[PSA] Implants will NOT be released with GU13

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TheJosephChrist, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. TheJosephChrist

    Merging these threads together to consolidate feedback. Please see Higby's post below. - RadarX
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  2. Higby Developer

    Hey all -

    After reading through player feedback on the Implant system we've decided to take it back to the design phase. As a result GU13 will not include Implants, more details on the redesign of Implants will be forthcoming as we work out new details.

    As always, thank you for all for your feedback!

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  3. Peanut Butter

    We love you Higby.

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  4. Codeak

    Well im glad, i wouldnt wanna see the player base leaving so soon.

    I thought XP n res shoulda been fine for a bottomless pit to spend on.
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  5. Scataloni

    So now you can put more resources on the Flak bug?
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  6. inorite

    How to design implants: see Planetside 1

    end of design phase.
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  7. VSDerp

    much respect to the dev team. like i said people don't realize how good we have it with this team.
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  8. Kuklakot

    Good news. I wasn't particularly concerned with any of them being OP as much as just not liking the idea of implants being time limited consumables. Devs could definitely use some more time to think implants through and it's nice they're going to have it.
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  9. Baconite

    Thank you for listening to our feedback!

    I don't think I would have enjoyed the implants as they were planned if I was on either side of the fence (I wouldn't get satisfaction of doing well if it feels unfair using them, and, like everyone else, it would certainly suck to go against them without one).
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  10. FnkyTwn

    More than two posts from Higby on the official forum in the same month?!!!

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  11. WraithRage

    The redesign is pretty simple: Make implants a permanent aquisition through certs only. And also make cert cost substantial.

    Now I'm sure that there will be many that will say that doing this will make implants "Pay to Win". However, those people need to learn the difference of "Pay to Win" and "Play to Win".

    On a side note: I'd like to point out that while it is good to see the Dev Team taking notice of the player base discussion, it is also concerning that this may also backfire and cause a needed addition to the game (implants in this case) to linger by the wayside and further increase the perceived stagnation of this game.
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  12. Higby Developer

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  13. commandoFi

    Great! We all know what happens when you rush something through without listening to strong player feedback (bad things, if you couldn't guess). Hopefully they rethink it well and bring something better balanced to the table.
  14. RHINO_Mk.II

    Good guy Higby.
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  15. VSDerp

    make it 4 #YOLO
  16. SaintToaster

    I logged in to the forum just to quote and upvote this.
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  17. PhysicsMan

    That's 6, not 3. ;)

    (3 factorial in case anyone was wondering...)
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  18. Gustavo M

    The best way to avoid this "P2W" drama is to set those implants with tradeoffs. Like, "Situational awareness". Auto spots every little thing who hits you, but at the same time you appear on enemy radars by 50m. Thermal-whatever protection: can't be highlighted, but also can't use scops. Etc.
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  19. PieBringer

    Praise the sun! (And the guy who paid me extra for getting a headshot.)
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  20. Duvenel

    Serious question: Will we see any feedback from you as to what changes you make to the implants before they hit PTS or live? Or will there be the usual wall of silence? It's hard to give player feedback on things we don't know about :p
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