PS2 Guerrilla Tactics

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  1. ColdCheezePizza

  2. Tasogie

    I do such constantly, an get reported on a daily basis. C4 above doorways, reported....
    C4 on a esf an fly intot he crown tank bay.... Reported....
    Cloaked ATV with C4 on it.... reported
    Road killing MAX's reported.....
    Sniping one guy then run n hide an pop up somewhere els...abused...
    Hacking supply stations, then putting a mine on it.... royally abused an often death threats.....

    But I think the best is the ATV ***** bike (not sure wht they have banned the use of *****) prolly someone cried to mods but eh... anyway point is, the suicide bike is arguably the best one of the lot.
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  3. ColdCheezePizza

    being reported is the ultimate badge of honor nowadays, it should seriously be a stat
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  4. AzureKnight

    Getting swarmed, I always pull out my trusty cyclone and run out of my base cloaked, run up behind enemies, pop one or two, then cloak. Then de-cloak and try again until I die.
  5. ColdCheezePizza

    can't knock your xp hustle, long as you die like a man
  6. NateTronic

    I usually talk very condescending about their mothers.

    it works most of the time
  7. ColdCheezePizza

    wait I thought that only worked on xbox
  8. Amouris

    1. Find enemy armor column
    2. Get ahead of said column
    3. Lay C4 on bottleneck
    4. Wait for two tanks close together to run over it
    5. Profit

    Managed to get me 3 prowlers and a harasser using 3 tank mines and a couple C4. Should have seen that armor column take it real slow down the rest of that hill.
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