PS1 Vet coming to PS2 - Newb Alert!

Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by Lextaliones, May 3, 2014.

  1. Lextaliones

    I'm an old guy in his 40s ... a Planetside 1 Veteran looking to get into PS2. I briefly played PS2 at launch, but was much too busy with other things to stick with it. I'm a casual player due to my many r/l responsibilities and the other hobbies I have (mostly gaming ... Pen & Paper RPG, miniatures, board, PC, console, etc...) so I don't do well with schedules, but I do my best to try and make organized outfit activities when I can.

    I am hopelessly addicted to the MMO experience and have tried about 45 different ones (my first being Star Wars Galaxies ... which I still mourn for).I've been wanting to get into PS2 for some time now, and I finally took the plunge and got a 2 year sub today. Some of my favorite gaming memories are from my time running with my old outfit Soulstrike doing gen-drop distractions and base holds with a bunch of awesome guys, or sometimes just screwing around and harassing the other factions. I miss it.

    I'm a fun, friendly player who enjoys having people to run with. I like to have casual conversation while I play as long as there's no real drama and everyone respects everyone else and we all have a good time (that's what we're here for right?) I can clear my voice channel when it's time to get serious and I have no problem following instructions if things need to be done a certain way at a certain time in-game to get past a tough spot/boss, but joining a game outfit/guild isn't joining the military so I don't want to be part of a group that is constantly barking orders to it's members on how to run their characters, what build they need, or what attacks to do when ... that's not why I play & hopefully not why you guys are here either.

    Sometimes I'm ridiculous, sometimes I'm severe, sometimes I'm in a good mood, sometimes I'm in a bad mood, I make mistakes just like anyone, I shave my head, I'm fat, pierced, tattooe'd, I like almost every kind of music at least a little, I love to eat, I love to play and I'm into a lot of weird stuff which I'm sure will come out in dribs and drabs and hopefully none of you will be creeped out by any of it.

    If I sound like a good fit for your outfit please let me know. I jumped into the game today and discovered I am once again a hopeless newb in need of some friendly, like minded players to teach me where my *** is at in game.

    Thanx, and I hope to see you all in game!
  2. A Crispy Taco

    Welcome to PS2 :) I too am a PS1 vet from VS Markov. If you like to fly or would like to get involved with an air outfit you can come fly along with [LIBn]. However if you are interested more in Infantry or Armor I would suggest checking [BAID], [H05P] or [DPSO]. Those outfits have some good guys in there and would be a great source of information for the ground game. Either way add me to friends in game "ACrispyTaco" and you can come along for some cert farming in our Liberators :) Good luck
  3. Lextaliones

    Thanx for the tip! I'm going to watch the tutorial vids and then jump in today to learn what I can. I'll look those guys up soon.

    In PS1 I usually ran support, with combination builds of Engineer, Medic, Max and Infiltrator. I wasn't much of a vehicle guy, but occaisionally I would re-cert to run them for a bit. Mostly just support vehicles though. Hope to see you in game!
  4. BorialisAurora

    You sound like a perfect fit for my outfit HO5P: Hospitaller Order of Connery. We are a small but wll organised outfit who mostly run medics, engineers, and heavy assaults, we sometimes roll tanks and other armour but our battle style is based around felxibility and agression as well as mobility so often times armour is out the window unless we need to heavily defend a region.

    Take care comrade and hope to see you in the battle!
  5. Sahana

    Ybok has what you are looking for. We are known for being semi-casual. We like to run casual squads/platoons and laugh/screw around quiet a bit. We still get things done however so it's not all completely pointless.

    In addition we do have occasional platoons that are more on the serious side where we give orders out etc. Overall, we have no requirements other than you be a respectful human being. We use teamspeak AND in game comms so hit me up in game, im Sahana. We'd love you in Ybok.
  6. Lextaliones

    Thanx Borialis & Sahana. I think I'll check you guys both out with different toons maybe and see which is a better fit. I have ZZlut which is the toon I started at launch and played briefly, and I'll have to start a new toon to check out Ybok!
  7. Lextaliones

    Ya ... I'm totally going to need an outfit soon. Just jumped in to PS2 for a few and I am getting murdered. I'm totally lost.

    As a side note ... are they ever adding any other continents, or the caves? Ever been any discussion about that?
  8. tekknej

    yeah, most of players get murdered at first. it's good to have someone who helps you with the beginning. and which server are you on? at least which part of the world, EU or US?

    yes, they are working on more continents, the next one is scheduled to be launched in june, but they'll probably push it back as usual. continent locking will come in at the same time.
    and there are ocassional caves around, but not too many.
  9. PWGuy93

    Sahana, I have an invite from ybok sitting there in my notification screen. I haven't joined as I'm not sure of the fit.
    I am what some may see as a lone wolf e.g. I spend a lot of my time just behind the front lines doing defense looking for enemy sunderers and watching for galaxy drops on recently captured outposts and bases, looking for tanks that found a way behind the front lines and keep the front safe from backhacks so to speak. I look for turret hacks on recently captured bases to prevent the front from getting hit from the rear. My routine is basically patrolling behind the front lines and front line engagement when the need arises. When the zerg is facing a spawn room I am usually looking behind. Is this a fit?
  10. Sahana

    Honestly that's fine. You don't even have to join our platoons all the time either. All that we ask is that you be respectful and go to the waypoints (if you joined our platoons). If your tendency is to be in the backlines, that is completely fine with us. We're not hardcore on following the orders etc. We do have some organization but we tend to be laid back.