PS2 Updates and Valkyrie Reveal

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  1. Ozzi2121212

    Hahahahahaha LOL, Anyone noticed that this looks almost exactly like Warhammer 40k's Valkrie xD :D[IMG] If you think seriously, it looks almost exactly like it xD
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  2. Demonicpain10

  3. Klondor

    Valkyrie + 2 Heavies inside using strikers = A reason to use the striker again. HELL YES. That would be an amazing combination!

    But i'm afraid SOE will nerf the striker again because it will "overperform" like the Mosquito supposedly did.
  4. Himofeelia

    The only thing with this vehile or just in general with lockons. The damage will need to be reduced on them by 50% to air so 4 total to kill an ESF. They do wayyyy to much damage for a no skill weapon OR allow them to be shot down just like the phoenix(better solution). Because if this thing has 2 heavies plus the pilot that a 1 shot on an esf with lockons (2 heavies).
  5. John_Aitc

    I like the idea of non-empire specific gear and vehicles because of the problems in the past i.e. TR's Vulcan Harasser, VS Z.O.E. Max.

    This new vehicle looks like it could be really fun. The Harrasser of the air. I hope we can 'rumble seat repair'!
  6. PWGuy93

    Hey not trying to take away from the air game, everyone needs their toys but you can't compare a Flash to an ESF or a Sunderer to a Galaxy, et. the ground vehicles have deterrent weapons - read their descriptions, the air vehicles aren't using deterrent weapons. It's not apples to apples, it's apples to daltons.
    My ugh about more air is focused on the ever changing roadmap, they've dropped the talk of ANT vehicles, and energy transport caravans and are putting more focus on air - this to me isn't the meta game John Smedley said they were focusing on - and that is my upset hence, Ugh More Air!
  7. Hiding in VR

    I like the idea of using lock-ons from an aircraft, but if they are going to do that, they had better fix the lock-on bug so that the rockets actually fire out of the launcher rather than out of your ribcage. Otherwise you will just blow up the Valkyrie the first time you fire ;)
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  8. DarthLang

    I think that this has some really great potential. I see a small attack helicopter. I support this completely.
  9. Pherlofsky

    Honestly I would like the galaxy to be updated or heck update the sunderer and mbts before this is released...
  10. raw

    Is this my Helicopter I have been waiting for?!
  11. bluevenom

    As a pilot myself i don't like seeing cry baby's like you who have no flight time complaining about how OP air is. Just pull your magic ESF killers (Flak maxes) Or your over powered cheaty-*** lockons and stop whining, because you might get air nerfed even more.
  12. bluevenom

    The striker needed a nerf.... Imagine getting locked on to you're like "Fine i can take a hit" then it hits, then it hits again. By this time your either freaking out or have all ready been lock onto by strikers and know that you are doomed. THAN IT HITS AGAIN AND YOU ARE DEAD.
  13. SinerAthin

    I had hoped for more Empire Specific vehicles.

    There's a little too much Nanite Systems at the moment.
  14. Styrkr

    Did my "Vex" concept play any role in this? Or am I just another creative that went unheard...

    Excessive Homogenization is toxic and boring. It's what killing the industry and multiplayer
  16. Garrett Black

    please don't continue to destroy the air game....
  17. ColonelFang

    Hopefully they will allow the pilot man a weapon to, like missiles, chain guns, etc as i usually don't have people fly with me and it would be boring with no one on my aircraft and i can't even shoot.
  18. sustainedfire

    Its not your aircraft then, its already stated to have a DEDICATED pilot, and a DEDICATED gunner, as well as 2 rumble seats.

    Pilot is the driver in this vehicle, that is all.

    Surely you have one friend in game that could gun for you competently? And the 2 rumble seats- anyone could man those really. Anything productive they manage to do will net you XP, so theres always that consolation.
  19. Klondor

    I've been on the receiving end of a Striker squad many times before, it wasnt the end of the world. But to be completely honest i dont drive vehicles often to care anyway because i lose them in mere seconds to c-4 to begin with, its not worth it to me.
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  20. Klondor

    I agree, they desperately need to fix the Striker's stupid rocket physics when it borks.
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