Prowler Totally Not OP vs Hives

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  1. WTSherman

    Just because something is not 100% game-breaking doesn't mean it's not OP.

    That said, there are four keys to holding a base in TR territory.

    1: Lots of air shields, these make it difficult for Prowlers to shell from long range because they tend to catch shots that have to arc a lot.

    2: Lots of sources of repairs. Spam repair modules, fill the base with repair sundies, have lots of Engineers.

    3: Shield modules, both to protect the HIVE and to keep Prowlers from shooting through windows.

    4: Lots and lots of aircraft. Massive air superiority is your best bet for keeping Prowlers at bay.
  2. guerrillaman

    Yes there are definitely ways to make it more interesting. That's also a huge amount of coordination of time and effort the average player doesn't desire to do.

    By the way. There are very few locations available that allow the walls and sky shields total protection from long range shells.
  3. Chubzdoomer

    Gatekeeper is TOTALLY fair and balanced. lol
  4. Pat22


    Don't mind me, I'm just here to point out that the Gatekeeper's DPS is only very slightly lower than the Enforcer's, and that the Saron doesn't out-DPS ANYTHING past 100m.
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  5. Pat22

    I mean, those are keys to holding a base in general.
    They're just much more important when defending against TR because of reasons.
  6. JKomm

    Saron is in a weird spot though... I'd consider that the Vanu's close range weapon and the Aphelion their long range one. Why? The Saron can be tap-fired for long range, it has no drop but lots of drop-off damage... in close range it has the highest DPS of all "long range" secondaries. The Aphelion is a close range option but has incredible accuracy to be used well over 100m+. Ultimately though, both have less range than NC and TR weapons(Minus the Mjolnir and Vulcan)... it's just to play better with the Magrider's role in the game.
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  7. Partl

    LockDown just shouldnt raise projectile Speed... thats it. Lowering the time it takes to reload that monster is more than enough.

    All in all, i got the feeling, TR has gotten the best in terms of unique stuff. Prowler, Mossy AND by far the best sidearms? Why?

    I started up with NC, u know, for the TK-stylez; Now i am mostly Vanu, since i love to play/win when underpopped. In between i ve been TR for quite some while, and it just felt way easier. It might just be me, but it seems, TR has gotten the biggest slice of the cake.
  8. Slandebande

    Why? Do all three factions have to be exactly equal in all aspects? We might aswell remove all faction flavor if that is the case.

    You know what would help with the issue? If people wouldn't place bases in stupid locations without any cover, exactly like the one shown in your video. If there ARE going to be angles where the enemy are going to be able to get off long-distance shots, make sure they have to move deep into your own territory in order to do so. Yeah sure, the Prowler is great against the bases that are built poorly enough by people stupid enough to not even consider such aspects of gameplay, meaning the bases are more than likely useless anyways. If there is a base where you cannot fire safely from long-distance, then the Prowler will have a MUCH harder time than the other two tanks. Is that also an OP aspect according to you then? I would personally prefer to be more effective against the difficult targets, than have an advantage in taking out the useless targets.

    In this case, yes. In a base built in a proper location? No.

    And the Magrider/Vanguard having advantages when the bases are actually properly placed and useful is also the very definition of imbalance an op then. Which do you prefer personally?

    Right, for this one, lets assume the base is at least somewhat properly built/placed (unlike the one in your video), just to make it interesting. If the Prowlers aren't allowed to shell at 300m, what are the defenders of the base going to be doing? Are all the defenders going to be infantry while the attackers have vehicles? Because that sounds like a stupid scenario. How about that the defenders expect the TR to use the most optimal firing position, and are ready for them with their own vehicles? Prowlers are NO match for ambushes, and are actually the most vulnerable to such approaches.

    All the people expecting to be able to defend bases solely by staying INSIDE bases (at least the poorly positioned ones) need to L2P and realize that there is such a thing as "active defence", which is much more effective at dettering the enemies from destroying your base. If you are able to keep the outskirts of the base clear, you enable your own forces to perform flanking maneuvers etc.

    Even IF the defenders only wanted to stay inside, if they are VS they can easily pop the Prowlers with Lancers (you are assuming several Prowlers, meaning at least just as many HA's + for the gunners), easily enabling them to force them down or die. The NC can do something similar with Ravens (and Phoenixes if used properly, sadly many people fail to realize that).

    Well, they are going to have an advantage if you AREN'T able to take advantage of the long range DPS, meaning the Magrider/Vanguard are going to have the advantage against any competently built base.

    Or you could, you know, build a proper base in a proper defendable location. I've seen it done numerous times by builders on my servers at least. But sure, keep using (and building) bases in the middle of the frozen rivers of Esamir with absolutely no cover whatsoever!

    The DPS advantage the Prowler has against structures has barely anything to do with the GK. In fact, an Enforcer is a much better weapon against structures due to its higher DPS (and seriously, if you need the GK to hit structures, you need to L2P). The Prowlers ability to do what it does in the video has nothing to do with the GK, but primarily to do with the double-shot mechanic of the primary weapons, combined with Anchor Mode. But sure, use this as an excuse to complain about the GK for no reason.

    Or, people could, you know, build bases where they aren't snipe-able from 400m?

    Also, the aspect the OP totally ignores, is that when a base is actually properly built, and has a defensive force, a Prowler is going to have a MUCH harder time assaulting the base properly compared to the Magrider/Vanguard, since it won't be able to safely take advantage of its higher DPS (and the GK isn't exactly the most optimal weapon for assaulting bases either).

    I'm often in favor of using Fire-Supp over Anchor when I'm running my Prowler these days, simply due to the fact that I'm not a fan of the 300m shelling that some people enjoy. I prefer to have an impact on the larger battles, and you generally aren't going to accomplish that sitting at 300m, behind the friendly zerg, shooting at the same targets. Rather, you have to break off from the zerg, perform flanking maneuvers and isolate the important enemy targets and take them out.

    Well, you can call me a masochist or something, but I prefer to fight the TR when on my NC or VS chars, primarily because, in my experience, Prowlers are so easy to kill, and they generally feel so smug about sitting 300m in "safety". I guess my over 650 hours spent in Prowlers sort of help in that regard, but I really don't find the Prowler to be the best tank at all (regarding the tanks as a "complete package"). Sure, the Prowler is excellent for farming, but I'm not a farmer, I'm a tanker. And I certainly don't miss the velocity from Anchor when using the other MBTs, especially against Prowlers, as they tend to be stationary rendering them easy targets at everything within 500m to me. Of course only the most ******** players will lose a tank to another enemy tank at 300m+, but I certainly don't feel gimped at long-distance against them.

    But I can totally see if you are one of the people valuing "farming capability" over anything else, then sure, the Prowler is by far the best. If you actually want to start tanking and making a difference? Not so much.
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  9. Taemien

    Guess its a loss than.

    I don't have to justify why TR isn't OP. They're not going to change the prowler, not now after 4 years. Everyone knows that. Decent players adapted. Hell I did long ago. There was a time when I sat in front of Crater Firing Range keeping TR inside their warpgate, not for days, not for weeks, but months. They BEGGED the VS for an alliance. Long before NC had their so called 'OP' weapons like Phoenixes and Ravens.

    What's your excuse? Why do you need a dev to fix something for you and I didn't?
  10. JKomm

    I remember those days... good times to be had when Warpgates were static and continents never locked. NC had it the worst back then on Indar, the Eastern Warpgate is a pain when the enemy forces you back there and can defend the canyon entirely. Looking back on times like those, Planetside 2 is a much different game, I almost wonder if it would benefit from a Legacy server where the game is reverted to late 2012/early 2013 patches.
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  11. strid3r478

    Video proving poster point. And there is still dumb kiddies that try to justify op dps XD . ahh this reminds me of time when i posted a video of recorded hacker that was shooting peoples while siting in wall in many bases and still there was dumb idiots saying that it's not cheater, that was just new level ******* .
  12. Ryme_Intrinseca

    Okay, let Prowlers float up mountains and deploy I-win shields. After all, if it's fair... you should be able to do it too :rolleyes:
  13. FieldMarshall

    In my opinion, the game needs more not less asymmetrical balance (within reason of course).
    Otherwise you may as well stop beating around the bush and just make everything available to all factions and call it NS.
  14. breeje

    You finally got it, don't fu#k with the TR
    If you see them run in the oposise direction
    Hide and hope we don't find you
  15. Liewec123

    nerf NC! they can hide out of sight and spam Phoenix rockets!
    nerf VS they can stay really really far away and spam Lacers and vortex!
    nerf TR! they can spam prowler pewpew!
    nerf denerf nerf nerf nerf!
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  16. guerrillaman

    Guys, guys....

    Who said anything about nerfing prowlers? Not me.

    What I said was that each faction has their special characteristics... and that the base building mechanics are all IDENTICAL.

    They need to make base building mechanics unique to their factions.

    Oh and about those "build your bases in better places". There are supposed to be 7 total active on a continent. Now... name me 7 locations that are great to build and have decent efficiency, and that aren't in conflict with each other, and have more space than just enough to place three turrets.

  17. guerrillaman

    For what purpose does it serve to sit in a player built base for two hours without attackers? What does one earn?
  18. guerrillaman

    Tell me where I said fix the prowler?
  19. guerrillaman

    Tell me where I said nerf anything.
  20. guerrillaman

    Magriders can go up mountains, prowlers have high long range dps, vanguard can absorb damage...

    Three things in balance.

    Now on attacking bases:

    Magriders go up mountains... there isnt a lot of purpose getting even closer to the AV turrets. The turrets will shred it.
    Vanguard can absorb damage... again, the turrets will be repaired before the dmg done by a vanguard will matter.
    Prowlers high DPS and long range... turrets lose.