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  1. rumblepit

    this sums up how i feel. :)

  2. Marinealver

    Metacritic score is 79 for Planetside 2.
    Score of 81 for Planetside.
    Not that suprised, It can still meet up with Planetside given a few more reviews but definatly a 7 out of 10 so average.
    Generous giving all the bugs and crashes and performance issues it had in launch.

    Still waiting for Gamespot review, comming up on only 79 for planetside (1).
    Also IGN is still a review in progress (and lol first thing in the video seen was a bug and the video ends after a CTD)
  3. Rec0n412

    Yeah, that video has convinced me to go VS. That LMG... so little recoil, so much accuracy :F
  4. Chubzdoomer

    79% is actually closer to 8/10, not 7/10.

    Since this thread, the Metacritic score has increased to 82%.
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