PS4 (EU) Game Update 3 - 8/31

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    Hey everyone,

    We're going to publish a new game update at 10pm (GMT), today. Below is a list of additions/changes to the game. With regards to the US servers, we're expecting to publish early tomorrow morning, but will post once confirmed.

    • Support has been added for platoons. A platoon is a collection of up to four squads working together to accomplish objectives.
    • When there are 3 or more players in a squad a platoon can be created. Players can be shifted to different squads by selecting them and choosing the squad where they should be transferred.

    • Added support to change the colors that display on nameplates and the map for the different empires.
    • Light Assault now has access to Flash Grenades.
    • Heavy Assault now has access to Concussion Grenades.

    Bug Fixes

    • The Auto Spawn Location on Death Screen will now update correctly if your last spawn point is no longer available.
    • Sunderer Cloaking Module now functions correctly.
    • Fixed a bug where shields would sometimes not regenerate after taking damage.
    • You can now leave aircraft gunner seats when using the ejection control scheme.
    • Medal graphics now scroll correctly with the weapon icon on the Infantry loadout UI screen.
    • When all 6 character slots are used the UI will show the count correctly on character select.
    • Fixed an issue where you could not scroll down a row when there is no item under your currently selected item in the Directives list.
    • Fixed issues with changing to outfit voice chat from the radial menu.
    • Fixed the names of the Engineer/Medic tools to reflect their upgraded status.
    • When upgrading passive skills, after the last skill is purchased , the price no longer reverts to the original default price instead of hiding.
    • Aim and Hip Accuracy weapon stat numbers display in the correct order.
    • Recently upgraded items now equip the first time you try.
    • Low ranking outfit members are no longer taunted with the option to Invite to Outfit when they don't have the permissions to do so.
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