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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Defaceo, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Defaceo

    Open letter to PS2 community: I put lots of money into this game, I'm sure most of you have to varying degrees - and the game has not yet been stabilized, it has not passed the beta stage. The constant nerfs are negligence of people who don't take balance into account while planning changes to the game , game crashes/disconnects, FPS drops (latest patch has introduced them again) -- we always get 'new' content instead of perfecting the existing content and working on from there. In hindsight buying games like BF4 does pay and play better at the long run than free2play games like PS2. I'm sorry to see such a failure, the deaths of two medium sized TR outfits I've been in after they got sick of the constant changes in the game that do constitute improvements. Sadly this is where SOE has brought us. The servers are down again, and again people who spent time and money will not receive what they deserve.
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  2. Elixx

    Well, tbh. Its a way to scam people who dont know better. Im very selective where i place my founds now days. People who are naive, will always get screwed by games like this :)

    I was one of the first beta testers, i got the aplha pack, i got fooled to m8. But i havent played since launch something.
  3. Kociboss

    Once beta, always beta.
  4. Waxa

    Man up and adapt to the changes, everyone else does.

    I've been on board since the Alpha and I'm still having fun. The game just gets better and better for me, especially in terms of performance. I have no idea what you mean about "stabilised" - the game has been a good success, otherwise it wouldn't be heading to PS4 and received great reviews.

    The servers will be back soon I'm sure, so wipe away those tears and make yourself a sandwich.

    And Elixx, you haven't played since launch? jesus christ, need I say more?

    All of my friends are enjoying the game and seeing massive performance increases lately. There'll always be bugs, that's just the way gaming is, you just have to be patient sometimes and play a different game until things improve.

    See you later!
  5. IDC_

    isn't planetside2

    leading zero means beta version / still in development

    ps2 is f2p and not a full price game because as a company you will (probably) gain more money from microtransactions.

    also buying other things than cosmetics is stupid because you pay that you don't have to play the game. (to gain rewards - better equipment - which is a part of most games)

    see yourself as beta-tester and your payment is the ability to play the game for free
  6. Elixx

    Well sorry but, if you release a game, it is the same message as "we went gold, retail". This is not a crowd founded game or concept. If you charge people for the game, it is gold imo. I dont see this as a beta test, but ofc im not whining more then awarage, and i paid for alpha pack, and i did not enjoy the performance even on my rigg (sign). They cut my max out and made it a vehicle, i jsut got bored of only playing infantry. In PS1 i was a Drop pilor, Light infantry but mostly a bruiser max. This was not the game i expected it to be.

    Performance lately, just my point. I have been playing other games, but im here still willing to take a look at it again arent i? And they still have the same issues, balance, lag, fps drops, server downs etc :)
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  7. Elixx

    I mean i cant even edit my bad spelling. It only loads a blanc page and im on fiber, 315 true MB/s. ;)
  8. RyanBurnsRed

    Sorta hard to adapt to changes when the game crashes to the desktop randomly in the middle of an alert on a full server that I had to wait 10 minutes to get into.

    They've had months to fix the performance problems. Only when announcing it will be coming to PS4 did they decide to deal with the issues? What a crock.. I was invited to the beta. I didn't enter because of the performance problems people complained about. Then in June of this year I tried it for the first time. I got lag spikes and random CTDs up the ***. The lag has been fixed in recent patches, but the CTDs haven't.
  9. ironeddie

    The game is fine. I have fun, it's stable & plays well mostly. No it's not perfect & yes it sometimes has issues. Some big issues like the current server down. But all online games are like this to some degree. Overall though I think ps2 is a good product. I'm happy with it & the direction it's heading in.
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  10. Millsy

    It's FREE to play! So you must view EVERYTHING from the perspective of creating optimizing maintaining revenue streams. Sometimes you might think things like:
    I’ve been playing for a long time now and it seems a bit boring, this game caters for noobs more than long term players - Because it's designed to be that way
    Sometimes a weapons / character types / vehicles / factions seems obviously over powered then after a month or two get adjusted - Because it's designed to be that way
    There are loads and LOADS of cosmetic items with less attention paid to fixing the game - Because it's designed to be that way
    There’s too much point and click regarding vehicles instead of skill and experience - Because it's designed to be that way

    It's always in beta, where adjustments can be made according to 'data collected', data such as they've sold as many harassers as they think they're going to so it's time to nerf. It may seem cynical but it's the way money is made on a free to play game that cost a lot to make.
    Free to play is a business model that's still being developed. Personally I would prefer a Planetside which was paid for or subscription only so balance and fun were the driving factors not frustration and envy. But it's not.
  11. Defaceo

    how? i paid for this game more than any other normal game i played. also this game u not pay for cosmetics - u pay for weapons and cosmetics , and then certs them, so yes there is an aspect of pay 2 win otherwise it would fail as buisness module ------- and all of this has nothign to do with selling a functional product to people! hire a mathematiciam, a logician , chess player , get someone to sort out the balance ! the situation is absurd techinicaly and game play wise !
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  12. Millsy

    Whatever you think doesn't make sense is actually there by design to make money. It may not seem that way to you but it is! Imbalance is intentional, to make money. Sometimes things are indirect and subtle, sometimes they are less subtle, like an overpowered thing you keep getting killed by so you must have, sometimes it's cosmetic, sometimes it's a bit of pay to win.
    In the (good) old days you'd get very clever people figuring out how to make a game fun so people would buy it. Now you get very clever people figuring out how to make people pay for something that is marketed as free. Sure fun is part of the mix, but a lot of the other things you're wondering about are also there by design because it's the best way to run this business model.
  13. Millsy

    And with regard to you saying you paid more for this game than any 'normal' one. That goes to show that SOE's choice of FTP business model was a good decision, at least in your case.
  14. Blindsniper

    Wow really? What is this the 1990s? Your complaining that the game keeps changing? of course it does! Balance is immensely complicated and are not dont just willy nilly. They have massive amount of telemetry data and community managers that comb through these forums constantly looking for solutions and ideas. World of Warcraft has been constantly changing their game since it began, do you think WoW is in beta? absolutely not. The game did have its conductivity issues and chronic lag but they have literally devoted they're ENTIRE studio to fixing that. Don't you think that shows quite a bit of didication to that issue?

    As far as this game and BF4. BF4 has a massive budget and a massive team behind it and they still have had tons of problems. The first month i got disconnected ever hour and the sound cut out all the time. It still has some issues. Then you go on to cry because SOE is having some issues with the servers after implementing an absolutely massive patch (have you seen the patch notes? They're massive). Outfits die and new ones arise. On Connery we've had several outfits die off but just as many have now formed into new if not better ones. If you want the real planetside 2 experience join a real outfit not one of the million zergfits out that die off and form up every month.
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  15. Jaamaw

    I guess so, it seems some people just never grow up. If you have dislike for the game, leave, you won't be missed. If you want a refund, too bad, it CLEARLY states no refunds and it is known that is their policy. How about next time, be more wise about where you spend your precious dollar dollar bills yo and take some personal responsibility for your actions instead of blaming whoever you can, then perhaps you wont cry like babies when your game needs fixing.

    And by the way, I spent a lot of money on this game as well and I feel I am getting exactly what I deserve.
  16. Millsy

    I agree people shouldn't complain about such things, because you can play for free and nobody is forcing you to spend money. But you are naive if you think SOE are trying their hardest to balance things. If they were they wouldn't keep introducing new weapons, vehicles and abilities. Imbalance is intentional, you just have to accept it and be prepared to spend a bit of money to get the better stuff. Or you can play for free with a slight disadvantage and still have a great time, specially if you're in a good outfit :)
  17. AirSuicide

    I thought after SWG everyone knew this was Sony's style....

    It is what it is man.

    As far as content goes, we haven't received any new content in about 4 months (With the exception of a pistal here, rifgle there change to the map here and there), it's just been bug fixes and Performance improvements....