PS2 ServerSmash 11-22-14 - Banshee Slaughter

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  1. vanu123

    Connery usually played as TR.
  2. SafetyDance

    The only reason you had no airforce during most of the match is that we destroyed them in the beginning, whenever they rallied and our interceptor squad, which I was in, camped your warpgate when we felt it was necessary. Since your guys gave up completely after that we also pulled lolpods and **** on your ground forces.
    On multiple occasions were we, the dedicated a2a people, outnumbered by your guys while our a2g people were elsewhere and we still annihilated your guys. That might be related to them being horribly bad.
  3. Flag

    I remember the first SS between Connery and Miller was Connery as TR and Miller as NC, on the old small and cramped Hossin.
  4. SafetyDance

    To elaborate on my earlier statement:

    Jump to around 11:30, you'll see 3 people from the interceptor squad + 1 guy from alpha + 1 random lib engage a squad or more of reavers. The next video in the playlist shows how we mop them up.
    If you look through the playlist you'll see many fundamental mistakes being made by the pathetic excuse for an airforce emerald brought. I am actually insulted someone would feel like bringing such bad pilots would be enough to stand a chance.
  5. Flag

    All this talk about air force makes me thing what would have happened if Emerald didn't bring their full platoon against Miller.
    Almost seems like it was a 1-off thing. What a shame, for Emerald, seeing how it worked.
  6. SafetyDance

    Just realized embedding doesn't link the playlist.

    This is us mopping your guys up with less than a third of their numbers.
  7. AdmiralArcher

    you did i garuntee it