PS2 is not p2win. It is pay2win2be_nerfed2pay_again

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by dr_Fell, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. dr_Fell

    As in the topic. How many times again we will buy some weapons just to wait them to be nerfed days later ?
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  2. daxed

  3. Skurcey

    i agree a bit:
    i bought G2A rocket -> nerfed and useless
    I bought LA80 -> nerfed,
    i bought rocket pod -> nerfed, renerfed, flak buffed
    i spent money on my galaxy, flak buffed
  4. phreec

    So you're basically complaining because you can't P2W? Wow...
  5. Nehemia

    I wondered why my chest hair growth had at least doubled, but then I saw your signature.

    And no, teen age years and puberty are an long forgotten memory.
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  6. pnkdth

    Ah, this argument again. SOE simply cannot do right on this issues because a rebalance will either be seen as;
    1. Rebalance an existing weapon; NERF!!! REFUND!!!!!!!!!!one1111oen!1!!!
    2. Adding more weapons; CASH GRAB!!!!eoneen1111eOen!!!!11

    Also, I would read the EULA again.
  7. Gustavo M

  8. Mordrake

    FOTM players are the easiest target for a company greed.
  9. ent|ty

    This is why this rip-off payment gaming model boggles me... why anyone would think this is a great and fair system of paying...
  10. Taskforce

    This is a sales tactic and gimmick. Its a clear cut way to keep you motivated for buying new weapons/gear thus making you play more to cert into those weapons/gear and rinse/repeat.

    Business Sociology 101.
  11. LordMondando

    Sounds like people who bought something in full knowledge it there was no effective counter to it, which was obviously going to be addressed... are not upset that imbalance has been addressed?
  12. FateJH

    I can't say too much against people who like this game enough to want to offer monetary contribution to their playing of it, but I can't help but be bothered by frequent bouts of pettiness. The money went to an instant satisfaction whose actual mechanics were not completely understood in the game yet, a pattern of gameplay interactivity; hence, buffing and debuffing. Things being outright broken is a problem, but things being too strong or too weak is either a gameplay consideration or a balance issue.

    If you want to complain about something, complain about your own spoiled demeanor.
  13. Skurcey

    Well we had the G2A missile who was effective, then it got nerfed and dont touch aything in air exept non moving lib
    and they pull out a new launcher effective against both targets... abooozzze
  14. dr_Fell

    What I wrote was just effect of my growing frustration. You see, I don't really think this game is pay2win - my most powerfull class (engi) was well equipped without money (including weapon). But - as I earn money, I thought: why not pay a bit for a good game, game I play and game that took time and effort of many people. And why not to save myself a bit of time and effort and speed things up a bit. Not so long after, 2 of 3 weapons I have bought got nerfed. It is even more painful, that I put thousand of certs into configs that use those weapons, and many hours of gameplay.

    So I am pissed off and disappointed with SOE, that clearly released game, that is in VERY unfinished state (not talking about bugs, performance) if it is so unbalanced, that things need 25% nerf.
    When I was much younger, many years ago, it was very hard in my country to buy "western" products (that included US or Japan). One of those products was magnetic tapes from companies like Sony, TDK, Basf. We had to buy US dollars and then, in selected shops, we could buy those products. I did that, because Sony was at that time synonime of quality for me. Now, looking at this game and at unfinished state it was released in I just realised, that things are changing. If there is still something like perfection that Japanese companies were famous of it is clearly somewhere else, not in SOE departament.