PSA - Kill Sunderers and Use Mine Guard!!

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by DrankTHEKoolaid, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. DrankTHEKoolaid

    I made this video because I feel like most people don't know how important it is to take the opposing teams sunderers. On the flip side I don't feel like people realize how good mine guard actually is. Thanks!

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  2. blzbug

    When I'm parking my AMS, I LOVE the mineguard.

    When I'm driving my lightning or prowler and I can't find a single Sundy with ammo, I curse SOE for making sundy choose between the two. Mineguard should stay in the defense slot, but Veh Ammo and Repair should be combined and moved to Utility. Then you can choose: Do you want a vehicle support sundy, or an infantry spawn sundy?
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  3. Cull58

    I do the same stuff. I am delighted everytime I spot a sunderer, it becomes my mission to charge and wipe it out. Those moments when you take out 3 or 4 in five minutes is awesome. Protip, always put mines on the pad at ceres hydroponics. It's the crown sundy spawn. People also like to drive them up behind ti alloys and hide them on the hill. Easy easy xp.
  4. Ghoest

    I frequently deploy Sunders.
    I lose them to air and and probably tank more than I lose them to mines.
  5. DrankTHEKoolaid

    Maybe but blockade armor doesn't have near the effect on anything as mine guard has on mines.
  6. EngiNC

    I usually try to take down enemy sunders/tanks/whatever with my mines.


    It has happen a number of time that I place the mines under the sunder, but they won't explode. Why? What I'm doing wrong? :(
  7. blzbug

    Are you sure the mine is actually dropping? Placing them can be finicky, especially if you are getting shot and trying to move while you drop them. If the mine is dropping and hits anything else (including your own legs or the frame of the ams), it will fail to drop. You don't lose the mine; it is still in your inventory. I frequently go though the whole mine animation and fail to get a drop when I'm dodging around.
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  8. Snotgurg

    Nice video as usual!

    What about using AV grenades to take out sunderers (as a team)?
  9. Takoita

    Yes, mines all the way! Do all those sleeping players a favour and mine their *****! We need more alert players in our game!
  10. EngiNC

    I didn't know this. And it may be this what happen. Thank you for the tip!