PS4 controls from E3 demo

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MuldoonX9, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. MuldoonX9 Developer

    Here's a pic of the controls as they were for the PS4 demo:


    Some people were curious why L1 was ability and not Throw Grenade. This was because Light Assault need to be able to aim their gun and their flight path without taking their thumb off the right stick.

    Also here's the touchpad in action:

    This stuff is a work in progress. Nothing here is final and it will definitely undergo change as we move the PS4 version along. For example, making it so the controller can handle all the weapons and gadgets gracefully is something that will need work.
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  2. MuldoonX9 Developer

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  3. dBMachine

    Oh cool beans!
  4. Llamar

    What I'm really interested in knowing is how the comms are going to work on PS4.
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  5. DevDevBooday

    Yeah we have 5 different comms channels, there aren't enough buttons!
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  6. Paragon Exile

    I might get a PS4 controller for my computer if this turns out well. Hope it does.
  7. Littleman

    You know what I'd like to see the touchpad do? Precision aiming. I want my thumb to substitute for a mouse using that touch pad. Use the stick for broader view changes, the pad for more precise adjustments.
  8. Alarox

    That's a good idea. Limited in use and might be weird in implementation, but good idea.
  9. MuldoonX9 Developer

    Using the touchpad is good for gestures, but not as good for doing something precise. It's like using a laptop touchpad, which isn't fun for aiming at all.
  10. Luminus

    Just what is the touchpad sensitive to?
    Could holding your finger on any given corner of the pad open up voice channels?
  11. Zapon

    Lol, you know what is highly ironic- I use a Better DS3 with a PS3 controller to use it to FLy in game for piloting Galaxies and liberators- and i dont really use it for infantry- but this is the EXACT same set up- no differences

    it's the Call of Duty control config , lol - and it actually is a very solid one indeed
  12. xboxerdude

    how to make comms work with very of the controller used up. when your holding the button (what ever button you designate) the platoon can hear you. right after you release and for 5 secs after word only the squad can here you. so tap button for squad hold for platoon if only in squad you hold for as long as you want or tap your choice
  13. Littleman

    Difference between the DS4 touchpad and a laptop touch pad is that often the laptop touch pad is the ONLY option (unless One has a mouse, defeating the pad's purpose entirely,) and it's awkward to get a thumb on the latter, but I guess I have to trust you've at least tried (with multiple people, a single man's opinion is nigh worthless.)

    On the plus side, as long as scope sway is still in, I imagine the number of effective snipers in game to be reduced by 95%!
  14. Gambitual

    Hey, hey, woah. I've used my laptop's touchpad since I started and it has been kind enough to me.

    I tried a mouse the other day... the horror :eek:.

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