[PSA] Briggs Fixed?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by KO-tic, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. KO-tic

    briggs was down for sometime today, and in the live know issues thread SOE stated the server fix will be up "soon", and after the maintenance (which I presume is the 'fix') ,I was able to insta log in , So did SOE fix briggs?

    yes and no as always soe broke something else now my progress in sessions is not saving when i log out for example i had 500 air resources and about 340 certs when my game crashed as PS2 always does and i signed back in i had 275 certs and 100 air resources
  3. ShortRovnd

    My client CTD when I log in now and the Briggs pop is 100 % NC.
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  4. FullDread

    Yep, CTD for me as well. Other servers are fine.
  5. Struct

    VS are now able to log in. It is only TR which have the issue.
  6. FullDread

    dat SOE fail.
  7. KO-tic

    I was able to insta log in during primetime, So I guess the fixed it and

    DOUBLE exp
  8. KO-tic

    LOL nope still loginside 2
  9. TinM3N

    Confirming loginside is from my experience worse since maintenance... (3 crashes 25-30min login duration)