Proximity mine buffs or nanoveawe nerf recently ?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by dr_Fell, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. dr_Fell

    I have NV lvl 4 and before today when I was at full health and shields I could survive single proximity mine (or equivalents) explosion. I have very little health left but I was alive. Today I am dying. Something changed ?
  2. The King

    Go test it out.
    Perhaps, you died to 2 mines..
  3. Sinist

    Its random how much damage they do I think. Probably a bug.

    I have Nanoweave 5 on ALL my classes except Infiltrator because I dont use snipers but anyways most times they will take me down to like 10% health.

    Other times they will insta-gib me.

    No idea how they work honestly.
  4. Alkasirn

    I noticed that a couple days ago too. I ran over so many bouncing betties it's not funny and I've always had 2 bars of health left. Started finding some TR setting claymores and I'd run over them figuring I'd have 2 bars of health left. Nope. All the claymores in all situations killed me every time.
    Now I was under the assumption that claymores had more power than prox mines / betties to make up for the fact that they have limited "field of view". If I start dying to betties in one hit (which hasn't happened yet - but only because I never encounter any betties on the ground anymore) or hear everyone else is dying to prox/betties in one hit then I'll start to reconsider.
  5. dr_Fell

    Being precise, I died to claymores (not proximity mines). I thought that they are doing exactly the same damage, and I couldn't remember the name, so I written about proxies. If claymores do more damage than bouncing betties / proximity mines, things are more clear now. Thanks.

    Sorry for misguiding You.
  6. Paranoid

    Id suggest using Flak Armor due to the overwhelming presence of explosions in the game.

    As for stealth buffs, i haven't seen a difference but there is always a chance.
  7. dr_Fell

    As HA I am dying much more often to other infantry fire than to explosives.