[PSA] NC Max buff on PTS, is this what hope feels like?

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  1. Liewec123

    one of them is. (and again only under very very theoretical scenario with a ton of handicaps.)
    another is towards the middle,
    and the other 2 (including the supposed "high dps" weapon) are lagging way behind the crowd.

    but you seem to want to ignore them and only see scatts, so ok lets look at scatts

    you keep mentioning this "insta kill".
    you mean the insta kill that requires 8 of the 10 widely spread pellets to achieve?
    on the weapon with a painfully hilarious .5 second fire rate?

    if you don't win the lottery and land those 8/10 pellets. (9/10 against nanoweave/symbiote/etc)
    then the next best TTK that you can achieve is .5 sec.

    for illumination the TTK with (hell lets pick something slow) Mercy! is 564 milliseconds.

    your "king of CQC" has a TTK only 64 millisecond faster than a weapon with vastly superior range?
    and again i'm pretending the TR didn't land any headshots with his nice accurate Mercys.
    for that tasty 2x headshot multiplier.
    i'm giving you a ton of handicaps and it nets you a 56 millisecond lead on one of the slower TR weapons.
    i could have picked something like Nebula or Onslaughts which kill faster than Scatt (when you don't win the lottery)
    but where is the fun in that.

    whatever idea you have about NC max being some sort of CQC god, the stats disagree with you.

    even on PTS after the buff (and with handicaps thrown in to the math) they are only slightly better at CQC than TR/VS.

    stats don't lie.
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  2. csvfr

    With headshots you can clientside with TR/VS MAXes too, their guns do 143 DMG, times 2 for both arms = 286 DMG, times 2 again for headshot multiplier = 572 DMG. That's the first instant hit when pressing the triggers, the kill comes after the refire time which is less than the network RTT.

    This game has asymetrical balance that most people are perfectly fine with. Shotguns are very strong up close but very weak at range, SMGs have a bit further range, LMGs have medium range, then comes battle rifles and sniper rifles at the longest ranges. As shotguns and snipers have only 1 range they should be the best at that range. LMGs are OK at all ranges, can kill a sniper up close and a shotgunner at some distance. The TR/VS max weapons are LMG themed so should not be superior at close ranges.

    Instead of nerfing the NC max two years ago, the other maxes should have received an accuracy buff to make them more powerful in their niche. As max weapons cannot ADS the TR/VS maxes lose a lot of potential damage to misses.
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