[Suggestion] PS2 on Xbox? Cmon.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Necrocio, Mar 14, 2023.

  1. Necrocio

    Since 8 years ago,daybreak company created,and they announce the port of their games to Xbox. That announcement was nearly the years 2015/2016.

    We are in the year 2023 and PS2 is non existent on Xbox even with the next generation consoles Xbox series S/X.

    Cmon daybreak it is time to work on the port to Xbox.

    Oshur launched on PlayStation,construcción launched on PlayStation,what is next? One of your workers said in 2020 reddit user that there are no plans for Xbox now,"now" means the past 2020 year. 3 years have passed and we,Xbox users,no notice the words "we are working to port to Xbox the game planetside 2"

    You wait for planetside 3 or what?

    I wait for any dbc worker answer.
  2. T.A.94

    I am no dbc employee and Mithril is a very busy person.

    The reason why tere is no and (hopefully) never be a X-Box port, is the neglected state of the PS4 game.
    PS2 on PS4 received its last update almost an entire year ago!

    There are a lot of players (me included) who wish, that PS4 port will finally be discontinued, so no further recourses are unnecessary wasted.
    The devs could focus on the PC version and fix certain issues that got introduced with the Playstation version of the game (f.e. mouseacceleration).
  3. Necrocio

    It is ok. But why not instead discontinue PC versiis so the resources go to console? Your comment seems logcal as a PC user,and me as a console user and old ps4 console user,i have your same logical reason is not it my friend? So please,STHAP blaming console users if your pc master race is not going good. If you see reddit planetside,you will find that the company are hiring workers so do not panic,your pc master race will have your enough resorces for have subterranean mosquitos and flying maxes. Peace.
  4. T.A.94

  5. Necrocio

    Yeah,global pc,pc have more servers than console. You not put the little letters of this trick but no worry i found it myself. Thanks for your info and so but i am console player because at the end,the videogames are made for consoles and pcs for officines workers,dont you know yet?

    Anyway dont panic,your pc servers will be intacto,so why bother or blame console players?