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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Spotlore, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Spotlore

    I use Proximity chat a lot. I like it when other players use it also. Some people think of it as intrusive. I think it only seems that way because most of us PC gamers are not used to it. I personally LOVE it. I think it makes the game more realistic when you run past a group of players talking about finding some battle action, or talking to each other about what weapon combos work best for them. Not to mention players who are just drunk, and having a great time. xD I just have a few questions about this wonderful thing called Proximity Voice Chat.

    1. Can the enemy hear you? Whether or not you want them to that is. There are some times when I don't want them to hear me, and times I do. Like when I shoot a guy and yell out "YAH!!", "Get some!", or "Another one bites the dust". Do they hear it? Can they hear me blabing to another player about how much I love vanilla ice cream shakes, and use that to sneak up on us?

    2. How long, if at all, can they hear me after I'm dead? This is a habit from back in my Goldeneye 007 days on the Nintendo 64. When I die, I usually say, "OUCH!!", "OMG my liver!", or "Hey, that's not very nice". xD lol Mostly when I say these things, its when I'm already registered to the game as dead. That point when your falling to the ground but haven't planted your face into it yet. I'd like to know that the guy that shot me is laughing at what I said or if it was wasted on (Literally) deaf ears.

    3. With ingame meters, what is the range or proximity voice chat?

    4. And why are there not more people using proximity chat? / What are your views on it?
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  2. Arquin

    1. No they can't. Sadly. I love taunting and teabagging but I can't do it here :(

    2. The delay in the voip is around 1 second i think. But yeah, it's wasted. Your enemy can't hear you.

    3. I think its around 0-15 m for proper discussion and then it quiets down exponentially. You can just about hear some muttering from 25-30 m away

    4, Proximity chat is pretty much bread and butter for me. Allows me to do some short-range coordination with people (I use it even to talk to squadies if they are next to me) Such a shame more people don't use it. Though it might be good, since that would be craploads of radio clutter.

    And ohh, two words: Stereo Mix. Nothing like someone blasting North Korean Anthem to everyone at the WG.
  3. FateJH

    No, much to my disappointment.

    Probably not long, if at all. I've never had a conversation with a corpse, but I know that the living can have conversations with the dead.

    Within the Warp gate spawn tubes, you can usually hear people within the same room. but not deeper into the vehiclwe bay room.

    My biggest problem is that proximity is its own channel rather than actual proximity communication, things that other people say on squad or platoon speak, though not what they hear on squad- or platoon-speak. This makes inter-squad communication nontrivial and locks out lone wolves who could be a much bigger assistance if they actually could hear the web of communication and coordination around them casually. On top of this is lack of intuitive muting options, when you honestly need to mute annoying players, so some people just have proximity deactivated altogether and use third party tools to communicate. Those alone hard lock other players out of communication lines on top of what I consider the game's normal poor methods.
  4. Spotlore

    Its a shame the enemy can't hear me when I die. I'd like them to know that I'm a good sport about getting killed with an added bonus of potentially making them laugh a little. Oh well. I guess having my comrades laugh at me when I die is good enough.

    But needless to say, Proximity chat is very useful to me. I'm a lone wolf type, but I do what I can to help every random player I come across. I'm not in an outfit, but I mostly drive an armored, AMS equipped Barny Bus. I'm always giving random people a ride. When your not in a squad with them its very helpful to be able to alert passengers about enemy aircraft, tanks, or troops. Also saves lives when your bus is about to explode and you can yell out to bail.
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