[PSA] How to C4 a Sundy with blockade armor

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PhilDun, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. PhilDun

    Blockade armor only protects the sides of the sunderer, so put the C4 UNDERNEATH the sunderer. This will set it on fire like normal.

    [Sorry, had to say something. I've seen way too many noobs stick C4 right onto the side of an armored sundy ]
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  2. P4NJ

    Damn you and your tips, now I can't use my blockade sundy as a noob hunter =(
  3. PhilDun

    sorry =(
  4. IamDH

    YEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees THANK YOU
    Now if only i could sneak under a sundy
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  5. NaySayer

    It's funny why people think blockade armor protects all of the sundy. If it did, why have mine guard? Obviously the tradeoff is no protection on the belly when using blockade :p
  6. PhilDun

    you don't need to, just stand next to the sundy and drop the c4 underneath it from there
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  7. IamDH

    I'll try. Thanks
  8. PhilDun

    no problem. yeah, it took me quite a few hours to realize this..

    all that wasted c4 i spent trying to put it on the side of armored sundies... ugh
  9. Plague Rat

    This isn't true.

    You can crawl underneath and stick two to the axel and it will still do the same damage is if you stuck it to the front the back the side, or the ground beneath it. Anyone with 5 seconds in the VR room can verify this.

    It's likely the OP was dealing with an extremely low rank of it and was likely already damaged on top of that.
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  10. Adamar09

    C4 doesn't do directional damage to tanks (otherwise a single brick to the back would kill it), why would it do so to sunderers?
  11. AdennTM

    You place it on the ground underneath the sundy not on the sundy.
  12. Plague Rat

    It still does the same damage, and doesn't bypass the blockade damage reduction.
  13. AdennTM

    You're wrong. It does bypass the armor.
  14. Luighseach

    Wow. I always thought this but never did it. Must test this now.

    Edit: Tested this and it does not work.
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  15. Nhilys

    Just tested in VR and it doesn't do **** so I don't know where you get that from.
  16. Kujo

    I was pretty sure this isn't true because I'm positive I've tried it before in the past, but I just went into VR to test it anyway and I confirmed this does not work. Two bricks of C4 on the belly of a max rank blockade Sunderer only takes it down to 50% health.
  17. Plague Rat

    Really? I'm just going to leave this here then:
  18. PhilDun

    You're doing something wrong. This works. Did it yesterday. Full health sundy --> flaming w/2 c4.

    Maybe VR is different. Often there's a lot of inconsistencies between VR and in-game.
  19. PhilDun

    Try it outside of VR? Often there's a lot of inconsistencies between VR and in-game.

    I know that this works. I've done it many, many times (but never in VR)
  20. Kujo

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