Prowler Totally Not OP vs Hives

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  1. Liewec123

    you didn't actually say anything atall...but all of these "totally OP!" threads are a less-than-subtle call for nerfs.
    when was the last time you saw a "GATEKEEPER IS OP!" thread and thought to yourself, "wow, that guy really likes the current state of gatekeeper!" :p
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  2. Slandebande

    Why on Earth are you asking me that question? o_O Or do you mean no one would want to attack a properly-positioned base? Then slap on a VP-generator and lock the continent, isn't that the primary point of the bases? The Magriders and Vanguards will also have a much easier time than the Prowler contributing to taking out a properly-positioned base.

    You can attack them from high up, making it more difficult for them to engage you. The Magrider also has an easier time fighting on un-even ground and generally fighting while staying mobile (good for when you are closer to the bases). The turrets also aren't the only obstacle when assaulting a base, and the Magrider is arguably more effective at defending itself from the infantry (whereas the Prowler is better at farming infantry). The Magrider will have a much easier time even getting to proper firing positions against well-positioned bases and subsequently bailing if things get too hairy. The ability to have an easier time traversing Cliffs/rocks etc and generally being able to come from lesser expected angles can be quite a boon to the crew and shouldn't be underestimated.

    Once again, taking out the turrets isn't the only aspect in assaulting a base. Against bases that are open to long-range Prowler firing, the NC/VS are still able to take them out, they just need a couple more people than the TR. However, if the base is at least somewhat properly positioned, meaning you have to actually clear the perimiter (and you generally cannot do that from 400m) the Vanguard fares much better, as it is more effective at brawling with the enemy vehicles defending the base.

    So, even IF we assume all bases are positioned terribly allowing the Prowler to assault the turrets from long range, then what happens when the turrets are gone, and the defenders are still left? The Prowler won't be as effective in helping out since it is so far away, and most targets will easily be able to take cover. Now, if we get to the point of actually somewhat appropriately positioned bases, then the effectiveness of the Prowler quickly drops off, as it is forced to move in closer, leaving it open to easier counterattacks (which is arguably a weakness of the Prowler).
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  3. Ryme_Intrinseca

    So you seem to accept the concept of asymmetric balance - that different MBTs can be equally good overall, by each having their own specialities. But then you call imbalanced because one of the MBTs has a speciality that the others don't have? :rolleyes:
  4. Miss Atley <3

    It's really starting to become a huge issue. half the time we base-build against TR is just voice chat rage about how broken Prowlers and Gatekeepers and Vulcans are... not sure why one factions gets all three of those... but whatever... anyways, we literally have amazing fights against VS, but then we play against TR and its just some freaking buttclown in a prowler trolling and taking down the whole base from 500 meters out and ruining all the fun and then everyone quits and we lose more and more players and base-builders because this is practically griefing at this point. I was going to log on and play but now this is just triggering me and making me not even want to play.

    We AVOID building on the TR side because of this, it's ruining the VS population on our server because we always attack the VS side and now you get the over-pop on TR because they literally wipe out an entire part of the game with 1 vehicle that takes no god effing skill at all, what kind of loser even feels remotely challenged by pulling a prowler with their friend and sitting a mile away from someone that could have been an epic fight and just pressing one button over and over and griefing all the people that put their time and effort into the base, god it's so freaking annoying. I literally cuss out every prowler butthole that does this now. I'm just going to start chain reporting the people who do this crap.
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  5. WTSherman

    Empire specific structures/modules could very likely help with the situation. I would like to see NC possibly have a module that improves the damage resistance of nearby structures, or advanced shields that protect a larger area. TR could have one that improves the rate of fire and cooldown speed of nearby turrets, or an advanced ammo tower that restores ammo for both infantry and vehicles in a wide area. VS shields could accelerate projectiles that move through them (which would also increase range, since IIRC PS2 uses projectile duration to set range) and remove their bullet drop if they have it, and maybe their ramps could boost vehicles that drive over them.

    As far as the current situation goes though, I think NC outfits need to work on training their more dedicated members in base-assault drills. The goal is to get a Phoenix squad into a covered position within 200m and take out the silo. Without a silo all their shields and repairs shut down and the base can be zerged, or the hive can be sniped.

    For large bases, where the silo is out of reach from anywhere outside the walls, the focus is on taking out modules in an area to create a point where the zerg can breach, with air shields taking priority if they're in range so we can open the base to C4 drops.

    As usual we have to work 5 times harder than other factions to get results, but I think if we do put the work in it can pay off.

    As far as defence goes, we're just really going to have to put a lot of work into recruiting and training pilots. Air is 95% NS and air zergs are still pretty strong, we're going to have to lean on that to make up for our deficiencies on the ground.
  6. Moridin6

    if it really happens so often anticipate it, prepare for it. have valks with engis or LAs ready, circling on high. have wraith flashes patrolling with HA/LA/engi ridealongs. . anticipate, Act on it with your group in a group effort, and win.

    that being said i would eventually like some faction diversity in construction. not that it may alleviate the prowler dps issue but just cause i like diversity.
  7. Call-Me-Kenneth

    the problem is that prowlers are made to deliver that damage perfectly on a stationary target. you have to be pretty good at driving a vanguard to land all hits reliably. after every shoot you have to readjust and the sway is not predictable.

    if its hard on a Vanguard i can tell you its near impossible on a Magrider.

    they need to have the proper sway added to them.
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  8. Taemien

    Backpeddling faster than a politician.
  9. Daigons

    The Devs really need to redesign and throw out the whole Prowler lockdown ability. Get rid of the anchor mechanic while giiving them a 5 second ability that gives the current benefits of the lockdown firing rates while imposing a cool down comparable to NC & VS MBT abilities. All the factions should have a cooldown for their empire specific MBT abilities.
  10. FateJH

    Welcome to Terran Republic since 2003.
  11. Slandebande

    Aye I've personally been asking for this for years. Granted, I'm a PS2-only scrub, but still! People keep telling me to just go sit on a hill 300m away somewhere and have "fun" :rolleyes:
  12. customer548

    Prowlers Really OP !!!

    Oh wait...January 2014.
  13. Newlife1025

    A lockdown prowler can out dps most if not all mbt players. With two shots, you can unload massive amounts of damage extremely quickly. Whenever deploy a sunderer, i make sure that prowlers especially cant see it. It can be sniped extremely quickly with or without a gatekeeper gunner. By yhe time i get there, other engineers are desperately trying to fix it but most times they dont succeed due to how much damage thats thrown at it. It almost always melts anything the player locks on to (if they have good aim).
  14. Newlife1025

    No wonder why i melt against them.
  15. guerrillaman

    Would the prowler be OP against bases if it only took 1 second to take down a turret?
    How about 2, 3, even 4 seconds? At point would you go, holy ****, thats ******* ridiculous.
  16. guerrillaman

    Boy that sounds like a riot of fun.
  17. guerrillaman

  18. guerrillaman

    No one has actually shown me how you can do it. They are very well at describing what to do.

    I have video evidence of it. They have.... words.
  19. Moridin6

    sarcasm? personally it Does sound like fun, it IS fun, outplaying the enemy with a group of people working together.

    having part of the group build and prep the base while the other gets ready for the defense. and if the prowler spam is that reliable then it sounds like a farm. toss a gal up and pop . prowlers. all. day. sure the guys on the ground are going to be hard at work repairing and tossing up new walls, but i means Thats how you keep a base up.

    another tactic, send a stalker infil out to the prowler line as a squad lead. have the rest of the squad undeployed, waiting, for that moment when the infil uncloaks just behind all those prowlers and drops a beacon. boom

    yes the prowler can out dps whatever shelling from a distance at stationary target i.e. bases. but ive a dozen times already takes out hives inside bases while spidertanking that a prowler wouldnt have even been able to see. . nerf maggy too??
  20. guerrillaman

    No man. I know what you are saying. However... getting that kind of teamwork together to deal with a Prowler? Is just silly.

    I only took out one turret just to prove the point. I could have just left, re supplied ammo, waited a few minutes, headed to the base and taken out more. The base was under no threat of siege.

    And you expect a team of repair engineers, valks, and cloaked atvs to deal with me. That's just stupid. Defending vs one prowler with a buddy takes a team camping a zero xp base.

    The fact is, people don't want to do it.

    You can't spidertank the AI turrets while inside a base. I could get in any one of the turrets and take you out in seconds.