PS2 Arena vs. PS2 Classic

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  1. Yessme

    why people thing PSA get popular?
    you know it`s a 7 year old gamemechaniks now? + old graphics
    why it should get more popular than PS2?
    compared to the new BF and (ESL) Counterstrike, how it will get a nice place ?
    you don`t vorgett, PSA take same computingpower like PS2 to time?

    i only see, people runn away from PS2, because dev team support now more the new game than the old.
    what you thing, how much playerbase have games like BF, CS or PS2 (don`t vorgett Game like whar thunder and other)
    allready many gametitle in this area, and DGB want to put a 7 years old title in it? will be funny i thing...
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  2. adamts01

    PSA night be great. It gets rid of the most glaring problems of PS2. It offers 10x the players per map that its competition can handle. Ultra settings make the game look incredible, on par with the competition. Dx11 might fix most performance issues, which would be the real thing holding it back. It might be a great game.
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  3. strikearrow

    It won't fix the ease of hacks and wouldn't matter if it did because it removes the 2nd most unique part of PS2 - combined arms. It only leaves the numbers and frankly anything beyond 50v50 is redundant anyway.
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  4. adamts01

    Even if similar hacks are used in PS2, cheaters will have to pay to get back in the game, not just create another free account. Of course there will be cheaters, but subscriptions and up front costs make things much better than free games.

    As for combined arms, it's never been well balanced in PS2. Vehicles are either OP, weak, or don't have much purpose. And then there's Air/Ground balance..... As a pilot main in every combined arms game I touch, this game would honestly be better without air. And as long ad open territory is meaningless, this game would be better off without armor. PS2 has just never got it right. And I'm afraid that CAI was their last big attempt at it.
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  5. strikearrow

    CAI made it worse - much worse. Obviously I agree that they will not fix anything else as the game is dead. When PS2 lag and hacks become too great for me to tolerate, I'll probably be pushed back to Mech Warrior Online, which has its own major problems. Such is life.
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  6. adamts01

    I was all about that game. Played nothing but lights from just out of beta till the infamous resize that killed them. I play maybe 1 evening every 6 months since that patch. My poor lights. That game is deader than Briggs though. One of the biggest things that killed that game was the addition of more and more modes to keep players interested, which ended up dividing their already tony community. I've got a feeling that's exactly what PSA will do to this franchise.
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  7. strikearrow

    I had no idea. I quit after playing for 6 weeks because the mechlab doesn't allow simple load-out changes like PS2 allows. Instead it requires purchasing extra weapons etc. for each load-out. All prior mechwarrior games had unlimited load-out saves allowed.
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  8. Maxwar

    It is kind of curious you don't see any obvious link to either on their homepages. Not a good sign for PS2? What I see happening to PS2 is similar to the way PS1 died.

    I am interested to see how fast they fill those 500 player battles since you have to buy the game. Wouldn't surprise me to see that mode go free quickly.
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  9. Yessme

    ok why PSA will suck 2019 #

    Battel Royal Games 2019

    New: Frontnite,
    New: PUBG
    New: Call of Duty
    New: Battelfield
    New Add on: CS GO
    New other Games in this area like: Ring of Elysium, Tanks, wo puplic new add ons.

    to much big title in this area who public new title and battel roya hype is over till 2017.
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  10. Nenarch

    Just saying… what's the marketting of PSA or PS2 these days.. I haven't seen anything online other than the standard steam stuff.

    Wish they would have developed PS2 more, or PS3... I ordered PSA but after reading more about it, I'm not going to play it. Like sandbox/big map PS2 more.. even if I hate certain things about the game but I have given up that they'll do changes on infils. Never understood the vehicle weapon nerf either.. they added damn WALLS and stuff to the game to prevent farming with vehicles, then nerfed the guns because some players just could not park their sundies in right places… then we got the garages for sundies and stealth Fields.. the whole thing snowballed to the point that I'm not scared of vehicles at all as their so easy to avoid or kill if u'r in a squad.

    Anyways list is long, and dev's rarely do anything and when they do.. they never ask before doing it if it's an overkill or not. My main problem with PS2 Dev's.. but then again I like the game Still even with the things I consider being bad. There's no other fps game like this out there.
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  11. Inogine

    Basically the jist of it in both ways. Devs have been kinda taking things for a joyride for a while now. "Light" assault has enough ordinance to butcher a few vehicles before really even concerning themselves with ammo while still retaining extremely high mobility. Maxes can die in seconds to a LOT of different sources for being a "walking tank." Class uniqueness has blended into near identical messes and the general answer to a clog of infantry has become a C4 haven.

    At the end of the day though, there isn't anything else that can do what PS2 can. S'why me and my buddies still play.
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  12. OgreMarkX

    Planetside 2 and Planetside Arena:

    DBG split their forces in face of an already superior enemy.

    Good thinkin'.

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  13. Nenarch

    Yeah we know how that goes. Trying to employ developers and moving them from PS2 to PSA. They should have just sticked to PS2 and actually focus on it, that way people would have subscribed more and we would not never had that long time of only BR100 limit, I quited during BR100 limit (I have time consuming job, so it was not the games fault I liked farming but actually subscribing when xp didn't get me really anything and certs where Limited to 10k so heh), thou next month i'm on vacation so I'll subscribe again and go for BR120 during my vacation.
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  14. TR5L4Y3R

    offtopic, but for MW:O being supposedly dead i get matches no problem in that .. players still play quickmatches, some play occasional factionmatches, the only thing baren about it is solaris .. and from what i see about lights they are a fair PITA ..

    heck imho PS2 could have used some of the CBill gaining ways for the xp/certssystem such as flanking or hit and run to not be entirely dependand on kills/killassists) .. or simply infantrydeterencebonus ..
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  15. Voodoo4500

    Please change the title to Planetside 2 vs Planetside 2 Mini
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  16. OgreMarkX

    Planetside 2 Mini-Mod.

    Not gunna lie, PSA ticks me off. I have 4 paid DBG accounts and clearly my money doesn't go into the games I play with them.

    And I am NOT buying a G-Damn Battlepass for a scaled down version of the same game I already play--a game that has had the same exploits and issues for 6 years. No way am I paying to play PSA on top of 4 paid accounts.

    If anything I'll soon end up with zero paid accounts.

    PS2 is fun. DBG once again failed to understand and capitalize on what they have (first Everquest and now Planetside).

    I'd say it's baffling but I work in banking and you'd think banking execs understood their core business: to take, secure, make available, and loan out (thereby multiplying) deposits. NOPE! Instead they chase every newest fad (oh hello subprimes and service fees and products no one wants or needs or are viable).

    Well ok some banks get it...BB&T gets it. They are awesome (or were last I checked).
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  17. Blackweb

    Nothing has changed. PlanetSide 2 is still full of old bugs. Start by fixing:

    Vehicle loadouts dont save.