PSA - How to destroy a cheater router!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by JibbaJabba, Aug 17, 2020.

  1. JibbaJabba

    Sharing because this isn't as commonly known as I would have hoped.

    If you need to destroy a friendly router because it's in an exploit location aka "cheater router" both an Orbital Strike and a cortium bomb will destroy it.

    If you happen to catch someone placing one or find out who did it, please send video to customer service. They'll ban for this.
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  2. NotziMad

    Thanks, I didn't know about the cortium bomb.
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  3. Johannes Kaiser

    Gotta get Cortium Bombs on more loadouts to do that, but good to know. Thanks. :)
  4. vonRichtschuetz

    You can kill friendly routers with C4 and Tank Mines too. Sometimes you need to be Light Assault, because the router is in the ceiling and drops you down into an object.
    Does anyone know if grenades, AI mines or explosive ammo types damage it too?

    Already reported 2-3 people for placing a router and around a dozen for abusing it. Including video evidence. (Video seems to help, since the first few haven't come online since.)
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  5. NotziMad

    no, you can't, you can't TK a router with c4, I tried ..
  6. Talthos

    Using a small arms weapon with incendiary effects (sets targets on fire) will also work, as they can ignite both players and deployables through walls.

    It does take a bit of time for the damage over time effect to burn through the Router's health pool, but I've tested with the Hunter QCX (crossbow) Incendiary Bolts, and the Thumper's Incendiary Ammunition; either one will work for burning down a glitched under-floor Router.

    Haven't tested with the TR's Pillager Flash weapon yet, though.
  7. vonRichtschuetz

    I did exactly that just yesterday. Stick C4 on the router, detonate, router gone.
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  8. NotziMad

    That must be a bug, or, they recently changed it.

    There's no friendly fire on router, and that's because very often, a router will be near or in a very big fight (like for example, inside the room that has the A point), and the enemy is rushing in, spamming all kinds of grenades, and so is the defending players, and very often, a million MAX rush the A point, and so (you guessed it), friendlies spam C4 to kill the MAX.

    In all this chaos, having any kind of friendly fire on the router would instantly kill the fight. So it makes sense.

    I'll test it myself, further to your post, but it's been this way (I think) since routers exist.

    (which is the whole point of JibbaaJibbaa's thread, he's found a way to do it. So far, only 2 methods work, Orbital Strike (expensive) and, as he mentioned, Cortium Bomb.

    @Talthos that incendiary AOE is also news to me, but it's good to know.
  9. vonRichtschuetz

    It is correct, that there is no friendly fire on routers for small arms and afaik grenades, but tank mines and C4 always worked for me.
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  10. NotziMad

    But I tried it myself and didnt work lol

    We discussed this in many threads over the years.

    Ok, I promise, swear to god, I'll test it again and if I'm wrong, I'll admit it like a man :)
  11. JibbaJabba

    Yeah have recently heard C4 and Tank mines work on friendly routers. Could have swore they didn't but several have mentioned now.

    I'll take it!

    I'm spending a lot of time on my "side" outfit (alternate faction) and we don't rack up Armory resources all that fast. I've used up the last 3 of my orbitals not on combat but on taking out *friendly* routers. It's getting old.
  12. RabidIBM

    I'll also throw in that it is possible to do this by accident, I've had it happen a couple times. Fastest way to clear it if it's your own is to return to your routing spire and draw a new router. That instantly destroys the previous router.
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  13. NotziMad

    tested this today (didn't have the opportunity until now lol), and you're right, I TK a router with c4, thanks for this :)
  14. Liewec123

    as an alt-o-holic it'll be awhile before i unlock cortium bomb,
    i play too many characters even my two "mains" which i play a bit more than the others are only outfit rank 4 XD

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