talk more about bugs/exploits/glitches then balance issues that 90% of the time have 0 chance of making it live. (I'm looking at you MCG)
  6. Skadi

    Ah, but were giving feedback how these changes would break balance on live, we are here to give all forms of feedback, and that includes balance, after all would you really want that tactical nuke Zoe going live because NO ONE gave feedback because it was balance related?
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  7. Roland0077

    Well I would at the bare minimum hope 1 dev noticed a whole hex getting incinerated when they activate it themselves when checking art. But alas I would just like to see less complaining about balance changes and more discussion pin-pointing broken anythings within the game. Call me silly or a fool but I trust the devs enough with balance to not kick and scream the moment something is adjusted (granted I did wtf at their idea for zoe). I mean imagine if the landscaping tank cannons made it live.
  8. Skadi

    It did, please refer to the day they tweaked prowler cannon+deploy velocity. Trust me these balance threads are needed, there are some brilliant minds in these forums who discuss some intreging balance solutions, also I make handy dandy use of the bug report button for bugs.
  9. InMedeasRage

    PTS also serves as a weather vane. As in, whether people will purposefully troll with alt accounts after yet another VS nerf.
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