PS2 Players down?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Contego, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. Contego

    Am I the only one getting an error every time I try to check the PS2 players site?
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  2. Dj Gus

    You're not alone. Same here.
  3. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    I tested it myself and found no issues connecting and using the players site. Are you guys still having issues?
  4. Fury93

    I'm having the same problem since the last update
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  5. Enemylol

    The page loads but times out if I search for any players.
  6. St4tic

    i can see leaderboards and outfits, but i get a timeout when i try to load a player
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    Can't open any PS2 player's page.
  8. zorKed

    Yep its down. I'm guessing they're updating/adding new knives etc?
  9. Aph!

    Not working for me :(
  10. dezusa

    This is happening because of the patch, definitely SoE.
  11. Dualice

    I'm getting the same thing, looks like the page times out trying to retrieve a player's stats.
  12. Thickskull

    Same error has occurred for me as well.
  13. saturnuranus

  14. zu2

    same for me last two days, cannot access my own or anyone elses stats
  15. ProfessorPi

    I can not pull up my player profile at all.
  16. Dimidroid

    Yup, doesn't work since the last update :<
  17. Dj Gus

    The site itself loads perfect, when i try and lookup myself or any Cobalt player it just gives back the message:
    "Looks like there has been an error. Please click OK to return to the previous page."

    Edit: outfit lookup is ok, leaderboards are strange... I can't access my own info, but some stats are still displayed, like best daily player, etc...
  18. GlueHead

    Since patch, yes.
  19. Illucidator

  20. saturnuranus

    Just started working again for me :)
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