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    [PRSE] Project Sentinel


    About PRSE
    Project Sentinel is a competitive and highly organized Mechanized Infantry outfit providing objective support for the Vanu Sovereignty on Cobalt. We've made quite the name for ourselves and continue to do so by serving as an example of what is possible when a team works together.

    OPS Schedule
    Every Wednesday and Friday 19:45 CET we host open squads for objective-oriented competitive gameplay.
    On Mondays we offer outfit training, other days offer casual squads.

    Check us out!

    You'll find more information and the application link at our homepage :
  2. 4wry

    Some footage from earlier this year:
  3. 4wry

    We are recruiting!

    Currently we are looking for more members, also prospective squad leaders!

    If you are interested in competitive teamplay and objective-based gameplay: Check us out!
  4. Overa

    Hi, couple of questions for you guys:-

    You say mechanized infantry, and after having a look at your page you emphasized your reliance on the sundy, noting you occasionally use other vehicles. I have an interest in being a part of a mechanized outfit, but I am specifically interested in the use of Magriders. I would like to roll as a part of a mechanized unit incorporating the use of sunderers, magriders and even harassers. So my first question is, would this outfit be right for me? I would like some training and experience with Magriders, and a chance to roll with some other, more experienced Magrider users.

    My second question, is do you guys use TS? How do you all communicate with one another? And finally, what language do you all use to communicate with? I'm assuming English, but I would like to be sure :)
  5. 4wry

    To answer your first question: We use all ground vehicles, but the sundy is very important. For us the sundy is mainly a way to move between bases as a squad and provide spawn options for VS. However, we also do coordinated armor colums practicing driving in formation, focusing targets etc. In this case there is definitely use for magriders and we have done this in the past, too (Magrider columns, Harasser squads etc.). Our current goal is to expand our member base and to have several independent squad operating independently during OPS. Thus while one squad would e.g. focus on providing and protecting spawns, others may provide Magrider support etc.
    Outside of OPS times the gameplay is more casual and you will always find a few guys that are into Magriding.

    You're welcome to join us during open OPS on Wednesdays and Fridays (we also opens squads on Mondays sometimes), or any other occasion. You can PM me [4wry] or the outfit founder [Nvali] in-game and add us to your friends list.

    To answer your second question: Yes we use Team Speak and have our own server.
    To not be exclusive, however, we bind the push-to-talk to squad chat in game and actually have outfit members voice turned down to avoid echo. So even if friendlies join the squad they will hear the squad. Having a functional voice communication is actually important to us and the way we operate.
    Our language is English, but we have members from all over Europe.
  6. Overa

    Alright, I've got a lot of experience (played to BR 50 before joining VS). Currently I'm a BR 32, with some heavy certing into my Magrider and Harasser. I have not begun anything on my sundy yet, though I'd personally aim it towards a battle bus when the time comes.

    Me and my buddy, who is quite new to the game are looking to join to be able to get some good, solid team-play, and I'd love to be able to fill the role of support, providing all the help I can in a Magrider or a Harasser, gunning in a sundy etc. (I am not the best behind the wheel of the sundy mind) .

    Another question I forgot, is what is your general BR? Are you guys all veterans or is there a mix or? I'll be looking for your squad on Wednesday evening, my ign is Overa. I'll also send the both of you a friend request.Thanks for the detailed reply too :)
  7. 4wry

    As a member you are not required to cert your sundy, so you can relax about that aspect. Our squad leaders have maxed out sundys and can pull several should it be required. Also we have a lot of experience in driving them and squad members are usually crew/gunners. In general, it is probably better to focus on certing a few things to high level, rather than many things spread out.

    If you want to cert some things I'd recommend the engineer's repair tool and flak armor, as well as tank mines. On medic it would be the medic tool and res grenades. These things are valuable for our gameplay.

    About the BR: We are a mix, but some members do have a lot of experience. From my experience most people that join the outfit improve their personal gameplay and we strive to uphold a good standard. The most important thing is that our members are teamplayers and stick together.

    You can check our stats here:

    Otherwise we're looking forward to seeing more people and expanding the outfit. See you guys around hopefully.