PS2 not working on steam yet works w/out steam.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Camycamera, May 13, 2013.

  1. Camycamera

    title. so, here is a short video i made. note that before the "planetside 2.exe has stopped working" message appears, the screen goes black and there is the PS2 mouse, it is just that my recording software i used only records desktop, not games. same goes for at the end when i don't press play.

    so basically going through steam the launcher pops up, i press play. it crashes. however, going to the local files and launching it from there works. i have validated the files via steam, doesn't fix it.

    also i have run the steam launcher and the non-steam launcher at the same time, pressing play on the non-steam works, but no overlay. minimising the game shows that the steam launcher says "playing", like it would.

    i really like the steam overlay, so i was wondering if there was some fix for it, or just a problem with steam. might post on steam forums as well.
  2. Camycamera

  3. TSR-NiallS Customer Service

    You can add the standard version as a "non-Steam game" within your Steam library and that would enable the Steam overlay when launched through Steam. A problem you may encounter is that if you originally set your account up for PlanetSide 2 through Steam, you actually need to use the Steam-installed client to be able to use the Depot to purchase items with Station Cash. I can't tell whether that's the case without looking at your account but if this is something you'd like us to look into, please submit a ticket using the link in my signature.
  4. Camycamera

    thanks for the response. i was thinking of doing it as a "non-steam game", but i would rather see if there could be a fix for this.

    also, i forgot to mention this only started happening after the GU08 patch. it worked fine with steam before the patch.

    i might submit a ticket and see if anything can be done about it.
  5. daddy86

    i had the same issue but that was back in january, i reinstalled the game and it was back to normal.