PS2 is too grindy, too slow progress, to much farm

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  1. Degenatron

    What he said. You're doing it wrong.

    Don't want to be a part of the Biofarm? Then don't. Get in a good outfit that does fun things.

    The game is what you make of it. If it is bad, it's because you made it that way.
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  2. Axehilt

    For rate of progression, I'd agree.

    For the amount of progression, PS2 is actually quite bad. My high-BR characters have massive advantages over low-BR newbies. As a veteran I don't need those advantages and what's worse is they ruin PVP quality -- good PVP is about skillful competition, not about "who's played longer".

    Which is strange because Planetside 1 was one of the forerunners of lateral progression (progression which makes you more flexible, but not more powerful) and League of Legends is a game where unlocks overwhelmingly are just playstyle (the vertical progression elements which do exist are largely factored out by matchmaking, and yeah in matches which aren't all max-level players it hurts PVP quality there too.)
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  3. Hosp

    100% THIS
  4. Kunavi

    Slow perhaps not so much, it's boring though.

    Bear with me a little :

    ~980 Hrs with 50% Sub Boost and plenty 50% Boosts and quite often, Population XP Bonus(Cuz TR WoodMan). Throw in various 2x XP WEs and 48 Passive Certs at least 2 days / Week. Calculate Alerts, I try to play all of them despite my frustration. Total of I think ~68K Certs? About that much, it's on my Players Profile. That's with a KD of ~2 and accuracy of ~15%, having played Engie and Medic a lot as well. Not dedicated but definitely what counts as "Enough", doing my share of Repairs/Heals. Oh and SPM is 250ish on average. And I've said it before but for my standards(Like compared to how I felt about BF series' progression) I feel I need to expand at least a bit more to be able to say that I have a wide range of options, to do what I like. Note that I often surpass those numbers lately, they are all increasing slowly but steadily.

    Now you may wonder why I bring this all up in such detail but I assure you I don't need to brag nor do I have a reason to. I'm average even by my own standards. I'm only trying to point out that playing this much and in this way(Which I feel indicates I'm more passionate or addicted than I should be), I would have expected a lot more XP. Enough to even gift Certs if I wanted(Which I would very much like to be able to do).

    PS2 grinding isn't too bad for F2P and PS2 is nice and all but is it where it should be for all those Boosts and investment? Time? Effort? $(SC I've spent on top of my Certs, that is, plus Sub)? IMHO it's not. It's, as I said, merely "Not too bad". Better than 1Y ago but it should improve further, some vehicles don't even fully share XP(Like Libs). It sure adds up.

    To take it further I don't see how anyone not paying regularly or using Boosts ETC could have gained more total Certs having played the same, unless they went out of their way(Power Players) which I refuse to do and you may call it a bad decision but it's just too "Hard-Core", in a bad sense, for me to do. Like cheese the $#&* out of LOLPods, C4, you get the drift.
    I even feel bad using the Lightning C75 as much as I have been lately which come to think of, I did to gain Certs faster. I'm just bored of it and want to farm Certs when I'm not playing with RL friends(Despite my currently flexible schedule it doesn't happen as often as I'd prefer) which is a chore(Solo farming Certs, to clarify).

    Admittedly there is no other FPS I'd rather play currently except Sanctum 2 and FO:NV(Are they really FPSs? :p) but I've got to call a spade a spade. And those 500SC/Month do add up as well, so I really don't know how people think PS2 is great for F2P or that the grind is not tedious from a point on.

    Was PS2 intended to last a player for more than 1 Year? If so that probably only stands for paying customers.
  5. Astriania

    PS2 is not a grind because you don't need to have lots of certs to have fun and be useful. In something like WoW there are areas you just can't go until you grind your way to certain experience, or until you get the right gear drop. That's really not true in PS2, you can be of use to your team with 0 certs and of full value with just a couple of classes well certed (a few days' play).

    On your other point though I agree, there are too many certs available from farming and too few from strategic play. They need to fix how captures and defences are rewarded for that to improve though – which is apparently under development according to Luperza in the WDS thread, so there is hope on that front.
  6. Nakar

    Seriously where are you people finding all these giant meatgrinder fights that are free-flowing neverending kill farms? I don't even want certs, I just need people to shoot at and I see a good biofarm maybe once every couple of days tops, playing on three different factions across two servers.

    Maybe that guy above me is right, I should just grab a tank.
  7. TestSmokki

    Something that some random person tells doesn't mean every player works that way. I know many players like myself that couldn't care less about getting better in so useless things as games. Games are fun pastime, but trying to improve your "skills" in games is just...:rolleyes:
  8. Bankrotas

    I envy you! Cause with current WDS bullcrap I can't have fun :/
  9. Codex561

    I make up to 70 certs/hour and i always want more! How are you not that way?
  10. Kwyjibo

    I think the memberships should be a bit more rewarding when they start out. I just bought my first month, and the 25% xp gain is kinda meh, as is the 24 passive certs. I understand they want to reward people for staying with it, but right now it my membership is a bit underwhelming. However, I disagree that a 6 month membership isn't rewarding enough. Having a constant 50% XP gain is pretty big, plus you can stack that with XP boosts bought using the 500sc you get each month for a 100% boost. Then you can take that 100% boost and go to a low pop territory and potentially get a 150% or more XP boost.

    Plus the additional 48 certs day that you can use on all your toons. You can literally start alts and log in once a day for an easy 1440 certs a month on each one. That means if you decide to start a different character on another server or in another faction in 6 months, you could have 8640+ certs to play with, not to mention any certs acquired from the first 6 months, which could be thousands.

    My suggestions are to make the membership start with more passive certs and a better XP boost, and maybe to add one more member only sale a day, because that would definitely make me more appreciate my membership.

    I'm a big fan of games that allow people to bypass the grinding by using real cash. Grinding sucks.
  11. AFK1

    Planetside 2 is the most grindy game I have ever played
  12. uhlan

    Oh boy...

    Anyone who thinks this game takes too long to rack in certs must be perpetual spawn room dweller or plays a few minutes a day.

    Once I get to lvl 40 (and I've done this many times since I remake once I hit that lvl; personal idiocyncracies), the certs just roll in and you get to the point where you just don't know what to do with them. The lvls fly by.

    I don't see the point at reaching the lvl cap; by that point, it's only been a farming excersize for nearly 50 lvls.
  13. Phyr

    Then you've played very few games.
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  14. DirArtillerySupport

    I like it the way it fact more grind is welcome. I can unlock the last cert level of every tree while most can't be bothered or don't have the time. So I win...cuz I spent the 1000 certs and you didn't. ;)
  15. Robertooooo

    There is lots of games that's worse. Cert farming isn't even vital to be able to compete with the BR100 characters.
    Either way it's not that hard to earn enough certs. If you play for the fun the certs will flow and you will probably have a greater experience than people who are obsessed with farming certs.
    In the end a player who only use the lightning C75 viper farm wagon will still be a crappy player even tough he/she has his fancy 1000 cert gun and maxed out slots :)
  16. Akeita

    To be honest, farming with lightning isn't fun, what fun is when you went on a killstreak as infantry, win a dogfight, winning a 2v1 MBT fight, killing infantry with AV MAX weapon, C4 tanks and such. Don't even bother about certs, just unlock 2 C4 and have fun all day, it's either your choice to :
    - Have fun
    - Try hard players to i prove their K/D
    - Try hard farmers to get exp or certs

    But really, for some reason it's damn hard to get certs from BR 1 - 30, after that certs just rollin' into your bank like nobody business...
  17. Camycamera

    i earn 100 certs an hour sometimes and i have only bought camo.
  18. Dark Pulse


    Welcome to the Freemium model. It's free to play, but you either pay with time (to maximize the chances of you buying something to speed up the grind) or you pay with money (to keep the grind down).

    Can't have both.

    On the plus side, except for cosmetics, anything you can buy can also be gotten ingame without paying a penny/eurocent/whatever the lowest denomination of your currency is. It'll simply take you longer.
  19. KnightCole

    PS grinding isnt half as bad as most other World of Tanks, that game is very grindy, and its just not at all fun...not to mention how bad they make ur **** when its not fully decked out.

    Atleast in PS2 everything is side grade, you can still win with nothing and its not a hopeless venture......or more MMO RPGs...those are very grindy as well.
  20. Kwyjibo

    You must not have read his post. He said he has a membership.