PS2 Updates and Valkyrie Reveal

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  1. bluevenom

    Nah i'd rather be the dedicated transport pilot of a small squad with a more vehicle more versatile then the galaxy. Because this will be faster more agile and be able to hold its own against ESF's. That sounds SUPER fun to me.
  2. ViggoRolig

    no one is excited about the new weapons he talked about? maybe some new Carbines LMGs and ARs!
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  3. bluevenom

    This should be faster then a libby so it will hard to hit. If you get hit by tank rounds often you should think about flying higher.
  4. JDC052

    Wow, love the video and would die (from excitement) to see Matt Higby talk more about the changes and cool stuff thats coming out!
    Also, this is just an anouncement video folks, Im sure a Valkyrie forum will appear soon and you can post on that rather than clutter up the important threads ;)
  5. A3ianess

    Again, I think this should be a bombship.
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  6. Tamon

    Any ETA on the inevitable nerf to the Valkyrie?
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  7. RyanGUK

    When you say buggies, I just think the Flash and the Harrasser.
  8. SashsaACIII

    Thx ^-^v-v^-^ Voike PRO :cool: NC .
  9. DirArtillerySupport

    What happens to CE dropped outside of render range? I've never tried it.

    I think they did an admirable job balancing the Harasser...not too concerned about their ability to instagib 2 engineers sitting in the back seat. I can't remember the last time I saw a max sitting in a harasser.
  10. Bruno Puntz Jones

    They did an admirable job making it a useless tinfoil coffin (which is why it's soon to be buffed so it's not one-shotted by everything that looks sideways at it). And the Harasser can't fly.
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  11. Snoozzzer

    Sooo pysched for this. Not so much for heavies with anti air lock ons, but still really pumped
  12. lp998

    More air, just what we need, more coordinated missile spam. I think new vehicles should be far down on the list, it will not fix the metagame or other smaller issues such as players sniping from behind spawn shields to protect their precious KD.

    I like the idea, I just think it shouldn't be a priority.
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  13. Jeslis

    ^ Most important questions.

  14. Mormomboy

    Well to answer the lock on question they have the same range and time for locking on as a ground crew does on them, they have no where to hide though.
    I only think a lock on crew would be effective in large numbers IE multiple Valkyrie.
    I doubt they will allow transporting of MAX units, but I do not know. An easy fix would be allow transport of Max units, but have them situated in a way they could not shoot, and lock their weapons. Easy to explain because a rumble seat made for a person would not fit a MAX the same way.

    I agree that this could cause balance problems, but I am hoping they have it fairly close at release and fix it withing the first week or two of going live.
  15. Mormomboy

    duh, standard timing is withing first 2 weeks of release to 1 month.
    Learn from the past good sir. ;)

    I hope they break this habit, test more thoroughly and release something close to balanced and make slight adjustments.
    Cough Cough, have it on test server for like a whole month Cough Cough. Last update was there for 2 days and the warpgates are currently expressing how effective that was.
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  16. ohmikkie

    I would not mind yes to any of those questions as long as weapon sway or bloom is added/increased considerably for all weapon types. As for repair; never had a problem with that and given the mechanic - why not?
  17. Jezs

    So you basically just looked at scout helicopters from battlefield and based the entire thing off of that.
    At least engineers don't have rocket launchers in this game though
  18. NinjaTurtle

    I don't mean to sound ungrateful because more vehicles is a great thing for the game, but I would have preferred to see 3 ES variations on the idea of a light transport vehicle or light attack craft (depending on how you implement it) rather than a one size fits all NS version

    Even if from this initial concept you add a few faction personality traits to make them look modified to suit the faction using them instead of 3 completely unique vehicles.

    Maybe the NC one could have more armor (aesthetically not stats) and a more blocky appearance, the Vanu could be more rounded, smoother edges and the 2 cockpits merged into one sleek cockpit which would give it that clean cockpit style as in the Scythe etc, the TR less armor (aesthetically not stats), could have 2 engines similar to the Mossies etc etc etc.

    Just basic faction upgrades. It's not too farfetched to think that when the faction attained these vehicles they would have modified them to suit their style and weapon, upgrade choices
  19. Brynin

    Valkyrie is pretty sweet. For something to test maybe flares for this one vehicle could have a faster cool down time. Carry more flares. Allowing for longer term stationary or hovering attacks from the air, make it a little harder for rocket shoot downs... but maybe make it weaker against small arms fire. Clearly i'm guessing you can shoot and kill the passengers. If it moves as fast is you say it will it would be harder to shoot from the ground with rifles, SMGs ex. and if Valkyrie is stationary for to long would make it vulnerable to small arms fire could cause some major damage. If people are going to use Valkyrie for base landings and close ground attacks allow for a shield generator with a resemble cool down time what ever people think is best through testing. Last moment get way or attack shield. Shield gen around Valkyrie for small arms fire protection. I guess you could swing the other way and say it's speed can out maneuver lock on's and rockets. Just some thoughts. Something i have not seen yet is bombs. Maybe Valkyrie would make for a good semi bomber. Nothing to crazy. Like 4 to 6 bombs that do some heavy damage but that's all you can carry and it takes up munitions points to refill. Maybe 80 to 100 points for each bomb. Maybe even 200 each
  20. Bruno Puntz Jones

    Name another vehicle in the game that can have two on-board engineers constantly repping it without ever landing or stopping. Except for the Harasser, there isn't another vehicle that even allows one.

    And the Harasser doesn't count because it can be one-shotted by a loud sneeze. The entire vehicle repair mechanic is borked to start with, but as long as it requires stopping or landing and dismounting, it's at least somewhat within the realm of reasonability. Letting it happen while in flight is just idiotic. Rumble seat repair never should have happened on the Harasser, but they were just too lazy to disable it, so instead they turned it into a paper doll so anything can instagib it.

    This thing with two engineers and auto-repair running would just be idiotic. With its extremely high agility and speed, it would be literally impossible to kill unless you can one-shot it out of the air, which will likely not be possible for anything except LOLDALTON.