PS2 Is In Danger of "Combat Medic" takeover

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  1. Sully0811

    Anyone who thinks skill > numbers past a small margin really needs to read up on their Clausewitz. And be less butt frustrated.
  2. PhilDun

    Who needs teamwork to push a base, when you can just throw a couple medics into your squad and become invincible?
  3. Ravenorth

    I´d really like to see system that allows you to finish off your targets, so they cant be revived. I really hate when I manage to kill 3-4 people on base and proceed to another area to search more for enemies only to find out that some sneaky medic revived all my kills.

    Nowadays I often find myself guarding my kills all the time for possible medics, which is just stupid.
  4. Tristan

    It's a good thing this is a game where nanites revive everyone over and over again and real military norms don't really apply, amirite?
  5. Sully0811

    Numbers > You. Also, you sound a little diaper devastated. Might wanna work on that.
  6. Tristan

    Looking at your stats, I can see why you wouldn't want any changes to medic revives. I'm sorry you're terrible.
  7. DocteurVK


    Maybe implementing a mechanic that make dead bodies disappear after a short period of time (30 secs for example) this lifespan being halted if the character is revived. When it goes to 0, the body disappears without any mean to be revived.

    this timer would reset if the character has been alive for more than, say 3 minutes, letting the nanites time to stabilize body vital functions ( LORE )

    Spawnrooms could also behave like "stabilization zones" where all players would have their timer set to 30 secs
  8. DocteurVK

  9. Sully0811

    Aww, look at you, ignoring the point and going for the ad hominem. You seem a little rumpus wrecked. Also, numbers still greater than you. Might also wanna look up the difference between tactics and strategem since that point went right over your little butt hurt head.
  10. UberBonisseur

    I think this is in dire need of a bump.

    EVERY SINGLE BATTLE is chokefull of green mages reviving people faster than you can kill them, and now that everyone got his med farm tool certed, it feels like I'm fighting against a zombie horde. Goddamn necromancers
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  11. Aegie

    Yeah, I have definitely had a lot of moments where I kill 2-3 people in a group of say 4ish- the one remaining medic then revives another medic and you cannot kill them fast enough to keep them from reviving over and over. It is kind of pathetic that in most cases when this happens the medics have 0 interest in locating the assailant because hey, why would they, they can revive so fast that they can just ignore the firefight completely and either wait for me to run out of bullets or someone else comes along to deal with the threat.

    Lots of different ideas about how to address the issue and the, IMO related, issue of the entire scope of strategy being "medic,MAX, engineer". For instance, limit number of revives or ammo for the heal/repair tools sounds like a good one and so does making revives take longer but I'm not sure what would be best.
  12. Koldorn

    Despite the necro...

    I feel that there are actually two reasons Medium Assaults (CMedics) are everywhere.
    1. The ability to nearly instantly bring up an entire squad. (Rez Grenade) On top of unlimited quick single target revives.
    2. They have the best weapon class. Period.

    Think about the armaments on one certed out medic;
    -3-4 rez grenades.
    -Unlimited rez tool
    -Handy-dandy fight reset button. (Heal cloud)
    -The best primary weapon

    Its quite a nice package. (Unless a situation arises that specifically calls for something more AV. But the C-4 can work in a pinch)

    So what do we do to make them slightly less attractive?
    -Reduce their ability to bring up team mates.
    Make it take longer, have a cool-down / overheat mechanic like the engineer's tool.
    But that's really no fun for the medic. So alternativley...

    -Swap Carbines / ARs. :)
    Let the medics stay in close to the action and their team. Give the Engineers some distance.
    Or you know, they could just fix the velocity on the NS-11C. *cough*/brokenrecord*cough*
  13. Hicksimus

    Hey! I remember this horse.

    Sometimes I think it'd be nice if they revived a bit more slowly BUT healed more quickly! can be frustrating to down most of a squad only to have it alive again before I've respawned. Also they're a major cause of the demise of my max suits because honestly, when don't they have C4.

    Yet still, I'm not overly bothered by least they are encouraging some teamwork.
  14. TheFamilyGhost

    What was the over/under on how many days after PU2 a new forum witch would appear?
  15. SGThighspeed

    what has this forum turned into? 90% of the threads are about someone whining about this and that... I understand why the devs never pay attention to these useless threads.
  16. lyravega

    I'd rather see one or the other. Having both will make "healing powers" of medics useless
  17. UberBonisseur

    If by "fun" you mean poking a dead man with a med tool won't be the fastest way of generating certs...

    There's just no drawback to revivng someone in the middle of a fight. The medic barely exposes himself and can dance around the corpse with green cloud activated and get out just fine; it's not like revives take longer than 1 second anyway.
  18. NoctD

    Its definitely a VS thing - necromancers go in line with the overall cult theme!

    Then when I go play NC, and there's like only a few medics that can't keep up to the people dying, and none of the medics seem to have revive grenades either.
  19. WaaWaa

    Put a timer between each time you revive someone. Around 5-10 seconds for each revive. That would slow the medic balls quite a bit.
  20. Hiding in VR

    I think your outfit needs better snipers.

    Medics are fine as they are imo
  21. WaaWaa

    Also I think there should be decapitations in this game. That way medics can't revive you. 5-7 knife stabbies for a decapitation.