PS4 beta in UK??

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by AdamantiumPandas, Jan 21, 2015.

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  1. Sidesweep85

    Beats me. All there is now is waiting now and hopefully a fix in the near future.
  2. Woover

    Having the same problem on my end.
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  3. bobfighter

    my not working
  4. Mr_LoVe_GLoVe

    If either of you guys would be willing to five me a code I'm stuck at home with my 14 ur old son and he driving me mad,need a way to shut him up whilst we take turns on beta haha
  5. ActionQ

    Yup Same here.
  6. J_Porter

    Same issue here. Well when the playstation store updates and we can get in, feel free to add me and we can get rolling. J_Porter- is my psn if anyone cares to squad up (If the feature is available). I have a headset.

    J_porter if interested I'm planning on creating a large ps2 outfit maybe you could join us
  8. XisThatKid

    The Servers are region locked when they launch the BETA in your area you'll get a separate code, The ones you have are U.S. only.
    I have a mate in The U.S. and he really wants one if anyone would be so kind and help me help him in the beta PM me a code?

    Hey guys you think we'll ever get in or is SOE just gonna abandon us?
  10. Aronson

  11. Tronix06

    Can't wait to get a new code, really want to play this game!!!
  12. JDutko

    My forum code worked, but the beta code did not. I'm from the US and I get the E-82000156 error
  13. Lecuyer1290

    Hi, I was sent two beta access codes tonight and both do not work. Please help as I really want to play this beta!
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  14. Maxence822

  15. Lecuyer1290

    Hey Everyone, Im rather excited to play this and give my input. But both beta codes i have been sent tonight do not work. Any suggestions?
  16. Maxence822

    apparently they are working on a fix for that and will be getting back to you with a fix soon
  17. DG-MOD-04

    Merged similar threads into one and locked thread due to solved issue.

    New codes should be sent out. Thanks!
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