PS4 edition comes with Aim-assist?.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Dreez, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. Dreez

    Just wondering... if it does, its BS and should be taken out of the game... No aimbot-assist.

    Since its considered "standard" on console-shooters. But now when PS2 is going cross-platform,
    this software will hopefully NOT be implemented.
  2. Vamperial

    Why care? PS2 may be cross-platform but none of the PC players are going to play with or against PS4 players. Aim assist has nothing to do with the PC version.
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  3. Tommyp2006

    PS2 is not going cross platform. It's coming out on multiple platforms, but there will not be cross platform play.
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  4. xMaxdamage

    Afaik every console fps comes with aim assist because the gamepad isn't enough accurate to play fps games.
    Without aim assist console ppl couldn't kill ****.
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  5. Xasapis

    It's kind of hilarious that most console fps have what basically is an inversed CoF.
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  6. Dreez

    I must be misinformed then, i read somewhere that it was going to be cross platform for PC vs consoles.

    Anyway... aimassist is for people with "special needs" . Real gamers don't need it.
  7. Vamperial

    Wow. You don't even know what the "console" version of aim assist is do you?
  8. Alarox

    That's like saying sky diving with parachutes is for people with "special needs".

    It is a minimum requirement.
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  9. Tommyp2006

    Or people with a control method that is imprecise by design.
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  10. John_Aitc

    I have really enjoyed watching new people play PS2 on the PS4. There are some fun youtubes out there that I had never watched before. I think PS2 beta is getting pretty good reviews from COD and BF4 players.

    If there is any type of aim assist, it must just be to compensate for the less granular mouse controls that we have. Nothing I have seen look like the game is any easier on console versus PC.
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  11. NoctD

    More like the minimum requirement for a person with broken legs to get around - crutches.

    The console is just a lesser platform, will always be so, so they need their crutches to get around the deficiencies of the platform.

    PC master race 4 eva!
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  12. Vamperial

    Not sure if serious but without Nintendo and Sega and Sony consoles', video games would still be that thing you do in your mom's basement.
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  13. NoctD

    Rather without the PC, there would be no Xbox, and consoles would still be stuck in Legends of Zelda/Mario Kart levels.

    The current consoles (XB1/PS4) are nothing more than subrate PC hardware branded and sold as a console.

    Consoles have sadly watered down gaming content that could be so much better if they didn't have to run on subrate hardware at the same time. You get awesome games when they're made for the PC in mind without a concern about consoles, like the original Crysis, Witcher, etc.

    You get console trash PC ports when games turn their attention to consoles like DA2 and DAI, which simply don't do justice to the original DAO classic that was developed with the PC in mind and ran poorly on consoles.

    Consoles have limited and watered down PC game development. If consoles died off, I would welcome it with open arms, the gaming industry can focus on a single platform that isn't hampered by 30 fps type gameplay.
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  14. Vamperial

    You missed my point completely no reason to continue.
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  15. Alarox

    There are things that I want to say to those like you, but I would get banned so fast.
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  16. Takara

    Just in case you don't know....every console game offers some sort of aim assist. I would even go so far as to say if you turn it off it only really minimizes it.
  17. nightbird

    Console fps games wouldn't be fun without aim assist, it's a limitation of the controllers not the gamers. That been said, it's thanks to consoles that gaming has become so mainstream, and some of this funding feeds into creating great games for the PC as well. Less hating guys. :cool:
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  18. RadarX Moderator

    In case there is any further doubt, there are absolutely no plans to provide crossplay on PlanetSide 2. The only console product we have that has been discussing crossplay is DC Universe Online which is obviously a very different animal.
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  19. Goretzu

    Several outfits on my server seemed to come with aim-assist, once upon a time. :D
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  20. Konstantinn

    I completely agree that consoles would be stuck without PC pushing them along. Also would be stuck with split screen gameplay for multiplayer of any sort. Today's consoles are actually trying to become more like PC. They include web browsers, storage, online stores, news, music, movies, only a matter of time before they start getting productivity software. All the stuff that made PC stand out, they are trying to mimic.

    But I disagree with consoles having watered down development as you put it. Yes games do come out dumbed down a lot of the time, it frustrates me too. Though you're wrong about the cause. Console hardware is actually much easier to develop for, because it's so uniform there's hardly any variation. So ridiculously easy to test things, lots of bugs that can be avoided on consoles that PC developers struggle with.

    What does water down consoles is controllers... In a completely idiotic fashion, console developers force gamepad on you whether you like it or not. There's this whole notion of every console ever created sitting in living room that absolutely needs to die and disappear. It's like it never occurred to them to set a console down on a table next to a monitor and use it like a PC.

    Most consoles have USB ports. Why not just let people use whatever they want and whatever is best for whatever they're playing? Fighting game, use a controller. Flying game use a stick. FPS/RTS/MMO use a mouse and keyboard. And so on. If you absolutely want to handicap yourself by trying to play a flying game with a Wiimote and a side scroller with rudder and pedals knock yourself out! Don't force me to use a control scheme that simply doesn't work with that type of game.

    And from the controller come all the console troubles. Games get intentionally dumbed down because there aren't enough easily accessible buttons on controller(Flight Sims), because controller is incapable of typing quickly(MMOs), because controller has horrible accuracy when functioning as mouse pointer (this kills RTS/FPS).

    So it's not the consoles that need to die, it's the gamepad dominance (gamepad itself is actually good for certain types of games.... just not most of them...).
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