[PSA] ES Pistols are up!

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by doombro, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. doombro

    VS gets a burst pistol (that doesn't actually burst fire yet)
    TR gets the AMP from PS1 (YES)
    NC get a toaster.

    Sound good? Sounds good. At least VS doesn't get the potato this time.
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  2. Maelthra

    As a VS player, I'd totally accept a potato...if GLaDOS was inside it.
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  3. Ztiller

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  4. Iridar51

    I never understood the concept of placing broken/placeholder things on PTS.
    Wish they would just make Inquisitor full auto. Otherwise that pistol has no reason to be in the game.
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  5. Alarox

    3/4 shots to kill at point blank range?
  6. JOups

    I dont think that it is a good idea to give the NC, ep the Cloaker a shotgun, that is cabable to oneshot kill infantry at 1 meter range as a side arm.
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  7. ShumaKun

    I don't know why people complain about inquisitor its really good pistol.

    NC pistol/shotgun can do OHK headshot. TR one is pretty boring overall if you compare it to default repeater. VS one is unfinished, but guessing by 3rd person animations, when charged up it will shoot pink disco balls!!!
  8. IberianHusky

    I'm so jelly of the NC.

    The Scatter is awesome.
    The AMP needs a better model and mag size increase, 18 rounds for a machine pistol is way too small. Should be around 25-30.
    The Beamer Storm is unfinished.
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  9. Tommyp2006

    Compared to what? All it has is mag size, it seriously lacks killing power compared to every other pistol in the game. It's the worst pistol in the game. Need to click way to fast to actually hit max ROF, which is why it should have been given the 2x burst.

    Glad to see the ES pistols are up, going to test them now, hate the new model for the mag scatter, should look more like the original, the current one looks like a toy.
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  10. ShumaKun

    Its all about superb CoF reset and high capacity. Dunno why people don't use it
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  11. Tommyp2006

    only with a suppressor. Without, it's 2 body shots, or 1 headshot.
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  12. ironeddie

    Think I like the new TR pistol. But higher damage and being full auto I think edge it just above the repeater.

    My prediction is that every Stalker cloak infiltrator will love the new pistols. Every person getting killed by said new pistols will be on here demanding a nerf.
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  13. Regpuppy

    ar... are you a wizard? Is this a prophecy or a curse you bestow upon us with your Vanu ways :eek:
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  14. OddChelsea

    Wait the NC shotgun pistol can use a suppressor? That's kind of cool actually.
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  15. ironeddie

    Think that entirely depends on which end of the pistol your on.
  16. Kulantan

    6x100 damage before drop off. Can one shot head-shot (all pellets) and will be a semi-reliable quick knife combo. Not bad, not great.

    Yeah, but it acts a bit funky dropping the maximum damage as well as the minimum.
  17. biterwylie

    There OK.

    Not sure what the NC one adds over a commisar at such close ranges, but at least it is a side grade unlike the sniper rifle RailJack downgrade.
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  18. Maljas23

    What is the dmg model on the TR pistol? I can't try them out atm.

    Also, wth is the VS pistol suppose to be doing?
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  19. Plunutsud pls

    Let's be honest.

    VS will get a water pistol with massive damage drop, in return for the classic no bullet drop excuse.
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  20. OddChelsea

    Yeah I tried it with the suppressor, it's not worth equipping since you have to use the entire mag or more for one kill. May not even make it to the final build, who knows. Still it's an interesting idea to have a suppressed shotgun even if it's worthless as it stands.