PS4 edition comes with Aim-assist?.

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  1. RyanEBruce420

    All the newer consoles are mouse/keyboard compatible i believe.
  2. CorporationUSA

    I know the Xbox One doesn't and I think for PS4 games it's at the discretion of the developer. And an FPS developer who adds the option on a console is an idiot though, since the majority of the playerbase would be at a disadvantage. I'm talking about for actual gameplay though, not menu navigation.
  3. DashRendar

  4. ajma

    There will always be people like him. The best you can do is tolerate them and, if possible, try to educate them.
  5. DoctorXqY

    Enough with the "lol console plebs" ********. Who ******* cares what someone else likes to use to play video games?

    It doesn't matter. Aim assist? It doesn't matter. It's been a part of almost every successful fps and tps game since people figured out it was ******* difficult to aim with a joystick. PCs get mice. Consoles get joysticks and aim assist. I don't think I can adequately convey how little this actually means for US, the PC players.

    Here's an example of how little this ******* matters.

    (for the sake of argument, you're american, and [REDACTED]) Someone in the UK gets tea. They put sugar in their tea. OH MY ******* GOD THAT'S NOT THE RIGHT WAY TO DO IT, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO GET COFFEE AND YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DRINK IT BLACK YOU'RE DOING EVERYTHING ALL WRONG.

    That's what you guys sound like.

    Now grow the **** up and stop arguing about it.
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  6. RyanEBruce420

    got a feeling this guys gonna get banned eventually.
  7. RyanEBruce420

    skip to 5:32
    should happen soon though. If they can do that with a game that the developer didn't intend to be used as a mouse/keyboard fps console game Im sure the same will happen on all other systems soon. Before they games are on console they are usually tested on mouse and keyboard on pc.
  8. RyanEBruce420

    heres another one for PS4
  9. RyanEBruce420

    Here is an adapter for keyboard and mouse you could use now. There are also other ones too but im just goint to post this one.
  10. Einharjar

    Aim assist is usually an optional setting. For most, Aim Assist is required to help stay on target once you've required one because you're controlling your aim via analog sticks and not a mouse that maps it's position via X - Y Co-ordinates and Resolution.

    I tend to play one of the most Aim Assisted games ever (actually all of Rockstar's games has some pretty sick aim assist) - Red Dead Redemption.

    On that game, you have three modes. All assist off. Assist is Moderate. And assist is LITERALLY AN AIM Bot.
    Yet in my dueling matches and mass chaos that usually engulfs the Armadillo Saloon via Land Grab - I see all modes working just fine, even the "Casual" which is literally a damned Aim Bot rather than an "Assist".

    This is because "Assist" only follows a target if the cross hair is close enough to the hit box. From there it doesn't do anything else, you're completely in charge of fine tuning the shot and deciding where it lands.
    And in "Casual" - the so called Aim Bot mode you think ALL console players get - isn't that useful at all. Sure, I can literally just hop from target to target like Taget Tabbing on an MMO; but the shot resists ALL manual corrections and forces itself to aim at the Center of Mass all the time. This means "Aim Botting" console peasants never get head shots unless they have supreme angles of attack.

    You're grossly over estimating how useful console aim assisting is. Tone it down a notch; even with Red Dead Redemption's level of Casual "Aim Botting", I'm 100% confident that a mouse and key board user on PS2 will still wipe the floor with that console guy.

    It won't be long before they all realize; it's just better to use a basic M&K combo themselves. That + Aim assist is the REAL problem. I remember doing this on the PS2 playing Vice City. Made those boat missions so damned easy.
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  11. Whatupwidat

    I love the smell of PC elitism in the morning, smells like mummy bought you an Alienware xD
  12. CorporationUSA

    I know the adapters and special m/kbs exist, I'm talking about native support.
  13. Xasapis

    The reason cone of fire is implemented is so as to add a random element into the aiming of people. Basically, somebody who has godly aim without CoF can consistently and reliably get headshots. The CoF artificially puts a cap on how good somebody's aim can be, by inserting a random element into it.

    Consoles have a bit of the opposite. If you are near the target then the game pretty much says "good enough" and rewards you the hit. It is assisting players with rewarding hits, that on the PC, not only they would be considered a miss, but the whole aiming process would be further penalised by CoF.
  14. RyanEBruce420

    Do you play the beta for playstation? Im guessing you dont, otherwise you would know it does not work or if it does its so minute that it is not noticeable in the least.
  15. Peebuddy

    Even with aim-bot level auto assists PS4 players would just get annihilated by PC players.

    The fine tune capabilities of a mouse just cant be beat by a controller, even with the assist they still need to get you in their cross hairs. Ever see videos of CoD/ BF4 players try and turn around? It's laughably slow, I can turn around in half a second and probably do laps around him because he can't turn his character fast enough.

    Flying might be a little more comfortable though, while the mouse is very fine tuned the keyboard however is not. The keys are either on or off, a very brutal way of flying.
  16. RyanEBruce420

    Turning around is not hard or slow if you have the settings set right. That being said yes, the mouse (for me) is slightly faster but not by too much.
  17. McMoney

    Of course it has aim assist! It's a console FPS for crying out loud!

    Console vs. PC...
    Such an old tale, so much hate and anger fueling the discussions and debates, which one superior etc.
    Funny thing is, most of the discussions are just based on taste and habits, not actual knowledge about the facts and the development.

    YES, the PC is DEFINITELY the superior system in terms of technology, better, faster, more capable
    It always was, but without Nintendo, the gaming industry would have just died. Silently in a corner full of shame...

    It's the Nintendo Entertainment System that revived Video games! And that's were the real story begins...
    From there on, it developed, changed (to the better, sometimes to the worse), it expanded, more developers emerged, new systems appereared etc.
    Diversity is the buzzword! Diversity can only develop where there is competition!

    Right now, the gaming industry is bigger than movies and music...they made over 60 billion € in 2014!!!
    This is not thanks to PC! That's a fact....It's because the consoles brought entertainment to the living room out of the kids room or daddys play room...the consoles got better, versatile, they turned into real entertainment systems for the living room TV...

    It's comfortable, it's easy. I'm working in a office, i'm staring at a PC monitor for at least 4-6 hours a day, to be honest i am happy if i can just do what i like in the comfort of my couch and with my feet up...

    Don't hate each other, just enjoy your times, enjoy what you have, you'll never know...
  18. Edenwolf

    Aim assist is essential on console/gamepad
  19. Some1

    Titanfall on the PC with an xbox controller comes to mind. The included aim assists on that game is practically cheating by PS2 standards.
  20. Calisai

    How would those console makers sell the ridiculously priced controllers if they allowed anyone to use a simple standard $10 usb mouse and keyboard?

    However, I will say that having keyboard/mouse option on a game with the majority of users being controller... yea... it would make those keyboard/mouse users look like aiming gods... its just that much more precise of a system.