PS2 ServerSmash 11-22-14 - Banshee Slaughter

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by inigma, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. \m/SLAYER\m/

    :eek: AH has only sound of splash.
  2. Klypto

    I can medkit tank rocket pods. I can't tank near instant death.
  3. DramaticExit

    It's interesting... The word "nerf" has become synonymous with over-nerfing.

    For balance to happen, some things need to have their power reduced the right amount (a nerf) and some things need to have their power increased the right amount (a buff).

    The word "nerf" has got a bad rep due to two things.

    - Over nerfing/sledgehammer nerfing.
    - People screaming for them in a highly obnoxious manner.

    However, the people saying "ALL NERFS ARE BAD" are idiots. They don't seem to realise that by saying this, they are essentially inviting endless power creep and are making the process of balancing the game harder by removing one of the tools by which it is done.

    It's like looking at your toolkit, and removing the hammer, because when you tried to fix a circuit-board with a hammer, you just broke it more.
    Then a few weeks later having to drive a nail into a piece of wood using your forehead, due to no longer owning a hammer.
  4. Ronin Oni


    Not in radius or damage falloff.

    I'm pretty certain on that one.
  5. Ronin Oni

    You've obviously never had to drive a nail without a hammer.....

    Tape measure in your palm works great :D

    If it's not a really solid one, or you don't have one of those either...

    A rock tends to work better than your forehead. I might try bootheal after that. I think forehead is an absolute last option if I'm missing my hands and feet.
  6. DramaticExit

    The number of tapemeasures I've destroyed, and mole wrenches... But that wasn't quite the point. I'm sure you see what I was getting at.

  7. Thesweet

    Just remove hover, problem solved.
  8. Ronin Oni

    Yes I do, I was just going off of your joke at the end :)
  9. GoyoElGringo

    Actually, that is what nerf originally meant, as in "the guns feel like shooting nerf guns." Now it seems to get used any time something takes a reduction in efficiency, even if it doesn't feel "as weak as a nerf gun"(which shouldn't be taken literally, it's hyperbole).
  10. DramaticExit

    "This gun feels like a nerf gun" is one of those things that's highly subjective. If you were to take the TTK of certain weapons in more oldschool slow-ttk arena shooters, and place them in something which has a far faster ttk, they would feel like a bad weapon, despite the fact that in their original context, they may have been extremely powerful.

    This can occur even within a single game. So for example, if you are used to a specific weapon being very good, over time it will come to feel "normal", rather than overpowered. If it is brought back in line with other weapons within the same game, it will feel far worse than it actually is, due to prior perception of what it "should" feel like.

    This was the case with NC MAX AI weapons back in the day. The MAX shotguns were nerfed a huge amount. I and others were very used to these weapons as they were (too powerful). The way they felt was "normal" to us... When the changes occured, it felt like we were shooting spitballs with a painfully sluggish refire. However, the nerf on those did not prevent them from being competative (in the right circumstances) - It was a matter of perception and expectations the user placed on their performance.

    But you are most likely right about the original usage of the term. It's funny how common usage can come full circle like that.

    The vast majority on this forum appear to mean "a reduction in power" when they use the word nerf, so in this context, that is the definition that I work with.
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  11. GoyoElGringo

    Yeah, I suppose that is why people use it to describe a change that reduces power or efficiency. Personally, I'd prefer people say something was "balanced" if it wasn't over-nerfed. The original usage was meant to be a bad thing, and that seems to have stuck. People hate arguing over semantics, but some words carry baggage and make communication difficult.
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  12. vanu123

    I'm just saying from a connery perspective, we were almost always TR.
  13. AdmiralArcher

    actually it has the same indirect damage values 200 before .5 m

    but the spread can make that radius bigger i think
  14. Ocaml

    I would prefer reworking M14 Banshee and M30 Mustang AH similar to Light PPA - have bigger magazines, bigger indirect damage radius, bigger overall TTK and almost useless against other ESFs.
  15. Titan6

    I wish. Then pilots couldn't just sit above tanks and spam hornets. It's pathetic.
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  16. Haquim

    Yes, it is definitely the splash overlap.
    The banshee has a CoF that is tighter than the AH shotgun spread, but big enough that sitting at 100m and shelling away won't do much good.
    If you get closer though... well 10 bullets hitting in 0.5m distance are 2k dmg according to the wiki.
  17. \m/SLAYER\m/

    i did auraxium with AH, and i can't remember, if i were killed someone with splash
  18. FocusLight

    Blatant lies. There is video evidence of EVERY.SINGLE.SERVER.SMASH.EVER. to demonstrate how often TR get chosen compared to NC/VS.

    It's not much.
  19. SafetyDance

    Emerald got destroyed because their airforce sucked ***. Their airforce immediately claimed we had way more people in the air and their FC immediately claimed it was a combination of that and pounders and banshees. Emerald sucks ***. Suck it up. I was there. I have video evidence.
  20. inigma

    We had no air nor AA except at the start of the smash, and at point in the middle when they all pulled together and rallied. But it was to no avail. I believe the pilot imbalance was real because as I said, at one point it was reported that most if not all of the airforce was called upon to pull sundies.

    Put robocpf1 and a few more GotR tactical officers in charge of an Emerald during an Emerald vs Briggs rematch, and I guarantee Emerald will win.