PS2 to be more like TF2

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Gallant, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. Gallant

    Confirmed on the playr studio forums a bucket for a helmet is planned to be added in the future. What next?

    Discussion it
  2. Tommyp2006

    We've gone far too far for me to care anymore. Immersion and all that went straight out the window with hocket masks, spiked helmets, etc almost 2 years ago.
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  3. Rovertoo

    Oh. I thought you were talking about each class being balanced but different, instead of just everyone playing Heavy and Medic (or MAX/Engie) like they do in this game.

    Sorry. That's more snarky than I like.
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  4. Morpholine

    That shark was jumped when they released the Commisar hat.
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  5. CNR4806

    What is this immersion thing you're talking about, with all the RL national flags flying around on a completely different planet 1000 years in the future?
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  6. sL360

    I thought you meant make PS2 more like the TF2 class formula system, where each class is viable and powerful in its own right and can take on the other classes in their own unique way.

    Instead you mean hats. Well, should've seen that one coming. It's the reason I quit TF2 in the first place...
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  7. InoxGecko

    Seriously? A bucket?

    If they put it in, I hope the players ignore this item completely.
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  8. Bobman23

    Any pics?
  9. gary the sewer hobo

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  10. Halo572

    Hardcore Planetside 2 player who just won't give it up sputtering with outrage - 'PS2 is a successor to chess that makes that look like something a brain damaged chimp would play, it bears no resemblance to any other FPS in history and is deep, meaningful and strategic to a level you cerebral insects can never comprehend, hence it's tiny 1337 ubersoldat Master Race playerbase.'

    Normal gamer - 'That or it is just a TDM in tiny badly made maps in one big massive map that has no objectives or gameplay over instagib and hasn't for the past 2 1/2 years ongoing. And that appeals to gamers that need to dominate their opponents with 100% they will get a kill and 0% chance they will be killed. With hats.'.
  11. VonStalin

    I would like this game to stay less cartoonish.
    Such things as bucked as helmet really does not make good to the game. I would try to ignore it, but it would be difficult one.
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  12. iller

    Y'all be takin this too seriously. I want mah vintage vintage vintage merry****ingweather
    They can put it in with the flamethrower update

    Who am I kidding, I'll have to startup maya and just make it myself if I ever wanna see it
    (once I can quit modeling T&A with it instead.... yeah ... oooooone of these days maybe that'll happen)
  13. FateJH

    Flavor text:
    TR -- It all started when two soldiers were patrolling Shadespire Farms and wondered if anything could be done about headshots. Command couldn't react fast enough, but they did manage to enforce that it be red.
    NC -- Despite appearances, the new Conglomerate is not having a brain drain. If anything, this should be seen as a test of the limits of their plutocracy and their lack of fashion sense and the patience of their janitorial staff.
    VS -- Supposedly it was based on an actual bucket found at an early Vanu artifact excavation site. No one bothered questioning whether it was an artifact at the time.
    NS -- An authentic aluminum bucket approved for use by, and previously used by, the Nanite Systems janitorial staff.
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  14. taxidriver

    If such a helmet would give me +20% XP i would probably wear it.... and feel like a cheap bi..nocular. Stop those things pls.
  15. Bobman23

    Honestly if this goes in for mainstream purchase (and not just an event) I think I'm done with this game.
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  16. Covah

    More hats.
  17. braytz

    proposed changes:

    1)medics can ubercharge someone(better if he is a max).
    2)the incoming turrets are upgradable with nanites to lv 3 (so they can be AV and AI).
    3)HA can jump on top of a building by shooting a rocket to the ground.also: + 500 hp boost.
    4)LA is 20% faster.
    5)infiltrators can disgise as an enemy unit and can backstab (OHK evry time).
    6)pyro and demoman.
  18. Canaris

    I'm sorry but that bucket is probably one of the best concept helmets I've seen, TR version needs some goggles ;)
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  19. RadarX

    There was a lot of internal discussion surrounding these and if released they would likely be as mentioned above around April Fools or a similar theme.
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  20. Bobman23

    Permanantly, or just for an event, after which they would no longer be usable?