PS2 is too grindy, too slow progress, to much farm

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mystogan, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Redshift

    Play for fun, who cares about level
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  2. Dark Pulse

    And that just reduces the grind. It doesn't eliminate it.
  3. Xasapis

    If you don't have fun, anything is a grind. Even sex ... back and forth ... back and forth ... back and forth ... oh, I'm bored already.
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  4. Dark Pulse

    Just lie back and think of England.
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  5. LT_Latency

    I agree, That leveling and getting new stuff is too slow. I am pretty hard core. I have had a membership since day one and have 800 hours played. I still have tons of stuff I want to unlock and I only play one faction one character.

    I won't even consider playing another faction because it takes to long. It feel bad for the average player
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  6. KnightCole

    There was no game with a worse grind then RF Online.....I played it for a very short while and I guess the servers quit...

    BUt THAT game was a grind. It was literally like 50 mobs for 0.01% of xp...and this at like lvl 15....I wanted to get the MAU(BFR sorta thing) for the Bellato Union...It never happened, the Grind was just to much.
  7. vsae

    I fully agree with OP. It is a poor excuse for a shooter game to have a grind system in order to not lose players fast. There will be always people that leave after a month or two, but like in the Battlefield series there will be those who will play the game until the better one is released.

    Either FPS is FUN or its dead and the reason PS2 is not dead is because it is FUN. Though it could be even more alive now if the devs started with the OMFG in december 2012 not just few months ago and if the whole Grind system was way easier.

    That is coming from someone almost BR100 and 800 hrs of gameplay. I've played BF3 and BFBC2 a 1000hrs mark each and I only ever quit the game because there was another fresh one, not because I unlocked all gunz and upgrades and I havent even tried all the stuff in THOSE games, like if I ever return to BF franchise there will still be things I havent tried out and played. In PS2 I feel that there will be lot more things missed due to people specializing in very few areas.
    Look at the so average gamer Joe, he is BR60 and has enough certification points just to spread by a small amount across many things he plays, he has spent about 300 Hours or more and feels like he has almost zero progress. My point is if the player isnt very skilled in FPS, he will think that he is lacking at that point, and assume that the game is unfair.
    When I started my alt, I knew exactly what to cert (HA, ESF, rep tool) and in what order, because I never use anything else. But new players want to try everything out so they will have better understanding what will fit them better.

    I know that SOE wants to put those free maxed loadouts for newbies, but its rather pointless, because at that point of br20 where the loadout magically disappear the newbs cant yet comprehend what they should play.

    TL;DR It is a poor excuse for a shooter game to have a grind system in order to not lose players fast.
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  8. HerpTheDerp

    PS2 is nowhere near good enough to play it just for fun.
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  9. Kunavi

    Not for too long, or not for long enough. Completely agree, HerpTheDerp. Less grind would help a lot.
  10. DeadlyPeanutt

    OP has a point too tho (wall of text not withstanding).

    Although on a good day, I can get 100 cert for a couple hours of free play, BUT one weapon (pulsar C for VS) can suck up 250certs to buy (this is a low priced weapon), 100certs for forward grip, 100certs ADVANCED forward grip, 100certs for compensator, 100certs for HVA, 30certs each for 2x, night and 3.4X sights. that's 700 odd certs or a week's play for one 'cheap' weapon. (anyone who knows the pulsar c knows it needs the attachments to be an effective medium/long range sniping carbine... which is it's nitch)

    This is pretty frigging grindy, boss. no doubt about it.
  11. DeadlyPeanutt

    *facepalm* so who are you going to play, Mr BR100 when no new player wants to get near the game because the grind sucks so bad? other br100 players as the game fades into extinction?

    were you a dinosaur in a previous life?
  12. Vikingo

    This attitude perplexes me. Perhaps I am too old but I play games for entertainment. If I dont find a game entertaining I simply quit playing it and find a more fun game to play.

    Why do you play a game if it is not fun? What is the point of unlocking things if you dont have a good time working towards it?
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  13. Xasapis

    Another game I enjoy playing is Blacklight Retribution. Not an mmo but a rather decent F2P shooter regardless. The path to equip yourself with permanent weapon attachments is also long for completely free players. The trick is to make the cert acquisition long enough, so people are tempted by the shop but not that long that it feels like a waste of time.

    In any case, different people have different tolerance levels on what they feel is excessive effort and different amount of free time to spend in any given game.

    Personally, I made the early choice to play the game as a subscription based mmorpg and buy weapons etc only with certs. Due to some cheap SC deals, I got myself some long term boosts that are active as well. Here's what my cert gain looks:


    Keep in mind that I'm not anything special, I favor infantry heavily over vehicles and spend part of my time soloing and part with an outfit squad. Just cut my cert acquisition into half for a 100% pure F2P player.

    (Given all the above, that weapon with all the attachments is two days gameplay at the most).
  14. Robertooooo

    Then why do you play it?
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  15. Suicide Trooper

    Well, I grinded enough for my main char and replaced most rеtarded weapons so now I can have at least some fun.
    But I will never NEVER listen to platoon\squad leader if he tell me to leave high-cert battle. I would leave platoon, which is mostly unnecessary because 90% of the platoon will ignore such idiotic orders as to leave biolab meatgrinder.
    I can't care less about tactics, strategy, team spirit and other crap as long as they earn me less certs than neverending meatgrinder.
    If platoon leaders does not realize that - they are of no use to me.
  16. maudibe

    I understand your pain. I have a Br50+ that i have never bought anything for and other than getting rocket pods for the plaine and a dalton and an AV mana turret, i am completely satisfyed playing my TR guy. I can grab the 250 cert lock on launcher for either air or switch to ground. I can use my cloaker with smg or scout or bolt action guns. I can run my flash with wraith cloaking and the Fury and almost kill tanks LOL. And all this comes with only playing 56 DAYS. OMG have i really spent that many hours in dereliction of my post as a man?
    My friend wanted to use the cool Vanu energy weapons and likes the Vanu ideology and when he was done I started playing the Vanu toon. I have 15 hours into it and am still wondering when i will amass any certs to get a lock on launcher (only 250 certs). I cant play my SMG cloaker , cant even play the scout rifle cloaker, cant even run a flash with wraith cloaking. No AV grenades for the HA, no C4 for the HA, or the LA and all i get is some midlevel armor and sights for my 5 infantry guys. No extra guns for the lighting, no nothing for the planes. Its funny, since i am fairly familiar with the game i figured in no time i'd amass the needed items to start doing o.k but sadly, ...NO. I know i can make certs faster playing medic with larger forces pushing and so i do. I play HA to hip fire on tanks and have hit quite a few airplanes with the stock launcher but....PLEASE the lock on makes planes give your boys respect and stay away a little more. Same with tanks. It is dissapointing as i know with the extras i can be much more effective. I dont know why, but it seems that the more extras you have the faster the certs roll in. So you are in a catch 22. The easy way i guess is to pay for station cash and get the tools that will make it easier to gather certs, like an smg for the cloaker as every other infantry is given stock guns that are close to as good as the special certed guns. The stock weapons are usuable with sights and some upgrades where possible on every class except cloaker. The HA can get a battle rifle that with a 4 power scope becomes like a sniper rifle that is great for long range shots. So....... pick how you want to play and enjoy the game and eventually the certs will come or buy the special guns that will help the most in getting more XP and in turn more certs. Play the Medic and Engi classes and when everyone runs off to the next battle use your engi to get XP repairing all the anti air and anit veh turrets that got smoked. Use the cloaker ot hack all the terminals. Turn generators every chance you get and charge to help your team and get those bonuses. Eventually your play will get more satisfying. We only play against ourselves striving to do it better.. Getting your mouse sensitivity set right, maybe get a gaming mouse ($12 on amazon) that has a 3 different setting sensitivy button on it to change the sensitivity on the fly may help in your confrontations and i know my Vanu toon can still take on the enemy just fine, its more me in most situations than the special guns, (with a few execptions).
    Abvove all have fun.
  17. f0d

    what are you actually playing for then?
    the only reason i play ANY game is for fun - the second it stops being fun i stop playing

    imo (this is just in general) people take games way too seriously nowdays
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  18. TommyXXL

    why would you grind? the default weapons are good enough, damn, for me the best heavy weapon is the default carv!
    maybe when the game was first launched you had less ways to make certs, now you get xp just for shooting enemy, not killing, shooting!
  19. Iridar51

    While I agree with some of your points, I have to say this: what do you mean "pointless" battles? Who gets to decide if the battle is pointless? It's not a real war, we're not here to defend our homes and families. It's a game to have fun, and as long as people are having fun they can do whatever. Exactly: "who cares?". Since when actually trying to achieve overall faction dominance is of any importance?
  20. Sovereign533

    I would argue that there is not enough of a progression in the game. Not necessarily the cert progression, but progression in general.

    I don't understand why anyone would play a game they do not enjoy. If you don't enjoy it, then save yourself the irritation and go do something else.

    One thing that does annoy me, is free to play players complaining about cert gain and weapon prices. The game is in the free to play model. That means that you're not paying for yourself, but the paying players are paying for you. In other words, I'm paying for you.
    So don't look a gift horse in the mouth. The game is reasonably well balanced, the prices are not that high and everything that is of any importance can be bought with the ingame currency (certs). It just needs a time investment in stead of a money investment. If you don't want that, then you can do the money investment, get membership and boost and have double the cert gain of f2p players. And then you'll also be paying for the f2p members and helping to keep the game alive.