PS2 Updates and Valkyrie Reveal

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  1. MajiinBuu

    If the attacker can't see you his weapons can't hurt you
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  2. Ahrimal

    Absolutely what this gentleman has said. It's ridiculous to have to spend my sunderer cooldown time to make a rolling combat oriented transport vehicle. If you don't park your sunderer, people start getting upset, unless there are already 3 sunderers on point. Not to mention, you're automatically one of the highest value targets, which has TERRIBLE self defense capabilities.
  3. Ahrimal

    You don't understand fast attack craft, apparently. Ask a "Little Bird" how it deals with Flak emplacements. It doesn't.
  4. Ahrimal

  5. ForTu114

    I miss PS1 time that we dont have to wait cooldown...
  6. Bofe

    Please for the love of all that is holy make the troop capacity 4-6, only carrying 2 people is a waste of what could be a very useful asset. A close support aircraft uses 2 pilots and 4 troop capacity. This would allow a fast tactical squad in a platoon to talk keep places in advance of the force and other tactical advantages. Only allowing 2 troop capacity is the wrong move SOE. Only 2 foot mobiles with one close air support does not make an effective force.
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  7. videogamer22

  8. Yoinkzorz

    Brace yourselves. The QQ of biblical proportions is coming. It's amazing the amount of crying this community has. For all its great pluses. The infinite amount of QQ from the forums makes me sick. Shut up. Play the game. If you don't like it? Go play something else. You're not needed here. =)
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  9. Whizzmaster

    Dude. There are three air vehicles and five ground vehicles. Sunderers are easily the most recognizable and usable part of the entire game. Harassers are among the most fun to drive and use, even with their current uselessness against armored targets. If anything, we need more diversity in the air, since right now all we have are interceptors, bombers, and FLYING WHALES.
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  10. LSRaven

    More Air YAAAYYYYYY!!!!!! (****) can you learn some lessons from EA about too much air power in a title please! Its heuy with the doors open with a dedicated gunner....if you guys lets it repair itself OMG guys really!
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  11. LSRaven

    Too much air has killed every title that kept pushing air this way... ground pounders always get tired of the ******!
  12. Prolefeed

    Why not just make this an air bombardment game? (it's pretty close now). Just sell everyone aircraft and put Bots on the ground.
    We can all be winners!
  13. Desann

    My biggest problem with air, mainly the LIBERATOR, in comparison to PS1 and PS2 is that the PS2 liberator can turn its main weapon. In PS1, the liberator was devestating, but it had to be DIRECTLY over its target and dropped DUMMY bombs below. It had 2 different bomb types, cluster for infantry and the other was for vehicles. I know you PS1 vets remember defending the walls of the base, only to have the entire wall peppered with cluster bombs.

    The liberator now, with its ablity to fly upside down and 1 shot esfs, is by far the most ANNOYING thing for me in this game. I don't mind dying to a fair fight, outnumbered fight, or just a smarter opponent. But, when a lib comes swooping from the sky, sprays me with the main gun, tilts up and daltons every vehicle i pull, it makes it very frustrating to play ground. This is why I have dedicated much of my time to air hunting, because none else seems to care about the BR100 62.5KDR troll in his lib going "LAWLZ LAWLZ LAWZ OMFG LAWLZ" through the sky.

    Don't get me wrong, I have had somegood runs in my lib, and will continue to do so. I just don't AGREE with how powerful the liberator is right now. The GALAXY GUNSHIP is supposed to be the ultimate squad ground pounder. Now galaxies are best for aerial ramming! :D. GIVE THE GALAXY SOME LOVE SOE!!!!
  14. daniel696

    Just make it really different from the others, even the way the first person looks, make it really different and make the sound good, give it new guns, when I say new I mean new, something that we haven't seen yet.
  15. cellinaire

    This SOE. =D that vehicle needs to be very different from others
  16. daniel696

    This is the best thing I have seen so far for the Air game (but weak as hell, you can't kill anything with it), I really hope they do something new and innovative for the valkyrie as this weapon was for the liberator.
  17. SoggyCow

    Hello, I logged in the forums to offer some food.

    This new air ship.. If it can stay in position like the Liberator and have snipers fire from WAY up like they do in Iraq..

    I would be so happy. :)
  18. Brasileiro

    That looks pretty cool, it looks like it can fit 2 more in passengers for total of 4 (imho :) ) also who else thinks this would look more badass with the cockpits side by side instead of stacked like the lib already? :eek::D dual cockpits ftw muahahaha!
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  19. Hobo G

    Another reason to play Wagner's "Die Walküren" when swarming out of the WG
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  20. ddraig

    hang on, it's the end of summer now!!! It's another year away?!?!?!

    (wails in dismay)
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