PS1 -> PS2 - what things should not have come across?

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  1. Kid Gloves

    For many of us PS1 veterans, identifying all the cool things in PS1 that PS2 is lacking is easy enough.

    But what about the other side? What things from PS1 did make it across that should have stayed away?

    To hopefully keep this thread devolving, anyone who says 'lattice' has to put a dollar in the donation box. There's enough other threads on that one...

    For me, the thing that annoys me is the tech plant requirement for MBTs. It feels totally out of place in PS2.
  2. The Shermanator

    Lattice was fine in PS1 because the bases were designed differently, allowing defenders a chance. On the other hand, bases were also complex enough to be exciting for the attacker. Lots of tunnels, hallways, and rooms. The bases had more that could be done to/for them that effected their operation.

    As for things that should not have crossed over:

    Can't think of any. Most of the things which I dislike about this game did not really exist in PS1.

    MAX suits, maybe. MAX suits don't really offer anything to the game and are just there for bads to use as a crutch.
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  3. Crashsplash

    That's because tech plant requirement is the only one that means anything and therefore stands out like a sore thumb.

    Additionally, because continents have footholds where you are able to get a mbt anytime, resources and timer permitting, and we don't have sanctuaries it doesn't have the same impact as it did.

    I'd say tech benefit is one that should be in ps2, the problem is the other base benefits are inconsequential.

    For myself I am struggling to think of anything.
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  4. Cougarbrit

  5. BoomBoom4You

  6. Adridoss

    Vehicles that are one-man armies.

    We've had them in PS1 as BFRs and while they've changed their looks, they are still here. It was even worse in CB, when vehiclas had no match at all, but it would still be better to enforce proper team-up for vehicle sessions (just compare the "fun" of farming some helpless infantry with a HE Prowler to sessions of riding around in Harassers with friends).
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  7. FIN Faravid

    We need better bases like in Planetside 1
    And i am not veteran.
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  8. Flashtirade

    The Striker in its current form. The ESRL could have been something new, something more than a pre-nerfed Annihilator.
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  9. Phazaar

    The Lattice. NC=Shotgun. The complete self-contradictory nature of each faction's traits. Half of the players... Sorry, but said half are responsible for the former 3 issues ;)
  10. OldCuban

    The only thing that comes to mind that I take issues with is VS weapon splash dmg.

    I really wish that would have stayed in PS1. Getting shot around a corner or while behind cover is incredibly annoying and requires no skill.
  11. Crashsplash

    I'd have been happy with the ps1 striker. Kills a esf in 6 rounds, locks onto turrets and maxes and will dumbfire albeit with negligible damage to squishies. But it didn't come across.
  12. Sordid

    The factions and the aesthetic. Vehicle designs. Basically everything that has to do with looks, because PS2 is incredibly ugly. Purple uniforms for soldiers? Bright blue and yellow cardboard armor for soldiers? Sheesh... And don't even get me started on the goddamn Prowler, also known as the ugliest thing in the known universe.
  13. Metalsheep

    If anything we need more PS1 in PS2. I cant think of anything from PS1 thats been introduced that shouldnt have been.

    Except maybe the lasher, the thing is so odd to balance due to its nature. But it works.

    I think a better question is, What did they take from Battlefield 3 that should have stayed away."
  14. Regpuppy

    Tech plant requirement is only odd because it's probably the only real restriction on vehicles anyone feels whatsoever. Right now, vehicles are so cheap, easily accessible, and thus disposable in nature. Right now you can pull a harasser or a sunderer from ANY base in the game, which is pretty ridiculous and ruins any sense of logistics in this game.

    Also we have too many bases, so bases are fairly close together most of the time. This also hinders fulfilling vehicle play. Personally, with the lattice, we'd be better served by a larger average base with more side objectives that are more tactically interesting to fight at and designed for large groups. Right now with the way they're designed you end up in 5-10 minute skirmishes that end with a zerg rolling over the tiny bases until it meets another zerg and they duke it out. Both sides will chain pull vehicles until one side wins out on resources. Then infantry get farmed at the spawn bunkers. Not asking for every base to be the biolab, but some defensibility is needed. They should mostly protect infantry while they cap points, so that we can buff vehicles/restrict vehicle use so that combat between the now larger area between bases over resource nodes((upcoming resource revamp)) can be more fulfilling to pilots and drivers. Then both vehicle and infantry will have a clear objective/goal that they excel at.

    /soap box

    Anyway, what shouldn't have made it in. Well, only a few small things and the general theme made it in. So I won't comment.
  15. Vastly

    NC and TR.
  16. Free

    AI maxes and liberators.

    I say AI maxes because they have always been broken. Many people wanted them gone in ps1 in the first place.

    I say liberators because these devs don't understand how to implement them correctly.
  17. P0INTMAN

    go back to battlefield or whichever other bad shooter you came from. those actually help the game, not hurt it.

    on topic: maxes.
  18. OldCuban


    I think you're confusing maxes with BFRs.

    No one ever wanted maxes gone in PS1.

    And I played from Beta till last year. I never ONCE heard ANYONE saying they wished maxes didn't exist.

    Now, that doesn't mean no one EVER said it, but whoever thought that way was CLEARLY a very small minority.
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  19. jak

    There's nothing wrong with a lattice system. The problem is rather than fix map and base design while implementing the lattice, they chose to try to retain their map and base design and add flow by putting in the lattice. It's a bastardized system that should not even be attributed to PS1 because PS1 did it properly. This has a flow down effect on infantry vs vehicle balance that further causes the entire system to be, basically, a joke. It's not the's the way they half ***** implemented it.

    NC shotguns - very true. It sucked to balance in PS1 and we kept telling them prior to open beta that it was a bad decision. NC should have been based around the gauss (something we kept saying in PS1 btw), but they apparently wanted to make one of the three empires inherently impossible to balance against the other two. In 8+ years of PS1, they never got the NC right. Now PS2 has a chance since they really only need to change the NC Maxes and the vehicle weapons (the JH is pretty good, but all ES HA weapons are a little...less desirable than other LMGs).

    Regarding PS1 vets... a lot of us have been beating our heads against a brick wall for over a year, brosef. I'm not saying all ideas from former PS1 folks are great, but we can point out a lot of BS before it happens...because we lived through it. :(
  20. Axehilt

    Are we playing the same PS2?
    • Bio Labs
    • Howling Pass
    • Quartz Ridge
    • Indar excavation
    • The Stronghold
    • Crimson Bluff (from Palisade)
    • Palisade (from East Canyon)
    The list of defender-advantage bases goes on and on. But even if it didn't, we could stop at Bio Labs and they'd make up for all the rest (held a Bio Lab for like 4-5 hours in the early morning against 50/50 pop the entire time. It's an absolutely broken base design.)
    Planetside 1's bases were fairly tough too, but the defenders were getting progressively longer respawn timers (for dying multiple times in a short period of time) as long as you killed more of them than they killed you, which eventually allowed one side to win (the more skilled side.)