[BUG] Prox Mines/Bettys Used as Melee Weps

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AnnPerkins, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. AnnPerkins

    I've been noticing a lot of super duper skillful NC and VS players just running up to people and dropping mines. They don't seem to take any FF damage from doing so and it's a one hit kill for these amazingly skilled players. Infiltrators go from being at a huge disadvantage at close range to getting at least 2 free kills every resupply. Perhaps you should consider making it so mines don't arm if they're thrown right at a players feet or allow TR to have 360 degree of effect mines we can just walk up to people and instantkill with.
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  2. RF404

    Yeah, I've noticed this too. Don't know what to do about it exactly but seeing enemies charging at you or your parked sunderer with a mine (and managing to get the kill by that tactic) is just lame. C4 becomes kind of obsolete when people can charge just as efficiently with these fire-and-forget alternatives instead.
  3. Lucidius134

    I did this to a random TR lightning driver.

    He was by himself shooting at zurvan and I snuck up on him. He got shot up and went to repair and I ran out and threw an Anti-Infantry mine at his face. He stopped repairing when he saw it bump into his face and before he could react it blew up him AND his lightning.

    I'm pretty sure Anti-Infantry mines do around the same damage as Anti-Tank mines exept their methods of exploding are different.
  4. Raidashi

    "Bug" lol...

    You have any clue how expensive of a way this is to kill people in close range? Its high risk+cost : Reward. I "might" 1 shot some one not paying attention if i just dont miss...

    More often i just lure some one into my prox mine by getting their attention, then pulling them around a corner with the prox mine right there... But its still a huge inf resource dump and cant be done for long, specially 2 at a time...
  5. Zitroxious

    yeah or some heavy with flakshield walks over it.. doing hardly any damage
  6. AnnPerkins

    increase the arming time so we have a chance to respond against this wonderfully skillful play
  7. The King

    It's a non-issue.
    That is a fact.

    You do not always get 2 kills(that's very rare), many times, you get 0.
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  8. FateJH

    I approve of this out of the box suicide tactic.
    "Why wait for the enemy to come to the proximity mines when you could just take the proximity mines to the enemy?"
  9. Sarummay

    Under barrel grenade launcher is way more effective, since you can shoot at long distances, it has no ammo costs and if you are lucky it resupplies at an ammo pack
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  10. tugernut

    the problem isnt the tactic
    its no less skilled then a rocket launcher to the face or using the bolt driver as a cqc shotgun

    problem is the tr claymores compared to bouncing bettys n proxi mines are inferior pieces of crap
    when i started my tr player it was the 1st thing i certed into, boy was i disappointed .
  11. Vorpal

    This is a non issue. Don't let people walk up next to you. If they were carrying a shotgun you'd be instantly dead anyway.

    The ONLY issue with mines is that the TR mines are pretty terrible compared to the others. I spot TR mines a mile away (sometimes I even see the green lines) and they don't seem to have the same explosion radius as the others.

    You never see a bouncing betty before it kills you :(
  12. insane2170

    It is a currently valid tactic if I get surprised while mining a flag room. I just put it down anyway..
  13. Isila

    Yet one more reason why Flak Armor is the only viable choice for the Suit slot. He's welcome to waste 150 resources trying to kill me this way if he likes, but it won't do him any good.

    The AP mines do have a slight arming time, but you'd have to be aware that the enemy player was going for it.

    TR Claymores should be changed to a different style of AP mine that behaves the same as NC and VS mines. TR are currently hugely gimped in the AP mine department.
  14. Raital

    If you could cook grenades before you throw them you probably wouldn't see things like this happening, but since you can't make grenades go off when you want them to and they more often than not just fly past whoever you're throwing them at, you're stuck with less than optimal solutions such as mines.
  15. lslogin

    Incredibly expensive tactic, not much use, and so much easier to just shoot them in the head once with a pistol and then knife them.
  16. Bambolero

    Sometimes you don't have a choice.
    I was at the Crown when it started raining both TR and VS drop pods.
    So I took my LA to the roof knowing I'll find few players to kill.
    The top with the antenas + 3 ledges under it, when you run into someone it's like under 1m distance, not much you can do about that.
    I killed 8 of them but died 2 times to a proxy mine.
    The nooblet even sent me a tell calling me 'NC noob' for dieing to a mine...
  17. Sloddo

    I thought I was the only one having that problem. A tiny, totally flat, grey blob that sits on top of everything else that's got a grey texture to it... gee, I wonder why I can't see them.
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  18. AnnPerkins

    it's not even being used for defense. You'll be defending a capture point notice the telltale riple of an infiltrator, begun shooting at it and he'll just walk back thru the door after instantly dropping a one hit kill weapon at your feet with no arming time.
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  19. Isila

    AP mines do not kill in one hit.

    Or are you one of those incredibly silly people that runs around without Flak Armor in a game that is 90% explosive spam?

    HA Resist Shield + Flak Armor 5 = 25% damage on explosives. Where are your grenades and mines now?
  20. SilentSalvo

    I'd be more sympathetic if flak armor didn't exist. That said flak armor says idgaf about your mine! Or your rocket or tank shell either most of the time.