[PSA] ES Pistols are up!

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  1. BeyondNInja

    Does that mean that it counts as a pistol for HS multipliers?
    All other shotguns have 1.5X multiplier like Xbow I believe, and 1.5x600 is only enough to OHHSK an infil like Commishioner

    Even if it does have a 2x HS multiplier good luck getting an instakill with the moving CoF outside of knife range.
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  2. Pikachu

    The TR pistol looks awful. Some say it looks vanu with wrong colors, others say it looks like a spaceship I say it looks like a drilling machine.
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  3. minhalexus

    That I liked:-

    NC's pistol's stats.

    TR's pistol sound.

    VS pistol design.

    Give me a combo of the three things I liked maybe?
  4. Kriegson

    VS pistol design is placeholder cerebus I think?
  5. Lorginir

    No, it actually looks like ****.

    Personally I think we just got shafted once again with these pistols. NC once again proved that they are god-chosen nation and blessed with pocket OHK spreader; TR got additional firemod for repeater for x1000 of base gun's price; and VS got a wierd thing completely depending on if it could be charged while cloaked or not.

    I haven't expected much from SOE but this basically mirrors last round of faction pistols when NC got very powerful gun with extreme versatility, TR got useless downgrade from already existing gun and VS got very strange thing with little to no practical use.

    Because it lacks stopping power to finish wounded opponent/save you when caught with pants down. And it is useless for anything else because it is a pistol.
    I'll tell you a secret, pal - you don't have to move, uncloak-instagib-cloak.
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  6. Iridar51

    CoF reset is equal for all weapons and = 20 degrees per second. Though it occurs after a delay, equal to the refire rate, so in case of Inquisitor having stupidly high RoF helps in this regard.

    If Inquisitor had the same exact stats as now, but in full auto mode, that would've been a really good pistol - a sidegrade to Repeater, even more easy to use, higher capacity, but lower DPS. But as it stands now, Inquisitor doesn't bring anything to the table. Emperor already provides capacity and accuracy.
    To be honest I kinda dismiss this new full auto pistol as well. Again, it doesn't seem to bring anything new.
  7. Zurakci

    I just want my darn AoE Vanu Pistol that SOE promised. But a burst weapon that look badass? Sure thing. I will have that meanwhile the AoE pistol for Vanu is being made. NOT THAT HARD SOE... You guys held the promise for Full auto and shotty. Do the AoE now.
  8. Kriegson

    First off, sneaking up on someone in the middle of often hectic firefights with them facing one direction and spawning in the direction behind that.
    That aside, you can do the same thing using the crossbow.

    Pro-tip: You can shoot and quick-knife at the exact same time. The quick-knife does damage when the button is pressed, not when it animates.

    That aside, I would prefer this ISN'T a niche weapon that is only good for instagibbing people with no situational awareness, on stalker cloak, within 3 meters, for newbies who don't know you can shoot/knife. I would happily take a 2 hit kill with slow RoF as long as it has respectable range.
  9. Doomzzg

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  10. Lorginir

    you already can do the same thing with commissioner [IMG]
  11. ISKNausicaa

    Early Impressions Disclaimer
    (Tested on 17/06/1024)

    TR: the beloved PS1 AMP makes a return, in my opinion right now hands down the best of the new weapons by a country mile, the thing is a hand held SMG.

    VS: A beamer with a very bright light show from the side, I assume its going to be getting its charge mechanic, but the fact it lights up like a christmas tree when fired is going to be putting any who wants to use it with stalker cloak right off.

    NC: It takes two headshots to kill right now, shorter range and slower ttk than the Desperado, atm rubbish

    Will the NC shottie pistol get the slug ammo option?

    Where are SOE going with the VS pistol, are we getting the PS1 AT Spiker pistol (charge up with splash damage) or a handheld lancer with charge up?
  12. Kriegson

    Yeah but the commissioner has **** hipfire due to recoil and a pretty crappy iron sight. Trade off some range for less recoil and better hipfire with a smaller mag but same shots to kill? Sounds fine to me.
  13. Kulantan

    If you stick the barrel in someone head, only then will it OHK. On PTS at the moment the AMP has a faster TTK if the Mag-scatter needs a second shot which it will 95% of the time.

    Its going to be good for quick knife combos and depending on its draw speed it might be the best "finisher" side arm. Its not going to be a "OHK spreader".
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  14. gigastar

    Wait, so the clamoring for a VS burst pistol was so intense that SOE decided to give it to us in place of our ES pistol.

    Well if so then it better be the best damn burst pistol in the game then.
  15. ThreePi

    I hope that model for the MagScatter is a placeholder. It looks so flat and dull. It would be nice to have something a bit more evocative of the PS1 scatter pistol. Plus, SOE has been pretty good with a lot of the recent weapons in giving them unique reload animations, be nice for something more than just "eject magazine, insert magazine."
  16. Kriegson

    Most VS were ******** about having a ******* pistol grenade launcher.
    Pistol that charges up and releases a shot that does damage in an AoE. "NAHH I DONT WANT THAT **** YOU SOE"

    SoE: "mmmk...Burst fire it is then."
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  17. CNR4806

    Because we don't have scripts spamming the LMB for us? What's good about high capacity if you're dead before 1/3 of the mag is shot out of the gun?
  18. Regpuppy

    The scatter shot is going to be hated by both sides. Hated by NC because it's not terribly useful anywhere outside of 2-3 meters (basically hugging/knifing distance anyway) and everyone else is going to be slightly annoying by stalker infiltrators that can use it instead of commissioner + knife.

    Regardless of how little impact it'll make, in its current form, it's going to be blown out of proportion by someone.
  19. Pikachu

    Old one looks 10x as good.
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  20. Maljas23

    AMP's model is certainly.. odd. Reminds me of the CRA.. I mean TRAP.

    It's dmg model is pretty interest though. It shares the same dmg model as the other TR SMGs, only it has +2m min and max range. I'd say the only bad thing about it is the insanely small clip size. For gun that fires at the same RoF as the T9 Carv, 18 rounds is out of the chamber in a second or two. I doubt it would be increased, but I'm going to ask for at least 20 in a magazine anyway.