[Suggestion] Prowler stabilizers

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  1. CleanUpGuyCZ

    The Prowler is the fastest tank in the game, but what is the point of speed when you can not utilize it?
    Shooting while moving and hiting something is nearly imposible. Every bulp and rock causes the canons to jump. So we need stabilizers. And even if you hit, to get maximum damage on your target, you also have hit with the second canon, and this is nearly impossible, because of recoil, movement and not having stabilizers.
    So the prowler is inefficient, his "advantage" of speed is rendered useless by this. Also two canons are complete nonsense on a speedy tank. You simply can not hit while moving with two canons, even with stabilizers.
  2. Flag

    The main reason the prowler is even allowed to have such higher damage in the first place is because those two are hard to combine.
    And the tank that has the least hassle with shooting on the move, is also the one doing the least damage.

    I'll leave you to your thoughts.

    The prowler is the fastest tank, which means it can flank and set up in a position that allows you to destroy all armor. The Lockdwon works with prowler because the prowler has 2 barrels.
  4. minhalexus

    Acutally the magrider has the least hassle with shooting on the move. Its hovering gives it a lot more stability over slightly uneven terrain.
    I actually move while hitting most of my targets with the Magrider.
  5. Flag

    I think you missed the point.
    The prowler has the highest damage potential, and has to deal with both recoil and the lack of stabilization.
    The mag has the least potential, but also has the least problems with mobile fire.

    More to the point, you 'have' to move to use mag properly. The moment you're standing still is when you're doing something really wrong.
  6. Raxor

    You can always use third person if you want to fire on bumpy terrain on the move, and with the Prowler you you can land 50% of your shots with little trouble. Trying to hit a strafing Mag isnt easy if they know what they are doing. Even in first person it isn't that hard to land your shots and having the second shot allows for error at the expense of damage output.

    On the flat plains of Indar in the north you can fire at full speed with little difficulty. I regularly see groups of Prowlers just sit in once place and get decimated by Mags who just dance around.I find it more fun to fight them vs Vanguards for this reason.
  7. PostalDude

    If we have to stop and shoot, I demand more armor.

    Seriously, why does the Prowler lack suspension.
  8. Flag

    As someone already mentioned, there are times when you don't have to stop to shoot.
    Besides, you have greater damage output, quite a lot too. If you were to add armour to that, the prowler would have too many good aspects.
  9. PostalDude

    I would just like the prowler to have SOME suspension.
  10. Flag

    It does, it's just not very much. :p
  11. PostalDude

    Anywho, it sucks seeing libs now. Before you could actually shoot em down.
  12. Flag

    When you say that, there was always someone out there that had an even harder time with them than you would in your prowler. :p

    But you're right, it's not much fun for MBT drivers these days.
  13. PostalDude

    What do you use in your defense slot. I use top armor since thats were most things connect.
  14. minhalexus

    Guys chill.

    I'm pretty sure they are looking into vehicle physics.

    They said that they are going to give vehicles more traction in on of the roadmap threads.
    So basically all vehicles are going to be more stable while on the move. (hopefully)

    ^ I'm looking forward to it. ^
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  15. Flag

    However, it doesn't make much of a difference once you're spotted in the Mag. Unless it's a really bad sky knight or lib pilot, you're just not going to be able to fire back. Ever. So the top armour isn't worth it compared to stealth for avoiding detection in the first place, or NAR to lower downtime in other situations.
    Or Prox Radar if you're not paranoid enough to make do without one.
  16. Modern Ancestor

    Everytime with magrider seems i do more damage to friendlies than opposition. Also to date i have not succeeded in driving over hostile grunt with it.

    Kinda surprising considering all those friendly bodies i leave in my wake. Hard to watch out for pedestrians while trying to evade 150mm Titan rounds.:confused:
  17. Flag

    There's tricks to it, and I'll give you a hint. ;)
    Remember the delay between you and the server? Imagine the delay from you - server - them, and drive accordingly.
    Then you'll get your road kills. But even then it's far from guaranteed.
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  18. Modern Ancestor

    Thank you i appreciate the tip.
  19. PrimePriest

    Would be nice if all tanks got stabilized main guns. Tank combat would be much more dynamic and fun. And Magrider should get some sort of buff in return.
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  20. Volccis

    Problem with Lightning and Vanguard too.
    Lightning however is faster than Prowler and the speed doesnt mean its medium tank which can circle around other tanks like in World of Tanks. Just enjoy your speed and be happy its not like Vanguard.

    You can use the speed to get from A to B and flank enemies with Anchor mode. Prowler has nearly zero recoil which is unfair in my opinion. When I first played with Prowler I thought it has zero recoil but I noticed tiny tiny recoil and I dont know why you have issues with the recoil because its nonexistent. Also when Anchored your reload speed is like 0.5s and because the double cannons your DPS is way more higher than others.