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  1. Jardalas

    I am curious why does the prowler still look like this more than a year since release?
  2. Jardalas

  3. JesusVoxel

    That looks 10x better than what we have.

    Small fix and it would look ok.
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  4. gigastar

    I dont think that was ever an official concept.

    Anyway, as bad as the Prowler looks, the Magrider has it worse. Since its longer, wider, taller and slower than the Prowler.
  5. HadesR

  6. gigastar

    Thats how its going to be? Well...

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  7. Paperlamp

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  8. EliteEskimo

    When it comes to looks though at least the Magrider looks like a Sci-Fi alien tank. Mission Accomplished on that note.

    The Prowler is supposed to be a futuristic professional military's Main Battle Tank making use of the best designs earth has to offer. Mission Status on trying to create this type of tank design in game?


    I personally would've preferred the following. It looks better in every imaginable way I can think of.


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  9. z1967

    imagine the lock-down dakka. NC and VS would be crying for several months weeks.
  10. gigastar

  11. z1967

    I remember, I believe it was the one with the grinder thing that sapped armor off of hostiles. That might have been the Hammer tank's ability. I don't remember, it has been so long since I have played RA3.

    Edit: forgot to mention the video was blocked for me.
  12. OneRedBlock

    Oh boy, this thread again.
  13. gigastar

    I would feel better about that if i wasnt in the cockpit of an overly large, slow ground vehicle with a crap main weapon.

    Or if i had any ground traction. At least you can park yourself on a gentle incline and not have to conciously maintain your position.
  14. gigastar

    Oh. Well It was the magnetic harpoon, which pulled victims into a grinder.

    The Hammer had a laser thingy that sapped health and stole the targets weapon on kill.
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  15. EliteEskimo

    This thread is about the Prowler's Model and how the Prowler looks like a lunch box with a mechanically flawed off centered turret. There are plenty of threads about tank balance, but this thread is centered around the actual design of the tank model itself.
  16. gigastar

    I thought the off-center thing was solved when they made tank shells originate from the camera?
  17. EliteEskimo

    It solved the problem of the Prowler not being able to hull down properly, but it didn't solve the design itself looking mechanically flawed and nonsensical. Again, the design of the Prowler is ugly/bad and we aren't talking about how is actually functions.
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  18. minhalexus

    I think cosmetics should not be SOE's first priority.
    This game needs balance more than it needs redesigns for things that looks decently good.

    The problem SOE faces is that NC and TR vehicles look similar.

    Reaver and Mossie
    Prowler and Vanguard (this looks pretty nicely differentiated at the moment a redesign might cause it to look to much like a Vanny)

    Reaver can use a hitbox reduction, but that will make it look exactly like the mossie. Best thing is to give it more armour to compensate for the huge hitbox. (just how the vanguard is balanced with other MBTs)
  19. Jardalas

    I honestly think that the 3D artist was inspired by that picture :p
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  20. Killerdude8

    I hate the Prowlers Design, I want it to be completely Redone, Something that doesn't look silly.
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