PS2 is the least stable MMO I've played

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  1. BetaGuru

    Every time I crash (which is at least once a night, maybe a couple times a night) I think about making this thread. Come what may of it, I need to say it so I'll stop telling myself that one day I'll say it.

    Planetside 2 is an incredibly unstable game and in a day and age of high standards, that stands out as remarkable.

    It's very frustrating to be playing this game on a rig more than adequate to run it smoothly to get fairly regular full lockup crashes. Frustrating and embarassing, when compared to other games and MMOs that can be played for hours on end with no difficulty whatsoever. Guild Wars 2 crashed a bit during its open beta and maybe once or twice in the days following its launch. Never since. Whatever magic ArenaNet runs, maybe SOE should tap some of it. Aion, Secret World, even ramshackle titles like APB. All can be played for long stretches with no failures. Planetside 2 cannot currently meet these standards, many of them set by inferior overall titles.

    I don't have anything constructive to offer because I know nothing but code. But it needs to be said. In this day and age, an MMO should not be this unstable.

    P.S. This is with PhysX turned OFF. My computer can run PhysX on max settings in other games, but even on Low, PS2 CTDs on the regular, 2-3 times per hour.
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  2. Nariquo

    well it is bad coding.
    they never test their patches through.
    a 20 mb patch crashed sometimes the clients. and 20 new bugs come in.
    so what do you exspect from such a company.

    the important thing is.
    PS2 IS FREETOPLAY. and the companies and even the community here are the opionion that a free to play game dont have to be polished and perfect. it is allowed to be crap
  3. Alexandrix

    The best part is,it always happens 2 seconds after you pull some expensive asset like a max/tank/whatever.never fails lol.There goes your resources and asset timer...poof...gone...wasted.
  4. Ronin Oni

    You crash that often??

    I'm runnin a much lower spec (sig) and rarely crash. Well, other than when I quit the game, then Windows invariably tells me the game crashed :p (seriously, this bug has been around forever lol)

    Otherwise, there's been a couple patches that caused regular crashing until it was hotfixed but generally I don't really crash.

    FPS stutters and drops to big fights... now that's another thing entirely :p
  5. MasonSTL

    I have crashed once in the past month
  6. Robes

    There is so much wrong in that i dont even know where to start
  7. Robes

    I rarely crash myself, runs like **** but dont crash that often.
  8. The Reveller

    I very rarely crash. The crazy thing about 'crashes' is that they aren't always the games fault. There are a long list of things that can cause crashes that are nothing to do with the game and only show up when you run a graphics and CPU heavy app:

    Power supply. Seriously - if your PSU is a little flaky this can cause all kinds of **** - game crashes, more frequent hard drive crashes are just two.
    Bad RAM - There's some crazy stat where 1/3 of computers have RAM that regularly gives errors. The game can't help you here.
    Driver incompatibilities - there are a huge amount of permutations of motherboards, cards etc and sometime one of them makes an assumption that screws over someone else.

    It's not always the game is my point. And don't cheap out on RAM or your PSU. And run a RAM stress test maybe.
  9. Greenfrog

    Star Trek online. I win.

    seriously though, there was a period of time where STO would crash me every hour ON THE HOUR...I've had play sessions that couldn't last more than 15 minutes - I've had progressive crashes (where various different parts of the game failed one after another, all culminating in a total crash), loading crashes, audio crashes...crash after crash after crash

    hell, I've been playing the beta for Mechwarrior online, and IT crashes more frequently than PS2 does for me

    so yes, while I can sympathize with a degree of unpredictable behavior from ps2, in the end, this game really plays on like a trooper for the most part, and most of the crashes I've had in ps2 *lately* have recovered on their own - just gotta give it 5 minutes or so, while it disconnects me from the internet and my provider apparently attempts to reconnect (and that *could* be a time-warner issue)
  10. Harbinger

    There's a reason I haven't given SOE a dime since launch.
  11. Bill Hicks

    Any online EA game.
  12. WorldOfForms

    A more accurate thread title would be "PS2 is the most unstable MMO for my computer."

    There are plenty of us here that don't crash at all. I haven't crashed in a couple months. But yeah, sure, the game is "the most unstable MMO ever."
  13. Haruk


    That dawned on me last night.
  14. Kirbs

    I remember when PS1 was released, it ran like crap for a couple of years, then peoples rigs caught up.

    Its a shame most people where playing World of Warcraft by then.