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  1. utukali

    Hello everyone,

    As you may know the game is also on Playstation at the moment and has a somewhat good population. However there is a big issue regarding the balance of the equipment compared to PC-side.

    You may know that aiming on PC is significantly better compared to joysticks and the game is designed around Mouse and Keyboard playerbase. The problem is that console also has the same design. Meaning that a Playstation player has to aim and react just as good as an average PC player in order to play the game with minimal issues. Which is obviously impossible.

    Weapons designed to be easier to handle but less efficient are straight up far FAR better on Console. Biggest example at the moment is the SMG, Canis. With UA, .75 ADS, 167 damage model and 40 rounds, Canis is straight up the best weapon on Console and not in a funny way.

    Pretty much half of the VS pupulation is using Canis because it allows them to simply defeat enemies with ease, no matter what they do. Combine Canis with Sidewinder implant, you basically get and unstoppable killing machine.

    My request of Devs is that please consider toning the Canis down. My suggestions would be removing UA, reducing ammo size to 25 and increasing reload time by %50.

    Please consider removing Sidewinder as well becaue it is pretty much another ''I win because I have this'' item.

    Thank you for your time and stay safe.
  2. Trebb

    Not much you can do against deVS faction. Canis was released broken on PC as well, though they tuned it down some. Gotta love the 'easier' weapons the VS get. Guns you don't have to reload (and get revived with full health), larger ammo to help with headshots. Lasher spam that you just point in the general vicinity of the enemy, and hitscan AV launchers. Wonder why deVS win the majority of alerts, it's got to be Leadership(tm).
  3. Bonemiser

    Huh, you know I never thought about how annoying Unstable Ammo would be on console. Canis isn't the only weapon that has it, either: the Maw is probably even more annoying with it.

    UA is in my opinion bad game design and I wouldn't mind it being removed entirely from the console version. Hopefully they can find a solution that works over there.
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  4. utukali

    UA is very annoying indeed, though I haven't really had big issues with MAW. Maybe because it doesn't have .75 ADS.
    Getting hit by all bullets that enemy shoots at you is one thing, not being able to shoot them back because of SMG and Sidewinder is another.

    I really wish Devs would take more interest on console other than just porting updates.
  5. JustGotSuspended

    Doesn't substitute for skill. UA knocks off 80% from headshots, and it also means your bullets splatter on the slightest amount of cover. It gives the opportunity to for noobs to shoot back and damage stuff, but not actually get a kill against skilled players.
  6. utukali

    Your statement is true when considering at PC standards. On PC any decent player will chain headshots on a target majority of times. Even me who is not good at PCside can easily manage Canis users.

    However that is not the case on console. It is true that Canis makes headshots irrelevant on console as well, a Canis user doesn't need to land headshots. When they move left and right while hipfiring it makes almost impossible for any console player to land consistent shots on them, let alone chaining headshots. A Canis user doesn't kill anyone fast, but they always outlast them in combat. By the time a good console player gets to land 2 headshot and maybe 4 bodyshots a canis user will land around 20 bodyshots on them.
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  7. brutes359

    I agree with this thread about the problems between PC and PS4. Weapons like the watchmen are probably pretty good on pc with mouse and keyboard controls. Over on console however, they're hot garbage that is often forgotten in favor of more accurate weapons. I still would like to see them re-add the ability to put attachments on directive guns on console. Maybe then I could actually ENJOY my godsaw instead of sighing in frustration because my sense of pride for working so hard for it overrules my knowledge that the standard gauss saw with foregrip and compensator is FAR superior to it in terms of practicality, do it the significantly better recoil control.

    This same factor is also why you never see people using optics larger then x1. Its just not practical because they jump so much from console controls to be any good. The devs need to start understanding that what works on PC doesn't always work on console. I still see complaints about light assaults with ambushers on PC. you think they're bad over there? try shooting at them with console controls. Absolute nightmare fuel.
  8. JustGotSuspended

    idek why ppl play console tbh
  9. utukali

    Plenty of people play on console so there must be a reason.

    Though it gets off putting when you play the game balanced around PC standards.